Cherry Mobile has been slowly teasing their first 5G smartphones, which are set to launch in a couple of days. This is an exciting prospect for budget-minded users not only because Cherry Mobile is known for its affordable offerings, but it’s also the first local brand to come out with 5G phones. However, what’s exciting me more about the upcoming launch is everything that isn’t 5G.

Budget 5G handsets are enticing, but they can also be quite boring. In order to squeeze in 5G while keeping the price down, specs are often compromised or uninspiring. Cherry’s last few teasers have been quite intriguing though. The first being the display of at least one of the handsets.

This last teaser is was posted just yesterday and shows two handsets from the upcoming launch. The one that’s obviously more interesting is on the left with a curved edge display. If it’s indeed a curved edge design, that would mean it’s likely a Super AMOLED display from Samsung since they’re the only ones with the ability to mass produce this display technology. Opinions on Super AMOLED can be polarizing, but I’ve been a fan of it since the original Samsung Galaxy Note because of its ability to render true black. Additionally, the phone on the left features dual punch hole selfie cameras, which could lend to better subject detection and isolation when taking photos of yourself. The red power/lock button is also interesting and might indicate this is a more camera-centric device with the button doubling as a shutter control.

The phone on the right isn’t quite as attention grabbing, but there are a few things worth mentioning. The feature on the left side of the device appears to be a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, which means less hunting for the correct finger placement when trying to unlock your phone. It’s also the second punch hole smartphone that Cherry Mobile has come out with, 3rd if you count the dual punch hole handset on the left.

Cherry Mobile also posted an image of the second handset on Instagram, which gives us a better look at what the phone will look like.

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A few other images were posted on Instagram as well, this time focusing on the back of the respective devices. The first device with the curved edge screen also appears to have a faux leather finish.

The second possibly lower end device will have a glossy black finish, which will likely be a fingerprint magnet.

Not much else has been revealed specs-wise. However, they did run a guess the specs teaser, which we can derive some information. Obviously, at least one of the handsets will have 5G, though I don’t think it’s guaranteed to be on both. It also looks like wireless charging will be an appreciated feature. Finally, there looks to be at least a quad camera setup, though the actual megapixel count can’t be known at this point. RAM and battery capacity are also up in the air right now, though hopefully we don’t see anything under 4,000mAh.

The rest of the teasers don’t reveal much on top of that. But it’s only going to be a couple of days. Stay tuned to this space to learn more until their launch on April 29!

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