All New HTC One 2014 Gold and Grey Color Variants Leak Way Ahead of March 25 Launch

Okay, so forget about “HTC One+“. New rumors have the One’s successor as being called the All New HTC One 2014, or possibly the HTC One 2014 for this year’s model. I previously posted the all new One while it was in a protected case, but want to check out what it really looks like? @evleaks was awesome enough to post not just one, but two color variants for all to see! Here it is in Gold!

HTC One 2014 Gold

And in Grey!

HTC One 2014 Grey

The HTC One 2014 is set to launch on the the 25th of March, so the Taiwanese company is probably fuming at all these leaks. Of course, they might also be viewing it as a good thing since it’s generating so much hype. The HTC One was widely regarded as one of the best flagship phones at the time around its launch, but a poor roll out and marketing strategy hampered sales numbers. Hopefully, they’ve learned and will be able to roll the HTC One 2014 without any hassles this time around.

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