Cherry Mobile Cruize Leaked Promo Graphic

Leaked Promo Graphic: Cherry Mobile Cruize? | Update: It’s Official!

Cherry Mobile Cruize Teaser Graphic

UPDATE: It’s official! Check out my preview >>here<< πŸ™‚

Cherry Mobile teased us with a graphic yesterday, promising something big XXXL to come. While a lot of people are hoping it’s the much-awaited Omega, a leaked graphic on one of the Flare user groups that I’m subscribed to could mean that yesterday’s teaser is something else entirely. Check it out below.

Cherry Mobile Cruize Leaked Promo Graphic

I had a few doubts if this was a genuine leak or just the product of some creative Photoshopping, but then another photo showed up. This time, it was a photo of the Cherry Mobile Cruize itself, leaked by Cherry Mobile North Edsa on their Facebook page. See below.

Leaked Cherry Mobile Cruize Photo

It looks like the Cruize has been placed next to the Flare so we can easily compare and verify its size that it is indeed a 5.2 inch phablet. The specs might not be all that spectacular, but you’re getting a Galaxy Note-sized screen and 2,500mAh battery for almost what the Flare is selling for these days. Couple that with a low-power single core processor and we’re looking at a pretty affordable mobile browsing device. No way to confirm the specs if they’re true or not, but the Cherry Mobile Cruize is shaping up to be the next big steal.


11 responses to “Leaked Promo Graphic: Cherry Mobile Cruize? | Update: It’s Official!”

  1. Mr Big Panda Avatar
    Mr Big Panda

    Thanks for the news!

    Very similar to the CM Titan.

    Cruize Single Core 1GHz Titan 5″ Display
    Cruize 2500mAh battery > Titan 2350mAh battery
    Cruize PHP 5500 > Titan PHP 6500

    Would the Cruize’s performance be affected since it only has a single core processor? I love the 5.2″ screen. I hope the specs posted are accurate πŸ™‚

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      can’t really tell until we know what the actual chipset is.. as a single core phone with a monstrous battery, it would really be better as a mobile internet and entertainment device than it would be for gaming.

      1. Mr Big Panda Avatar
        Mr Big Panda

        Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, you’re right. Its best to wait for the official announcement. I’m hopeful that the screen is bigger than 5″ πŸ™‚

        On the Omega, personally though I think Cherry should push back the Omega a bit more. If the Omega is the Zoppo ZP900, it would be great if they just get the Zoppo ZP950 instead πŸ™‚

        1. JM Balicano Avatar

          I’m more worried that they’ll run out of stocks too fast like they did for a while with the Flare and Titan. If that happens again, some of those dealers might take advantage again and hike up the prices -_-

  2. ferdinand marte Avatar
    ferdinand marte

    Well i kinda predicted correctly, sort of, that CM will release a 5.2 android, last year when they released W5 (or is it W50) – a 5.2 TV feature phone.

    Looking now at the Cruize, I think it’s underpowered for it’s size – single core and lesser resolution screen. Any games above the Angry Birds game level will lag for sure, assuming they’ll get installed in the first place.

    Well I already got my Blaze (and lovin’ it) as it can play bigger and more demanding games without problems in rendering and speed. I have literally filled about 7GB of apps in one 24hr unlisurf session yesterday. How I wish i bought a 32GB instead as I already ran out of space.

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      I’ve tried a few Chinese tablets with 7 inch screens and 1ghz single core processors and they still performed snappily enough. I don’t expect this to be a gaming machine though.

  3. mharchus Avatar

    fyi my friend works in the head office… omega matagal pa daw… cruize ang upcoming

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Cool, thanks for the info πŸ™‚

  4. fivestar Avatar

    Thanks goodness, I couldn’t find a Blaze. As I only use such a unit as a laptop replacement when I’m lazy, I only need it for minor web browsing and checking emails this sounds a much better option, especially with a 2500mAh battery.
    I hope the P4,499.00 price is correct.

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Looks like it’s official πŸ™‚

  5. kajolcute Avatar

    Thanks for posting. you’re right. Its best to wait for the official announcement. I’m hopeful that the screen is bigger than 7″

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