LG G2 Mini in the Works With Snapdragon 800?


It seems like just about every phone manufacturer is coming out with a “Mini” version of their flagship phones. That’s nice and all, but the thing I hate about them is that not only do they tend to be smaller, but feature less powerful hardware as well. Well, LG seems to be taking a different route with the rumored LG G2 Mini. While it is indeed expected to be physically smaller, there is a strong chance it will feature the same Snapdragon 800 processor as its namesake big brother.

According to TechBlog, the LG G2 Mini will sport a 4.7 inch, which would make it about the same size as the HTC One. There’s no news yet as to whether it will be an HD or Full HD screen, but if it’s a Snapdragon 800 SoC they’ll be using then it would make sense if it would be a Full HD screen. The G2 Mini will also be coupled with 2GB RAM, but no other specs have been leaked or revealed as of yet.

Considering this would be a Mini variant of a popular flagship, it’s surprising that what specs we already know of are flagship-class. Heck, if it launched right now, it would be even more powerful than the HTC One, which only uses the Snapdragon 600 SoC. Would you consider getting the LG G2 Mini because it was smaller than the original G2?

Via: Android Community

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