Moto G Appears on Leaked Brochure, Essentially a Nexus 4

Moto G Leaked Brochure

The Moto X was Motorola and Google’s ideal smartphone, one that focused more on the user experience rather than trying to beat its competitors in the specs department. Still, the specs were higher end, meaning the price tag was also on the high end. Those who were hoping for a more affordable full-featured smartphone had to look elsewhere — that is, until the Moto G started popping up.

The Moto G is far from being official yet, but enough leaks have popped up for us to know that it is a more affordable Moto X. The specs may be watered down, but it’s still looking quite respectable. Just recently, @evleaks was tipped to an image that probably appears on a brochure. Along with the image, a few key specs were included as well.

According to the fresh leak, the Moto G is supposed to be powered by a 1.5GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro and will feature a 4.7 inch HD screen. It will also sport an 8mp camera, 1,950mAh battery, and will come in 8GB and 16GB variants. That basically makes it a Nexus 4.

Moto G Motorola
The Moto G was prematurely posted on Motorola’s website. It has since been removed.

Interestingly enough, the battery will be LG-made. LG has been touting some very interesting battery technology on their smartphones as of late. I remember that they highlighted the efficiency of their batteries in the Optimus G and G2 whose local (Philippine) launches I was able to attend, managing to cram a larger capacity into a slimmer battery while extending battery life. If there’s anyone you want making your smartphone batteries, it makes sense to go to LG.

No word yet when the Moto G will be launched, and Motorola barely has a presence in the country anymore anyway. Still, our local gray market sellers shouldn’t have any trouble importing it if you’re interested.

Source: @evleaks, Droid Life

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