Oppo Find 7 Leaked Render

The Oppo Find 7 has been teased heavily in recent weeks as the official launch nears. However, now we have a clear look at what the upcoming flagship might look like thanks to a leak from the Red Dot Design website. The leaked photo shows a sleek black handset with a 5.5 inch screen and slim profile.

The camera doesn’t appear to be all that large, which contradicts rumors that the Oppo Find 7 will have a 50mp camera. A sensor that size would be huge and likely result in a huge lump on the back similar to the Nokia Lumiq 1020 and its 41mp sensor. However, there have also been rumors that the Oppo Find 7 will have different variants, alternating between a 1080p/2K screen and 13mp/50mp sensor.

Unfortunately, there is no official distributor for Oppo here in the Philippines, although gray market sellers like Widget City, Kimstore and DBGadgets might pick it up if interest in it kicks up. Here’s hoping they do.

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