When the original Galaxy Gear came out, the reactions were mixed. While it was had more features than a lot of other smart watches out there, it was rather cumbersome and complicated to use. It was essentially an experimental stab at a new product category, one that would hopefully be improved upon in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

While we don’t know much yet about the Galaxy Gear 2, @evleaks has tweeted what appears to be the official press renders. It features a revamped design and a more laid back monochromatic watch face. There have been rumors that the Galaxy Gear 2 might not run on Android at all and could run Tizen instead.

Of course, those are just rumors at this point, with the only concrete evidence to the Galaxy Gear 2 being this leaked render. The original Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 was quite expensive. Do you think the redesigned look and a hopefully less spec-hungry Tizen will be enough to turn critics around on this one? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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