Starmobile Teases Android Tablet with a 21,947 Antutu Score!

Up until now, the fastest quad core devices from local brands have used the MediaTek MT5589 or MT6589T variant. These Android phones and tablets would typically hit a score of around 12,000 to 13,000 and even better if it used the turbo MT6589T variant of the popular quad core SoC. However Starmobile, one of the popular local phone brands has just teased the Antutu results of a new device they’re testing out, and boy is it a whopper. The new device scored a jaw-dropping 21,947!

Starmobile Tablet Antutu 21,947 Score

To put things into perspective, my old LG Optimus G scored a little more than 17,000 using the same benchmark tool. Then there’s my old Galaxy S4, which scored somewhere under 25,000. For a local device to score more than 20,000 in Antutu is certainly a huge jump compared with anything else that’s out there at the moment from Starmobile’s competitors and should have budget-minded users salivating.

But what is it? Is it a phone or a tablet? Based on the screenshot, it’s most likely going to be a tablet. The layout of the onscreen navigation keys certainly aren’t conducive to ease of usage if it were a phone.

Of course, it’s hard to put any faith in benchmark scores and the user experience can still vary widely based on a number of factors. There are also a lot of unanswered questions, such as what SoC the new Starmobile tablet will use, what its screen size will be, and what the rest of the specs are. Still, the prospect of an Android tablet that can perform with the best of them is certainly exciting. Hopefully, Starmobile will be faster to bring their products to market than they have in the past.

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