Starmobile Turbo Leak

Well, hello there! It appears that Starmobile has a phone that it’s been keeping under wraps and is set to offer a 5 inch HD screen and quad core processor on the cheap! The phone in question is the Starmobile Turbo, and will reportedly sell for Php5,999. While it’s more expensive than similar offerings from other brands, it does have a scratch-resistant screen and a 12mp BSI camera. Take a look at the specs to see for yourself.

Starmobile Turbo Specs Leak

The specs are pretty good for the price point and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it comes with KitKat 4.4 out of the box. Don’t forget, this is a Starmobile phone, so expect them to include a few software tricks like we’ve been seeing on the Starmobile Up, Roar and Sky. So would you be willing to pay a little extra for a scratch-resistant screen and better camera?

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    all that and yet no direct install to sd or move to sd???

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