If you regularly frequent SM Cyberzone and other gadget hubs, you may already have noticed Allphones, a fast-growing chain of cellphone stores that has been taking the Philippines by storm. They offer a wide selection of handsets and tablets from 11 different local and international brands, as well as the opportunity to actually try them out in-store.

Allphones Display

In addition to that,  they offer something no other store can. Sure, you can buy a phone from any number of stores, but in addition to selling unlocked contract-free phones and tablets,  Allphones also lets you buy gadgets with a postpaid plan. And yes, they’re subsidized! So you can buy a phone at a discount as long as you get it with a plan. You can even get your phone free as long as it comes with a postpaid plan!

Allphones iPhone 5

The plans they offer are through Globe, and they’re the exact same plans you would gef if you were to get your gadget directly from globe. What’s even better abiut Allphones is they have an even wider selection of phones and tablets than Globe does!

Right now, Allphones has 50 stores you can choose from, with the milestone 50th store having just opened the other month at Robinsons Galleria. If you’re looking for a no nonsense experience and just want to get a phone and postpaid plan, Allphones is definitely worth checking out.

Allphones and Globe Execs

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