Brother Refill Tank System

The concept of refillable printer ink tank systems aren’t anything new, but it’s only now that a number of printer manufacturers have come out with their own home-baked systems. Brother Philippines has just introduced their own DCP-T300 and DCP-T500W Refill Tank System Multi-function Centers at their presscon for Brother ColorManila Nite Run: Blacklight Edition.

Refill Tank System

Of course, refillable ink tank systems aren’t anything new. Some of you may be familiar with those mall kiosks that promise to hook your printer up with its own refillable system. However, Brother’s refillable tank system touts a whopping 6,000 page yield for black ink and a 5,000 page yield for color.

Brother DCP-T300


Both the Brother DCP-T300 and DCP-T500W 3-in-1 inkjet Multi-function Centers are geared for personal users, as well as business users working out of a small or home office.

Brother DCP-T500W


The simple difference between the two is that the DCP-T500W features extra wireless network connectivity that the DCP-T300 doesn’t have.

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