Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 Officially Launched

Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 Back

Boy, did Cherry Mobile surprise me a couple of days ago when they announced that they would be partnering with Nvidia to bring the Tegra Note 7 to Philippine shores. Well, now the Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 is official and for a jaw-droppingly low price of Php9,999! Wuuut!

Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 PosterIn case you’re wondering what the big deal is all about, the Tegra Note 7 utilizes Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chipset, which, among other things, includes a 72 core GPU that allows it to score in the range of 35,000 points in Antutu and about 16,000 points in Quadrant! To put things in perspective, that’s similar in performance as the Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One M8!

The Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 may come with a top-shelf chipset, however, it does make some compromises to achieve that low price point. First, its 7 inch IPS screen only has HD resolution. Second, it only comes with 1GB RAM. Third, there’s no cellular connectivity so you’ll have to rely on a WiFi hotspot if you want access to the internet.

Still, those drawbacks aren’t too bad. The lower resolution actually means the GPU will render frames much faster than on a preferred Full HD resolution screen. It would have been better if the Tegra Note 7 had at least 2GB RAM, but 1GB RAM is good enough for most applications. Also, tablets tend to be secondary devices to folks who already have a smartphone, so you can just share your phone’s data plan than have to have 2 cellular-enabled devices and maintain 2 different SIMs.

Now, it should be mentioned that the Tegra Note 7 has a few tricks up its sleeve. The most notable is the DirectStylus, which is a passive stylus that tries to mimic an active stylus’ pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. There’s also a slider mechanism on the side of the tablet so you can attach its custom smart cover. Finally, there’s a bass reflex port (read: subwoofer) built into the back of the device so it actually sounds more than just half decent when you’re using the loudspeakers.

Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 with Stylus

All in all, the Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 is shaping up to become a pretty popular option among gamers and should attract some casual users as well. Itching to get your hands on the Tegra Note 7? Unfortunately, it’s only available at SM North EDSA, but it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks until it gets rolled out to the rest of the country.

[Photos courtesy of Edriangelo Paule]

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