DTC Reveals PBA Brand Ambassadors and a New Phone Lineup

In case you missed it, DTC Mobile unveiled not just a brand new lineup of phones for 2015, but an all new lineup of brand ambassadors as well. At a launch event at the Manila Diamond Hotel, DTC Mobile welcomed Ryan Arana, Simon Atkins, KG Canaleta, Gary David and Willie Miller to the DTC family which culminated in an official contract signing.

DTC Brand Ambassadors

Unfortunately, Ryan Arana and Simon Atkins weren’t able to make it, but KG Canaleta, Gary David and Willie Miller were pretty game in answering our questions.

DTC Gary David Answering Questions

Of course, some of you might be more interested in what DTC Mobile has in store in the next few months. Naturally, they took the opportunity to announce a lineup of new phones.

DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus

DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus

The DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus had actually already been revealed on DTC Mobile’s Facebook page. It’s the smallest phone of the bunch, although it packs a 4.7 inch HD IPS screen and capable 1.2GHz quad core processor.

DTC GT19 Blade

DTC GT19 Blade

The GT19 Blade is the next largest phone of the bunch. It sports a 5 inch IPS screen but has a lower qHD resolution compared to the HD resolution of the GT17A Jupiter Plus. Still, the resolution and color reproduction should be serviceable enough, although the price, which has yet to be revealed, will be the determining factor whether the GT19 Blade is worth buying or not.

DTC GT19 Blade

DTC GT15A Fiesta Plus

Now, if you’re looking for a massive screen for movies and general media consumption, the GT16A Fiesta Plus looks like a phone that will fit the bill. It has a ginormous 6 inch HD IPS display and 1.2GHz quad core processor.

DTC GT21 Extreme

DTC GT21 Extreme

Now, this wouldn’t be a proper 2014 local phone launch event without an octa core phone, and the GT21 Extreme is DTC Mobile’s entrant to the octa core phone wars. It has a 1.7GHz octa core processor, likely a MediaTek MT6592 chip, coupled with a 5 inch qHD IPS display. The qHD resolution leaves a lot to be desired, but if they can price it somewhere close to Php10k, I’d still recommend it.

The phones aren’t available just yet as DTC Mobile wants to launch them sometime in June or July. Until then, we’ll just have to wait on pricing. Assuming they’re all priced within budget, which one would you guys pick though? Let me know in the comments 🙂







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