Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Launched! My Super Plans Now Made Even More Flexible!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Globe’s press briefing earlier today at the Holiday Inn Suites at the Ayala Center. What about? Why, it was their launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on their fully customizable postpaid plans of course. While my main interest in going to the event was the Samsung Galaxy S4, it was the revamped postpaid plans that got my attention, but we’ll get to that later.

Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Press Briefing

First, let’s get to the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Globe. The latest in the Galaxy S series has made a serious case for being the best smartphone on the planet right now, and for good reason. You’re getting a 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, a quad core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, a 13mp autofocus camera and more new software and hardware features than you can shake a stick at.

Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Postpaid Benefits

If you’re looking to get Samsung’s latest and greatest on a postpaid plan, Globe has positioned itself to be the best choice for Philippine consumers. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S4 for as low as Php1,599 monthly on Globe’s My Super Plan 999 and only have to pay a cash out of Php600 per month throughout the life of a 24 month contract. This is a permanent offer too, and under it, you’ll be able to get unlimited LTE with speeds of up to 42Mbps on Globe’s network along with the proprietary free texts and calls.

Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 My Super Plan

While the My Super Plan 999 might be the most practical plan if you want to get Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S4 at a subsidized price, it’s also available at lower and higher plans over 24 months with affordable monthly cash outs and is payable via credit card at 0% interest**. You can even get it free on a 24 month contract at My Super Plan 2499.

Another thing that impressed me was that Globe wasn’t shy about comparing their plans to those of their closest competitor. In the graphic below, they directly compared similar plans with each other. You can see just how much less you pay over the total life of the contract when you go with Globe as opposed to Smart.

Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Postpaid Globe vs Smart

But what I really found interesting was that you can now dictate how long you want your contract to last. You can choose from 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 month contracts, allowing you the flexibility of determining how long you will be obligated with monthly service fees. You can go for a shorter 6 month contract and pay a slightly higher price for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in exchange for a shorter obligatory contract period. Or you can go for a 30 month contract and enjoy a lower subsidized price in exchange for a longer lock-in period.

Although I’m a prepaid Globe subscriber, I couldn’t help but come away impressed at the flexibility of these revamped plans. They were already quite customizable before, but being able to adjust your contract period takes it to a whole other level. And it doesn’t even have to be for the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can go with any other device and still enjoy this kind of flexibility. Of course, I’ll have to stick to Globe GoSakto if I want to customize my prepaid promos, but if I wanted a postpaid plan, I’d probably take my first pick from Globe’s My Super Plans.

Oh and one last thing. Globe was generous enough to raffle off four Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones to those in attendance. Guess what?

Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Box

So what do you guys think? Should I do a Samsung Galaxy S4 review? Hehehehe 🙂

*To order the Samsung Galaxy S4, just head over to If you’d rather check it out in person before buying it, the Galaxy S4 will become available in Globe Stores nationwide beginning May 2, 2013.

**For 24 months 0% interest on handset cash out via participating credit cardholders such as Allied/PNB, BDO/Amex, BPI, Citibank, HSBC, RCBC Bankard, Security Bank/Diners Club, Unionbank, and Eastwest Bank.

6 thoughts on “Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Launched! My Super Plans Now Made Even More Flexible!

  1. Did globe buy you to write this? I called the customer hotline bow since I have 2 existing globe postpaid accounts that I would like to enroll for recontracting to avail S4. You give us readers incomplete information! Why didn’t you mention about the pre termination fees? I have 16mos remaining sa postpaid plans ko and sabi ni charm ng customer support that I have to pay for 16mos bago makaavail ng recontracting. Akala ko irerefresh lang nila ang 2 yrs then with add on service fee. Can u be responsible sa info mo kasi you are wasting our time.

    1. I was just browsing through this review and i saw your comment. Can i say DUH? Well ofcourse this is for NEW PLANS. As for you, since you have existing accounts, you really have to pay to terminate your account. CONTRACT NGA DIBA? You have a prior contract with globe for your accounts so you should know. You’re also wasting other people’s time for your comment.

    2. Ang tanga mo naman koya. Ano akala mo libre na yung phone na nakuha mo sa Globe sa contract mo? So pwede ka magpalit every month ng PLAN at makakuha ka ng bagong phone every month? S4, iPhone 5, etc? ISIP ISIP DIN PAG MAY TIME. Tinatanga mo sarili mo. Pakisearch nga po kung ano yung meaning ng CONTRACT. Nag Plan ka pala ng hindi mo alam ang commitment. Bigyan ng hopia.

    3. The information in this post is a combination of the press materials provided to me by Globe and my own impressions after attending the press briefing. I was invited to attend at my own inconvenience just like any other blogger and other members of the press. While I may have put my own editorial spin, the information here is as complete and as factual as was provided to me. You can take a look at other blogs and publications that have reported this story and you won’t see a single one with information that conflicts with this post. As a customer with two existing postpaid plans, the concept of termination fees shouldn’t be an alien one. However you might want to verify your concern with another customer service rep since you might have gotten in touch with one that was simply uninformed.

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