When it comes to options for protecting your phone, there are smartphone cases and then there’s Otterbox. Otterbox cases are some of the most rugged and durable cases you can get and the recently announced Preserver series takes it to a whole new level. You see, the Otterbox Preserver series won’t just protect your phone from bumps and scratches — it’ll protect your phone from LIFE.

iPhone 5S Preserver Demo

You see, there’s so much more in the life of a smartphone than simply getting scratched. It can get knocked out of your hand by someone simply passing by. You can forget to take it out of your pocket before diving into a pool. You can forget about protecting the ports and insides from sand while answering a call at the beach. These things happen, and the Preserver series allows you to take your phone with you with confidence.

iPhone 5 Otterbox Preserver
3 iPhones pose underwater while we take shots

But I did mention the Preserver series takes things a step further, didn’t I? Imagine being able to make a call while swimming in the middle of the ocean or using your phone’s GPS to plot your course while white water rafting. Doing these things with your smartphone might have been unthinkable, but the Otterbox Preserver series makes it second nature.

Otterbox Preserver iPhone 5S Winner
Yep, still works after waiting for someone to dive in for it.

Thanks to its IP-68 certification, your phone can survive up 6.6ft underwater for up to 30 minutes, get dropped from up to 6.6ft high and keep out dust and debris like nothing else. For now, there are only three variants of Otterbox’s Preserver series of cases: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. They also come in 4 different colors to match any mood or fashion sense.

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