Redfox Previews Aurea E10 and More, Reveals New Logo

It’s been a while since Redfox has made any noise in the local tech scene. With the market shifting toward mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and 2-in-1s, Redfox has found it necessary to regroup and refocus. The fruit of their labor was put on display last night after a few years of staying out of the spotlight, unveiling a new lineup of mobile and gaming-centric products, as well as an all new logo.


Along with a redesigned logo, the company also debuted their new tagline: Luxury within reach. According to company reps, Redfox will be focusing on the midrange rather than trying to battle it out in the low end where brands like Cherry Mobile, Torque, and MyPhone dominate. Instead, they’ll be focusing on more than just a winning the spec war with their competitors, adding features that you might not usually see at a specific price point.

Redfox Aurea E10

Redfox Aurea

One good example of their strategy going into the midrange market is their upcoming Redfox Aurea smartphone. It’s a gorgeous device, sandwiching a premium metal frame between Gorilla Glass 4. Not only does it pack great specs for the price, it also comes with a USB Type C port to take advantage of what should eventually become the standard connector for new devices.

USB Type-C Connector

USB Type-C is more than just a reversible connector though, and hopefully the Redfox Aurea E10 will be able to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Notebooks and 2-in-1s


Another exciting lineup to look forward to from Redfox is their range of notebooks and 2-in-1 tablets. I’ve got my eye on the Razor in particular, with its almost Macbook Air thin body. It’s not quite as elegant as it literally features an edgier design, but it certainly does come off as a more premium-looking notebook.


The WizBook Hybrid also caught in eye as I’m a fan of 2-in-1s as well. While the keyboard cover doesn’t look like it comes with a built-in battery to extend uptime, it’s still a convenient feature if you’re looking for productivity on the go.

Redfox Wizbook Hybrid

The WizBook Arc appears to have been inspired by the Lenovo Yoga. Similar to the Yoga, it too has 4 display modes, although it doesn’t appear as if the screen can fold all the way back.

WizBook Arc

Gaming Peripherals and More

Perhaps what surprised me that night was their awesome-looking range of gaming peripherals.

Gaming Peripherals

That’s a seriously cool backlit gaming keyboard. I want one.

Gaming Keyboard

Their gaming mouse is just as cool.

Redfox Gaming Mouse

It even appears to come with its own mouse bungee to help reduce drag from the cord.

Mouse Bungee

As if that wasn’t enough, they even have their own VR headset.

VR Headset

Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

ANC Headphones

Another surprise was their wireless headphones with active noise-cancelling.


I’m especially eager to find out how much these are since ANC technology would help block out ambient noise and improve overall audio enjoyment.

PC Compute Sticks

PC Compute Sticks and Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Finally, they revealed a couple of PC compute sticks and what I assume to be a mini Bluetooth keyboard. These space-saving PCs are small enough to pocket and just plug into any monitor with HDMI. You’ll still need to bring a mouse and keyboard of course.

A Solid Lineup That’s Yet to Come

Few details were shared about the actual products although an official launch is soon to follow. It looks like Redfox has a number of compelling offerings across a range of product lines. Hopefully they’ll get here just in time for Christmas as I’m seriously interested in their gaming gear and active noise-cancelling headphones.

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