Update: If you’re just watching this now, you’ll want to skip all the way to the 40:30 mark.

So the Unpacked event is over and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed. We were witness to a rather cheesy production bordering to the point of being sexist, but I guess Samsung pretty much accomplished what they set out to do. That was to generate a crap-ton of buzz about their newest flagship superphone and establish it as the new king of Androids to beat.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have much tougher competition this time around, unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, which really only competed with Apple’s iPhone 5. Now, there’s the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z that it has to worry about, and there’s even the LG Optimus G Pro, which is another highly anticipated flagship that should arrive on our shores pretty soon.

Those who watched the Unpacked event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will agree that the presentation was more than just a little over the top, but the Korean electronics giant did deliver us a phone worth writing about. While that little production has been over for a while, you can check it out here courtesy of SAMSUNGmobile on YouTube 🙂

Image Credit: Pocket Lint

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