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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera: Better Than the GoPro Hero But for Half the Price!

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi keeps surprising us with its choice of new product lines: fitness bands, air purifiers, and even rumors of a smart car! Their newest surprise sill makes sense though. The Xiaomi Yi was recently announced at MWC and it’s an action camera with better specs than GoPro’s entry level Hero, but at a fraction of the price! Heck, even the SJ4000 knock-offs that are selling for less than Php3k on Lazada will be given a run for their money!

Yi Sports Camera Yellow and Green

The Xiaomi (Mi?) Yi features a 16mp Sony Exmor R BSI sensor paired with a wide angle 155-degree lens. To put things into perspective, most smartphones that tout wide angle lens have 89-degree coverage. It supports 1080p 30fps and 60fps capture, as well as slow motion capture in 720p at 120fps or even up to 240fps. Holy cow!

The Mi Yi Action Camera itself is made from polycarbonate-ABS, one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics, as wellas metal composite materials. It can be remotely operated via Bluetooth and supports BLE Ultra low power consumption. You can even transfer pictures and videos from the Xiaomi Yi wirelessly to your smartphone thanks to its WiFi support. Of course, you might not need to for a while thanks to its support for up to 64GB micro SD cards.

Yi Action Camera Strapped to a Cat

The Xiaomi Yi will initially be available in China at first, although I expect it will eventually roll out to other territories like the Philippines later on. Just how long it will take, no one knows, but at least we have an idea of the price. The Yi Action Camera will be sold for just 399 Chinese yuan (roughly Php2,800) without any basic accessories. There’s also a travel edition for 499 Chinese yuan (Php3,500) that comes with a monopod for those epic group selfies. Of course, there’s an image of the Yi Action Camera being strapped to a cat. I’m curious to know what that’s all about and how much it will cost.

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