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Carbonn BH-25 Bluetooth Headset Review: Go Handsfree on a Budget!

Carbonn BH-25

With Bluetooth accessories becoming more affordable, getting one to reduce the wired clutter that is your collection of electronics is a smart decision. The Carbonn BH-25 may not be for audiophiles, but it does deliver wireless convenience while helping to simplify the often repetitive task of making and taking calls. The company behind Carbonn, Topstrasse Global Inc was kind enough to send a few of their accessories for me to try out, the BH-25 being one of them. Of course, I was eager to take this new toy out through its paces.

Build Quality and Design


The Carbonn BH-25 is a simple Bluetooth headset constructed from lightweight plastic. It can easily disappear into your hand if you wrapped your fingers around it. Despite that, it’s a functional enough device with all of the basic controls you need to simplify making and taking calls.


Micro USB port and power switch

For its price, don’t expect much more than the basics. The Carbonn BH-25 does allow you to both call or listen to audio from the paired device. Among the basic functions is to answer or drop calls, and play/pause music from a single handsfree button. It can be charged via a built-in micro USB port, and there’s a small switch on one side to turn it on or off.

Ear hook

There’s also an included ear hook that can be detached and reattached the other way so it can be worn on either ear. To be honest, it’s an awkward fit at first, but it’s light enough that you stop noticing after a while.

Audio Quality


The BH-25 is optimized more for convenience than sound quality, so understandably, the audio isn’t the best if you want to enjoy watching movies or listening to music. Listening to the audio through just one ear is another drawback since you can be distracted by environmental noise your other ear would be picking up. Of course, if you’re on an important call and it’s important to pick up every detail from the other person on the line, it’s nothing to just cover your other ear to hear better.

So Should You Buy the Carbonn BH-25?

Should You Buy the BH-25?

If you’re buying the Carbonn BH-25, it’s for the convenience of taking calls with it rather than the actual audio quality. The idea behind Bluetooth headsets like the BH-25 is to free up your hands so you can do other things while on calls. Ideally, this would work best in a business setting, rather than a casual one. The audio is far from perfect and certainly won’t match headsets from Jabra, Plantronics, and the like. However, at just Php799, I would hardly complain.

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