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Carbonn BHS-110 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review: A Wireless Neckband for the Masses

Carbonn BHS-110

With smartphones becoming increasingly more accessible to the average Juan, the market for mobile accessories is expanding as well. Carbonn is a new local brand looking to address this issue, starting with an attractive lineup of Bluetooth headsets, car chargers, power banks, and cables. The first product I’ll be reviewing for them is the Carbonn BHS-110, a Bluetooth stereo headset with a neckband design that seems to be catching on these days. At just Php999, it’s priced at just a fraction of some of the popular Bluetooth neckband headsets out there. Does it deliver comparable sound though? Find out in my full review of the Carbonn BHS-110.

Build Quality and Design


Even if you’re seeing the Carbonn BHS-110 for the first time, you may recognize the design as it resembles LG’s Tone lineup of Bluetooth neckband headsets. Of course, imitation is the greatest form of flattery if you’re into that sort of thing, and there’s no arguing the practicality of the universal design.

Earbud holder

The band itself is super flexible without being too bendy. The band terminates with a socket on both ends where the wired buds can be magnetically attached when you’re not using them. The left side is where you’ll find all of the controls.

The construction leaves a little to be desired, which can’t be helped considering the price point. The plastic feels light and you may want to be extra careful with the band to avoid accidentally getting it bent while inside your bag. Even the wires attaching the buds to the neckband come off as too thin.



As far as functionality, the Carbonn BHS-110 covers all of the basics. All of the controls are located on one end of the neckband. The play/pause/call button has an LED indicator that lets you know whether it’s in pairing mode or if it’s already been paired. The volume rocker is not far, although the power switch is a bit hidden toward the side.

Audio Quality

Buds removed

Considering its price, I was half-expecting to be let down by the Carbonn BHS-110. Surprisingly enough, the audio didn’t sound like it was playing from a tin can. The bass was a bit muddy, but can be improved if you switch out the paper thin earbuds with thicker ones. It wasn’t perfect, but certainly far from disappointing.

So Should You Buy the Carbonn BHS-110?


Bluetooth headsets can be expensive, but the Carbonn BHS-110 provides unbeatable value. The audio quality wasn’t perfect, but that’s something I can ignore thanks to the price. Is it something I’d buy personally? I’d be hard-pressed to find a Bluetooth headset with passable audio quality at just Php1k, but the BHS-110 manages to do it.

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