Cherry Mobile Blaze Review: Large Screen and Sexy Curves on a Budget

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 1

Update: Cherry Mobile has announced that a Jelly Bean 4.1 update is now available for the Blaze. Make sure you still have your receipts and head out to a service center πŸ™‚

Cherry Mobile has had a lot of success with the Flare and the Titan, and the local phone brand looks to have a challenging time following them up. However, they don’t appear to be taking this challenge lightly, releasing the Skyfire, Flame and Blaze in quick succession to make sure that budget-minded Filipinos stay salivating at just how much their pesos can get them. The Cherry Mobile Blaze appears to be the most intriguing of the bunch, delivering a mix of looks and features that you would only typically find on smartphones that cost two or three times as much. The most notable features in particular are the flagship-sized 4.7 inch screen and 8 megapixel autofocus camera. To put things in perspective, my Galaxy Note has an 8mp shooter while the most successful flagship phones of 2012 were in the >4.5″ range. Still, there has to be some compromises. After all, there’s only so much you can cram into something that only costs Php6,499, right? Read on and find out in my Cherry Mobile Blaze review.

Build Quality and Design: S3 Clone

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 9

The Cherry Mobile Blaze is an elegant, albeit, generic-looking phone with curved sides and rounded corners that make it much more pleasant to hold and look at compared to the boxy design of the Flare or Titan. The white Blaze variant is especially pretty, and the paint job on the back cover even mimics the white S3, achieving a faux ceramic white finish. There’s no avoiding comparisons to the Galaxy S3 on this one, particularly on the white variant of the Cherry Mobile Blaze. It mimics everything from the rounded sides and corners down to the layout of the navigation keys and the shape of the home button. It’s not a 1:1 copy of the S3, though. The Blaze is a bit thicker and heavier than the S3, so cases designed for the S3 won’t fit properly. Believe me, I tried.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 3
Front: Earpiece, Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors, Front-facing Camera, Navigation Keys

This being a full touchscreen device, the screen dominates the entire front of the Cherry Mobile Blaze, and the bezel on the sides is thin enough to be satisfactory. Above the screen are the earpiece, proximity and ambient light sensors, along with the front-facing camera. To the bottom, there’s the S3-esque layout of the navigation keys: a hardware home button and the capacitive menu and back buttons on either side of it.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 5
Right Side: Volume Rocker

There aren’t too many hardware control buttons on the Cherry Mobile Blaze aside from the home button. The volume rocker on the right is large and easy to press. Perhaps a little too easy, as I would often end up accidentally messing up the volume of the music I was listening to whenever I would pull the Blaze out of my pants’ pockets. It’s situated along the silver-gray accent line that runs along the edges of the device. On the left, there’s the micro-USB port that does double-duty as the charging port.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 4
Left Side: Micro USB Port

At the top, there’s the Power/Lock button and 3.5mm headphone jack. The Power/Lock button is situated just slightly off-center to the right and is easy enough to press using your index finger, whether you’re right or left-handed.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 6
Top: Power/Lock Button, 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The bottom of the Cherry Mobile Blaze is almost totally bare. There’s the tiny microphone pinhole for calls and sound recording. There’s also a small notch so it’s easier to pry off the back cover, and that’s it.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 7
Bottom: Microphone Pinhole, Notch for Easy Back Cover Removal

At the back of the Cherry Mobile Blaze, you’ll find the 8mp autofocus camera and flash, along with the Blaze and Cherry Mobile branding. Right below theΒ Cherry MobileΒ branding is the loudspeaker. One thing I like is that the branding is small and not very obvious.Β It’s even in a light gray so it doesn’t stand out at all. I like Cherry Mobile and all that, but I’m sure a lot of people will still want to keep it discreet.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 8
Back: Main Camera, Flash, Blaze and Cherry Mobile Branding, Loudspeaker

Overall, the build quality and design is pretty solid. Ignoring the S3-inspired looks, the Cherry Mobile Blaze is a gorgeous phone to look at, particularly if you own the white variant. It’s still an all plastic build – nothing premium, but I wouldn’t expect anything else but plastic on something that costs considerably less than Php10k. Cherry Mobile also did a nice job with the finish. If you look closely at the back (it’s not visible in the photos), you’ll observe a subtle texturing that helps deceive you into believing you paid more than you did for the Blaze. If there’s anything I have to complain about, it would be the placement of the micro-USB port. Upper left of the screen. Really? It’s a rather odd placement to be sure, especially when you consider that the placement of just about everything else makes sense.

The Screen: Not IPS, But Still Surprisingly Good for a Budget Phone

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 2
Sorry about the smudging πŸ™

Larger screens make content consumption so much easier and was one of the reasons I was looking to upgrade from the Flare to the Blaze. The Cherry Mobile Blaze sports a large 4.7 inch capacitive LCD display with an FWVGA (480 x 854) resolution. That gives it a pixel density of 208PPI (pixels per inch), which is reasonably good considering its price and size. That makes it noticeably sharper than the Titan (187PPI), but not as good as the Flare (233PPI). Those are some decent numbers, but how does the Blaze’s display perform when it comes to real life usage?

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 12

Readability is one of the things the Blaze excels at when you’re indoors and I had a great time reading articles using the Flipboard app. It’s not an IPS display, so viewing angles aren’t that great, but all in all it’s still surprisingly good. There’s a good deal of white-shifting when you start to look at it from an angle, but text is still readable and you can still make images out for what they are. In fact, it would seem to be on par with the Flare’s display, which some are arguing isn’t an IPS display at all. That controversy aside, the Blaze’s display is also capable of some deep blacks and great color reproduction. That, plus the wider aspect ratio makes it great for watching movies. More on that later. On the other hand, outdoor readability is rather poor. You’ll want to crank up the brightness if you want to be able to make out that text message you just received when you’re outdoors.

The Chipset: Galaxy Nexus Numbers for a Third of the Price

The Blaze features a MediaTek MT6577 chipset with a 1GHz dual core ARMv7 CPU and PowerVR SGX 531 GPU. It’s basically the same setup as on the Cherry Mobile Titan and performs similarly, albeit a notch lower in the benchmarks because there are exactly 25,920 more pixels to process (409,920 pixels on the Blaze vs 384,000 for the Titan). I ran the Cherry Mobile Blaze on stock software through 4 popular benchmarking tools. Quadrant and Antutu both measure things like CPU, I/O and graphics performance. KFS is another popular graphics benchmarking tool that runs OpenGL 2.0 tests to stress vertex throughput, fill rate, and draw calls. Finally, NenaMark2 is an OpenGL|ES 2.0 benchmark for high-end mobile devices that runs a device through several scenes to test performance on various effects. Check out the numbers below.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Antutu Benchmark resultsΒ  Cherry Mobile Blaze Antutu ComparisonΒ  Cherry Mobile Blaze Quadrant Benchmark Results

The Cherry Mobile Blaze scores pretty well against popular devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Atrix 4G in Antutu and Quadrant, getting a 6,941 and 2,839 respectively. On KFS, the Blaze only achieved an average of 18.5FPS across all three tests, topping out at 25.6FPS on the vertex throughput test and 14.7FPS and 18.3FPS on the fill rate and draw call tests respectively. On the other hand, it averaged 26.8FPS on NenaMark2 to put it slightly behind the Optimus 2X. The MediaTek MT6577 chipset is still quite capable at its price point, although the PowerVR GPU is positively ancient. Thankfully, it was capable enough to play some of the more graphically intensive games, which I’ll cover in the gaming section of this review.

Cherry Mobile Blaze KFS BenchmarkΒ  Cherry Mobile Blaze NenaMark2 Results

The Software: Almost Stock ICS. Even the Icons!

One thing I like about the Android smartphones from local phone brands is that they don’t customize their stock ROMs as much as the more established brands do. The Flare that I reviewed about a month ago was one good example of a barely touched stock ROM, but I didn’t like that they modified the stock icon set. I appreciate that the Cherry Mobile Blaze didn’t modify the overall look and feel of stock ICS, and the only noticeable changes they made was to the wallpapers and notification area. The wallpapers are all Cherry Mobile-branded, which is typical of the local brand, while the notification area has been modified to provide quick access to things like brightness settings, data, and audio profiles, aside from the typical power toggles.

Cherry Mobile Screenshot HomescreenΒ  Cherry Mobile Screenshot App Drawer

Cherry Mobile or whoever took care of the firmware did a better job on the Blaze than on the Flare. The Flare was a fine phone for the price, but there were some weird bugs and oversights, such as a missing FM radio app, miscalibrated G-sensor, and sluggish screen auto-rotate. Those problems are not present in the Blaze and UI navigation is quick and snappy. The animations are a bit fast, which was probably done intentionally to artificially boost that snappiness, but I don’t mind it at all.

Telephony: Messaging is Smoooooooth

As much as we want to do with our smartphones, it’s easy to forget their original intended function. The Blaze functions quite well in the telephony department, and much of it has to do with that screen. Typing on the Blaze is fast, responsive and accurate. The big screen has a lot to do with the improved typing experience, making this an excellent phone for composing texts and emails. Call quality was also decent, and the only time I experienced any dropped calls was when the recipient was in an area with poor reception (e.g. may girlfriend at her apartment).

Cherry Mobile Screenshot MessagingΒ  Cherry Mobile Screenshot Dialer

One flaw I can’t overlook though is that the Blaze has a few compatibility issues when it comes to headsets with built-in mics. The stock Cherry Mobile headset works fine, but my Sennheisers produced the same buzzy mess that I’ve experienced on phones like the A818, W100 and most recently the Flare. That’s a shame because my Sennheisers produce awesomely balanced sound with no distortion, even when I crank up the bass to head-shaking levels. Thankfully, you can use a regular pair of earphones with it and just speak into the phone’s built-in mic. It looks awkward, but it works in a jiff if you’re in an area with a lot of ambient noise.

Imaging: Megapixels Aren’t Everything (Sample Shots Uploaded)

Okay, so this part will disappoint those of you who were getting the Blaze for its 8mp autofocus camera. After all, it’s one of the key selling points that catches everyone’s attention when they first hear about this phone. After all, my Galaxy Note also has an 8mp camera and takes some of the best shots in its class.

However,Β  megapixels are just one aspect of a camera and its the quality of the sensor that really determines how good your shots are. The camera unit on the Blaze just isn’t that good, even for a budget smartphone. Shots taken in adequate outdoor lighting were passable, even decent at times, but those taken in low light ended up much darker than the scene they were taken in. Also, shots tended to be warmer (slightly reddish) toward the center and colder (slightly bluish) toward the edges.

Thankfully, the Blaze does come with a full suite of options that you can tinker with to try and get the best shots possible. There’s even an Auto Scene Detection setting that takes care of that bit for you. Really, it’s a shame that the camera performance doesn’t live up to the fully-functional UI that its been given.

Update: Camera samples have been uploaded. Check them out below. Just click to enlarge

Bright Outdoor Lighting Samples

Cherry Mobile Blaze Bright Outdoor Lighting Sample 1Β  Cherry Mobile Blaze Bright Outdoor Lighting Sample 2

Cherry Mobile Blaze Bright Outdoor Lighting Sample 3Β  Cherry Mobile Blaze Bright Outdoor Lighting Sample 4

Macro Shot

Cherry Mobile Blaze Macro Sample

Normal Outdoor Lighting Sample

Cherry Mobile Blaze Normal Outdoor Lighting Sample 1

Indoor with Flash Sample

Cherry Mobile Blaze Indoor with Flash

Indoor No Flash

Cherry Mobile Blaze Indoor No Flash

Shot in a Completely Dark Room with Flash

Cherry Mobile Blaze Completely Dark Sample

Shot Under Fluorescent Lighting

Cherry Mobile Blaze Flourescent Lighting


Entertainment: Ditch Your Portable Media Player But Choose Your Headset Wisely

One of the areas the Cherry Mobile Blaze really shines is when using it as a portable media player. It can handle just about every multimedia preference you might have, as it has an FM radio, Music Player and Video Player app for all your basic needs. YouTube is also pre-installed along with the stock ICS internet browser for consuming online content. And being an Android phone, you can download third party applications if you feel that the stock apps don’t provide enough features.

Sound output is adequately loud, even when you’re just listening to music from an FM station. You’ll definitely want to upgrade from the stock headset that Cherry Mobile provides, but you’ll have to be careful when buying one as it has some of the same headset incompatibilities as the Flare. Examine the headphone jack to check whether it has 2 or 3 segments. Headset jacks with 2 segments are your typical headsets that don’t have any volume control or built in mic, while those with three segments have either volume controls or a built in mic and tend to be incompatible with the Blaze. The stock headset has a built in mic for telephony and a 3-segment jack, but a lot of others like my Sennheisers just don’t work properly on it.

Gaming: Another This is Just Php6.5k? Moment

What the Blaze lacks in the imaging department, it makes up for in gaming. That PowerVR SGX 531 GPU might be circa 2006, but it’s still quite capable until now. I immediately downloaded NOVA 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead Trigger, Agent Dash, Angry Birds Star Wars and Fruit Ninja from Google Play and put the Blaze’s gaming prowess to the test.

I was surprised that NOVA 3 showed up as compatible with the Blaze on Google Play. After all, even my Note struggled with consistent frame rates. While the game did indeed load, frame rates were in the single digits, rendering the game unplayable. Still, I got through enough of the game to capture this screenshot:

Cherry Mobile Blaze Screencaps NOVA 3

The next game I tested on the Cherry Mobile Blaze was Need for Speed Most Wanted. It was the next most graphic intensive game after NOVA 3 and this time, frame rates were better and gameplay was smooth. The audio stuttered a lot though, but the game was still very playable. It’s not like there’s any dialog in this game you would have to listen to anyway, but it was a shame since the game does have a decent soundtrack.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Screencaps Need for Speed Most Wanted

Another favorite of mind that I like to use for testing is Agent Dash. It’s still a 3D game, but it isn’t as graphically intensive as the first two. It’s more of a casual game that is similar in playing mechanics as Temple Run. There were absolutely no bugs this time around and gameplay was smooth. Waterfall scenes can tend to slow the framerates down on lower end phones, but not so much on the Cherry Mobile Blaze.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Screencaps Agent Dash

Finally, there’s Angry Birds Star Wars and Fruit Ninja. While Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest iteration of the popular Angry Birds franchise, it’s still one of the more basic games you can play. If it can’t play on your phone, it’s about time you upgrade. The same goes with Fruit Ninja. Obviously, both ran just fine on the Blaze, and since the Blaze has a 5-point multi-touch screen, you can absolutely murder those fruits!

Cherry Mobile Blaze Screencaps Angry Birds Star Wars Cherry Mobile Blaze Screencaps Fruit Ninja

Battery Life: It’s a Good Thing Cherry Mobile Also Sells a Power Bank

Although the Android platform is notorious for being quick to drain even the highest capacity batteries that can be found on smartphones and tablets, some devices are just especially bad. From the start, I didn’t expect the Cherry Mobile Blaze to have stellar battery life since the spec sheets I had checked across the internet listed it as only having a 1,500mAh battery. This is a real downer on a phone that is able to provide as smooth and complete an experience as the Blaze. I did a couple of tests on the Blaze to get a good idea for how this phone would last through light and heavy usage.

The first test was made with screen brightness on low, screen timeout to 30 seconds, Network Mode on GSM only, and WiFi on for just 6 hours. Both GPS and Data were turned off. I only used the Blaze for light calling, texting and browsing, and I didn’t play any games or videos. The phone lasted me from 9 in the morning to almost 11am the next day. That resulted in 26 hours of uptime without being plugged into a wall socket.

Of course, being a smartphone, I doubt anyone would use it that minimally unless they were getting the Cherry Mobile Blaze as a secondary phone. So for the second, more power-intensive test, I had the phone on medium brightness, screen timeout to 30 seconds, and Network Mode on GSM only. I also had WiFi on for about 3 hours, Data enabled for 30 minutes, and GPS on for an hour. A also watched a 480p video (AVI format) for 30 minutes and played Dead Trigger and Need for Speed Most Wanted another 30 minutes after that. Take note that I would switch the Network Mode from GSM only to WCDMA only to really maximize the speeds and juice it was draining. The phone lasted from 9am to just 7pm that same day, resulting in an uptime of only 10 hours.

While the Cherry Mobile Blaze is a very capable Android smartphone, it is hampered by its poor battery life. That large screen and higher resolution compared to the Flare is just too much of an additional drain on the battery. On moderate usage, it will still likely last you through a workday, but just barely. You may want to consider getting a power bank, which conveniently enough Cherry Mobile offers as well.

So Should You Buy the Cherry Mobile Blaze?

While the Flare provided a lot of value and performance at its price point, there were so many accompanying bugs that I actually dedicated an entire Known Issues section on my Cherry Mobile Flare review over on NoypiGeeks. But for an additional Php2.5k, you can get the Cherry Mobile Blaze and its larger screen and a much better smartphone experience compared to its little sibling, the Flare. The Blaze’s large 4.7 inch screen has a lot of benefits on top of the specs, such as improved messaging due to the larger onscreen keyboard. The FWVGA resolution also makes the Blaze’s screen more suited to widescreen videos since it is physically wider in landscape mode compared to the WVGA resolution on phones like the Flare and Titan. Because of this overall improved experience, I would say that the Blaze is indeed worth it.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Review Shot 12

However, if you are in the market for a smartphone that takes great pictures, the Blaze doesn’t quite satisfy. There is more to image quality than the megapixel count, and when compared to shots taken by my Note, which also has an 8mp primary shooter, the Blaze disappoints. The shots it takes are barely decent, but at that price point I shouldn’t have expected that much to begin with.

Overall, the Cherry Mobile Blaze is a great phone that really over-delivers compared to even phones from other local brands that are in its price point. This is also a phone you won’t mind taking out in the midst of all those Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 users. Okay, maybe not so much against the iPhone 5. Camera shortcomings aside, I’ve actually enjoyed my time with the Blaze and it looks like this is going to be my primary phone for a while.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Specifications

  • 1GHz dual core MediaTek MT6577 CPU
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • PowerVR SGX 531 GPU
  • 4.7″ FWVGA 5-point multitouch capacitive display
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 8mp autofocus rear-facing camera, VGA front-facing camera
  • 3G/UMTS 2100 MHz
  • Β GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900, 1800 MHz
  • 4Gb ROM, expandable up to 32Gb via MicroSD
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 3.5mm audio port
  • Micro USB 2.0 port


246 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Blaze Review: Large Screen and Sexy Curves on a Budget

      1. Many thanks. i am really trying to decide whether the price difference for screen sizes is worth it. One has Flare, 4ins @ P3,999. Flame, 4.5ins @ P6,299. SkyFire, 4.7ins @ P5,999. Blaze, 4.7ins @ P6,499. Titan, 5ins @P6,499.
        Is it worth to pay P2,000+ for a .5/.7ins screen increase?

        1. The price increase is worth it for me because .5 or .7 inches is significantly bigger. You’ll benefit from larger onscreen controls and a better experience when consuming different content like eBooks, webpages and movies. But it isn’t just that. You’re also ridding yourself of some of the bugs that the Flare is known for. Try reading the Known Issues section of my Flare review on NoypiGeeks to see what I mean.

          1. Just to let you know, all things considered I am going for a Flame. I don’t really need a 8mp camera and the 1800Mah battery seems more logical.

          2. S’all good. The camera on the Blaze is crap to be honest. The Flame is from the same ODM as the Flare, which had a surprisingly good camera. Some reviews say the stock launcher is a bit laggy, but users have reported that using an alternative launcher does the trick. Enjoy your Flame πŸ™‚

      2. sir ano po ba mas mganda?flare or blaze?i mean sa apps at features?tas ilng finger ung kasya sa flare&blaze pag nag laro ng ex: fruit ninja..wait ko po rep mo.ty

        1. Prefer ko po ang blaze kasi larger ang screen. Smooth din ang UI kahit stock launcher lang. Dami advantages ng larger screen kasi mas malaki ang keyboard so mas accurate. Sa gaming din, maganda kasi negligible ang ghosting na nangyayare sa games like Dead Trigger. 5-point touch ang Blaze vs 2 point touch sa Flare.

  1. I just love how you reviewed these local brand phones. I learned lots of info about those. At thank you, ultimo yung 3 and 2 lines s headphones nalaman ko ang gamit. Lol.

  2. I bought Blaze last Dec. 31, instead of Flare, which I planned to purchase. I guess I was taken over by the screen-size, as I found the Flare’s size small – this after using W7 for 2 weeks. Also, the resolution was a bit better than Titan – when viewed from the left, right, bottom angles – the screen doesn’t wash out and you can clearly see the icons or whatever app is open. So far I haven’t encountered any issues with it – especially in downloading GPlay apps. All of them installed & ran smoothly. Have to test it with Dead Trigger yet, as the download is huge. My only gripe is the location of the mini-usb – i prefer it on the bottom as I plan to plug it on a portable power pack inside my backpack, so it’s feels awkward when pulling it out to text or call. However, I found this location becomes convenient when playing games in landscape mode while it’s tethered to it’s charger. Hence, I can forget about this little inconvenience. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the Blaze.

    1. Dead Trigger works just fine. It doesn’t have the ghosting issues like the Flare does, but the gun that the character holds looks transparent at times, as if it were imbued with magic or something. Try it out πŸ™‚

  3. The Blaze is a good buy if you’re not so worried about the batt’s life. It was one of my concerns initially, but I realized, having a higher cap batt would bring the price higher. So i just forget about it and focus on finding a good power brick that will power up a 24-hour gameplay session hehehehe.

  4. anu po mas malinaw na photos galing sa camera, ung sa Blaze na 8mp pero 208 ppi ang screen or sa Flame na 5mp pero 240 ppi ang screen? help naman po kasi kailangan ko ng good camera para mag take ng pictures sa blackboard sa class… πŸ™‚ thank you :))

      1. maganda pouh ba talaga ang BLAZE???

        un puh kc ang binabalak qng bilhin this summer eh..

        tnx puh sa sagot..

        ung FLAIRE puh ba na try u na??

  5. I owned a CM Blaze. Approved ok! All are smooth and very responsive. Camera is fine. But try installing better camera applications like Camera 360, HDR Camera+, or etc. Keep searching until you find the camera apps that suits you. Mine, I use HDR and the 360. Its a way better clear than the stock apps. I think its the apps that put the camera working low. But its fine I tell you. ^_^. Only that, when you’re running games the battery drains fast. And the back rises a temp. of 24 to 40 degree celcius ^^.

      1. yep amazing that, guess he dit it with a thermometer. I agree, another camera app gets better results. I use fxCamera & 2 other cam apps w/c resulted in better images.

          1. hi jm, Cherry Mobile just posted in their FB a teaser for an XXXL sized phone – my guess is it’s a rebranded Oppo Find 5. Check it out…

          2. Thanks for the tip. It’s actually the Cherry Mobile Cruize. Cherry Mobile North Edsa leaked it on their FB page awhile ago. single core phablet. Interesting. Hopefully, I find time to write about it πŸ™‚

  6. Hi everyone. Does your Blaze allow your apps to be moved to internal storage or micro-SD from the phone memory? My unit has no option (no button that says “Move to SD card” even) to do so. Installing App2SD is no help either. Please help. Thanks.

    1. just curious lang – why would you want to move your apps to internal storage? My Blaze has this option to move apps to SD in settings. I have App2SD but have not used it yet.

      1. Some of the data files of the bigger games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, NBA 2K13 and Asphalt 7 consume 1-2Gb of space. If you want to have more than one of them installed at any one time, you can move all of them to the SD card. I only have NFS Most Wanted installed and I’ve only got less than 100mb left out of the 2gb user accessible phone storage. I’ve yet to get a card :-/

    1. Hindi ko pa nahandle ang Skyfire po kaya hindi ko po masabi if tungkol sa performance . They should both perform similarly, but if design is an issue, the Blaze looks way better.

    1. Hi, hindi ko pa matest ang video calling sa skype kasi isa lang ang phone sa bahay and walang webcam ang pc ko. i might still be able to test it later in the week. sorry!

  7. ano ba mas maganda?..myphone o cherry mobile?..marami ngsasabi na madali masira ang cherry mobile kesa sa myphone..

    1. dumedepende po yan sa individual models na iniimport ng myphone or cherry mobile. parehas lang naman silang importers at hindi gumagawa ng sariling phones. pati starmobile and torque, ganun din nman ang ginagawa.

      1. btw..lumabas na yung omega..just wanna know which one is good titan or omega..i red some blog or review…puro negative comments dahil sa jelly bean +512ram…may alam ka po b?

        1. jelly bean on 512mb is just fine. bare minimum. if the nexus S can run on it, then it’s okay. Ang mas ayoko yung low ppi. mababa na ang ppi ng titan, mas mababa pa ang sa omega.

          1. I’d say Omega just because of Jelly Bean. Ang advantage lang naman ng Titan sa Omega is a higher ppi. Just my opinion lang naman. Hindi pa ako nakakahandle ng Omega.

          2. thanx planning to buy titan but nung lumabas ung omega…its the price is nagkaiba..and OS JB…3rd week of feb…omega bblhn q..dami ako nkkitang negative comment e..pero hndi naman nila nttry..ill let you know if its good..:)..

  8. Hi, im just wondering what launcher did you download? one of the reasons why i don’t want to buy any CM smarphones is because of the icons. i dont like them and for me they don’t look “premium”. pero sa sample pics mo i noticed the icons look good. i guess that’s a launcher so if you could tell me what that is i might consider buying this. thanks..

    nice review btw πŸ™‚

    1. i am referring to the icons of the very first image on this post. the one with the firefox icon and square menu button. thanks ulit

    2. Hi, the stock icon set of the Blaze is actually stock ICS, unlike the horrid icons from the Flare.. ugghh.. anyway, yeah I’m using Apex Launcher coupled with a S3 theme for Go launcher. There’s also an S3 theme for Apex/Nova, but the app drawer icon wasn’t accurate.

  9. I gotten my Blaze on the 22th of Jan, and I was kinda disappointed when I finally got around playing with all the features. I noticed that the led camera flash isn’t as bright compared to a my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S Duos, and as to its video recording, its saves its file format as 3gp, as to Avi. Also it only reads 2gb of ROM instead of 4gb of ROM

    1. camera is really a disappointment on the blaze. i thought it was a fluke, but i managed to test two other units, and the quality was the same throughout. as for the ROM, that’s normal. 500mb is reserved for app installations. 2gb for internal storage, and the rest is for the OS itself. My Galaxy Note is the same way. It’s supposed to have 16gb, but it only had 11gb or 13gb for internal storage, 1.7gb for apps, and the rest for the OS.

      1. Seriously, that’s consider false advertizing.. They should really state that it has 4gb of Internal Memory, but 2gb of actual usable space, I was almost considering returning this just on the 2gb alone.

        1. it’s an industry-wide thing. if you think that’s bad, the Microsoft Surface tablet is even worse. The 32Gb model only has 16Gb usable storage because the OS eats up half the storage.

          1. Same specs lang naman po. Mas malaki lang talaga screen ng A919. If you’re a girl, siguro tama na po ang laki ng Blaze. Kasing laki na sya ng S3 eh. Yung A919, kasing laki na kasi ng Note 2.

  10. ganon po ba?thank u po..di po ba mkaka epekto pag inextend mo up to 32G?dba ung ibang fone pag malaki ung mmc n nilgay mo nag lolog?sa blaze ba ok lng kung lagyan ng mataas na mmc?

    1. saken po 16gb pero no issues. mas mabagal lang ng konti mag retrieve ang music player ng songs sa sd card compared nung nasa phone storage pa sya, but that’s normal. for apps, nde dapat issue unless madalas mag retrieve ng info from sd card.

  11. hello everyone..i need help/suggestion for you guys…anu ba mas maganda..CM Blaze? or CM Titan? same price lng kasi…kung cnu man po my idea jan at nka try na sa dalawang phone..please help me naman po..gusto ko kasi pag bumili ako yong di ako magsisisi…THANKS n ADVANCE..GODBLESS!

      1. sir ok po ba ang internet ng blaze?kht po ba dual sim pag nag konek wala po ba prob?sim 1 or sim 2?taz ung wifi sir ok po ba?

          1. bkit po ky ung nbili ko n blaze outside cm store e 2gb lng ang internal memory pero 4gb ang ns box

          2. subdivided po ang 4Gb ROM into internal storage, app partition and system. typically, nasa 2-2.6Gb ang natitira pag 4Gb ang ROM. The rest is 500mb-1Gb for app installations and the rest is for the Android OS. Kahit po ang Galaxy Note ko dati na 16Gb model, 13Gb lang ang natira for internal storage, tpos 2Gb for app installations and the rest for the OS.

  12. Hi Jm, this review is great. I was contemplating on what phone I’m going to buy. this article helped me a lot, thanks to you hehe. πŸ™‚ I bought CM Blaze last monday. I hope that CM will produce cases for this unit kasi mahirap pag nasira yung housing. overall okay naman yung phone and yung specs. more power to you. πŸ™‚

    1. Go to the Gallery app. Choose a picture. Press menu to bring up your options. Choose Set As > Contact Photo.

      You can also do it by going to the contact you want to edit. Depending on the model of your phone, go to the Contacts/People app. Go into the contact you want to edit. Press menu and choose Edit from the options that pop up. Look for the blank photo place holder and press on it. It will ask you if you want to take a picture or choose one from the gallery.

      Hope this helps

  13. my available na po ba ngaun n leather case at screen protector ang blaze ngaun..?mtgal n kc ako nag hhntay nun sna meron na..

  14. sir alin ung mas ok ung quality ng music ung sa blaze or sa titan? kse pra sken ung pnka gusto ko sa blaze eh ung quality ng music nya mgnda ung quality lalo n pg nka earphones..

    1. Haven’t tried titan pa po, pero mganda nga talaga ang sound output ni blaze. according to Adam of, okay naman daw sound output ni Titan. Kso parehas mapili sa headphones ang Titan and Blaze.

  15. hi sir jm..ask q lng po kung merong ibang available n battery para s blaze..kasi ang blis2 po malowbt kht nd msyadong gngmit..

  16. JM, just wanna say thank you to these amazing reviews of the Blaze and the Flare. I’m really decided on getting a Blaze because of this article. I keep reading it over and over again in comparison with the Flare review because I really couldn’t decide at first! Great job. Your tech explanation and performance review is a great help to me!

    1. Right now, wala pa. Ang ginagamit ko lang po is power bank. Mas okay siguro kung power bank since makakapagcharge din sya ng other gadgets. Madameng mura sa CDR King.

    1. Hold down power/lock button and volume down until magscreenshot. If nahihirapan ka, pwede ng mas mauna ang pindot sa power/lock button ng milliseconds. As for changing fonts, pwede po kayo gumamit ng alternative launcher like Go Launcher, Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher. May sariling way ang mga yun para magpalit ng fonts. If sa stock launcher naman po kayo magpapalit ng font, kailangan po ata i-root ang phone.

  17. Sir ask ko lng po anu po ba ang purpose ng pg roroot ng phone?npapagnda po ba neto ung performance ng isang phone ?first android phone ko po kc ang blaze at hndi ko alam kung bkt kylangan iroot eto.

    1. rooting by itself won’t improve your phone. pero once rooted, may access ka na sa ibang settings and tweaks na locked pag nde pa rooted ang phone. once rooted ang android phone, you can do things like set CPU min and max clock speed to maximize performance or battery life. pwedeng palitan ang boot animation, stock wallpapers, etc. Pwede na din tanggalin ang mga stock system apps (bloatware) na hindi naman ginagamit. Example lang po yan. Madame pang possible once you root your Android phone.

  18. hi po sir jm..tnong q lng po..gmmit po aq ng antutu benchmark s blaze..score nia po 6900..cnubukan q po ung antutu sa oplus 8.7
    ,7700 po ung score..bkit po mas mataas ung oplus eh dualcore po ung blaze tpos 512 ung ram..ung oplus po 1ghz single core po ska 256 ram..ska pra saan po b ung benchmark?..pasensya n po kau dmi kong tanong..hehe

  19. Sir sa tingin nyo po ba mas ok na rooted ung phone or mas ok na hndi cya rooted? Ung blaze nyo po rooted na po ba cya ? Based on your observation sir mas nag improved po ba ung blaze nyo?

    1. never ako nagroot ng kahit anong phone. personal preference ko lang. ang advice ko lang is kalikutin mo ang stock software ng phone until you have it just the way you like it. if you feel na may gusto ka pang baguhin or itweak na posible lang pag rooted, eh magroot na. madameng benefits ang rooting and you can always revert to stock software as long as may backup ka.

  20. sir jm..cnubukan q po ulit s oplus..6812 po ung saktong score..nung unang try q po kasi 7700+c ung score…bkit po kya gnun..version 3.0.2 po ung antutu na gnmit q

  21. Ganun po ba kc kung ako tatanungin nyo gus2 ko iroot ung blaze ko pra ma maximize ung performance mg phone. Sir question lng po wla po b tlgang battery setting ung blaze kse sa ibang phone meron battery setting gya ng sa flare pero sa blaze wla po

  22. wat po b mas maganda? Titan or Blaze? My update n po CM bout blaze n pwd n xa upgrade s jelly bean.. Gz2 q n sna ang blaze pro ung bat life nya po.. Help naman po.. Slmt..

    1. Yes po upgradable si Blaze to Jelly Bean. Hindi ganun kalaking issue ang 512mb RAM sa Jelly Bean. Galaxy Nexus S na 512mb RAM, okay naman mag-run. Ang ayoko lang is batt life ni Blaze. Mas malakas ang JB sa batt life. Maikli na nga ang batt life ni Blaze sa ICS, how much more sa JB.

    1. Sa tingin ko nakakatulong sa score ng O+ ang mababang resolution nya. Kung mababang resolution, fewer pixels na ipoprocess ng chipset. Also, hindi porke dual core ibig sabihin 2x fast agad. It just means na mas effective sya for multitasking. Yung dalawang yun siguro ang nakatulong sa O+ 8.7 para maka achieve ng gnung score, pero di ko akalain aabot ng gnun kataas ang gnung phone. If possible, can you post a link to a screenshot ng phone na yun with Antutu results? Curious ako, hehe..

        1. contributor lang ako dun. pangarap ko lang umabot sa level ng noypigeeks, ptb, etc. hehe. Mas pipiliin ko ang Thunder dahil sa battery life. hindi ganun kalaki ang screen so nde masyado malakas makaubos ng batt compared sa Blaze, tpos 1800mAh pa si Thunder compared sa Blaze. Still, bug-free naman si Blaze although mahina ang camera. Hintay ka lang ng review ng Thunder para malaman if may issues kay Thunder.

  23. okay din naman tong mga gawa mo sir, detailed! ang weakness ata ng thunder ay ung VGA lang ang video recording nya? sayang. thanks sir!

      1. hindi marereplicate and homescreen indicator sa Apex. Sa Go Launcher, may mga S3 theme na nakuha yung indicator na yun. Yung parang dot-dot na nag iindicate kung aling homescreen ang ginagamit mo. for general purposes, mas prefer ko nga lang ang Apex.

    1. Overbloated ang Go Launcher and bitin ang icon packs sa themes. System apps and if sineswerte, a few popular apps lang ang ginagawan ng icon sa Go themes. Pero sa Apex, andun lahat ng kailangan mo sa isang launcher without the extra features that most people don’t need. Minsan yung Apex icon packs umaabot ng 500+ or more so bihirang may app icon na nakakasira sa buong theme. Lastly, mas malakas sa RAM ang Go.

  24. ahh, in general Apex talaga. ung pic mo sa taas, Apex Launcher, pero ininstallan mo lang ng S3 Theme for Go Launcher, tama ba? πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Wayne,

      I never was able to test that out. I’ll remember to test that for future reviews, but I can’t test it on the Blaze since I’ve already sold mine. Sorry!

        1. Because I needed funds to get a new review unit. Binibili ko kasi lahat ng rinereview ko for this site. So I have to sell the older ones so I can get new ones. No defect naman with the Blaze except the camera wasn’t that good. Also, batt life was pretty bad.

    1. Technically, hindi naman babagal. During normal operation, mas mabilis pa nga because of JB optimizations when it comes to speed. Pero JB uses a bit more RAM than ICS, so pag mejo nauubos na ang RAM, pinapatay ng system ang ibang processes. So there might be more instances na magrereload ang isang app, whereas dati sa ICS, nareretain pa din sya sa RAM and agad-agad nalalaunch ulit. For most people, okay pa din ang 512mb even on JB, but for gamers and power users, I’m sure hindi sila masasatisfy jan.

  25. hi πŸ™‚ ask ko lang madali b tlga malowbat ang blaze . and anong apps po yung pde Download for screenshot πŸ™‚ thank you

    1. I would say yes. If you do more with your phone than just regular calling and texting, it will only last about 9-10 hours through the day. Straight gaming will probably get you just 4 hours. Calling and texting and a bit of wifi browsing got me about 26 hours.

      The screenshot function is built in on ICS. just hold down the power/lock button and volume down until it takes the screenshot.

    1. Ignoring the price, I’d get the S2. Fan ako ng Super AMOLED eh, and Samsung is really good at optimizing the software to their hardware. Also, the GS2 has more RAM.

  26. magkano ba ang CM BLAZE ?/….capable ba ito sa skype,yahoo video calling kahit…load lng ang gm8?/…kahit hndi wifi ?///

  27. Pingback: Reckless Abandon
      1. Hello po… saan pomakakabili ng cherry mobile blaze power bank? Bilis mag lowbat blaze ko eh.
        At magkano po ba yan? Thank you po…

        1. Hi Janice. You can buy a power bank from CDR King. They sell some high capacity power banks at php680 or more. There’s also a small capacity good for one full charge for only Php280.

    1. I’d go for Blaze + power bank. Malaki nga ang screen pero ang laki ng mga UI elements dahil mababa ang resolution and mataas pa ang DPI. Tsaka mas pocketable ang Blaze. Battery lang ang downside ng Blaze.

    1. Hi Den,

      O+ 8.12 po kasi mas maganda ang build quality. Scratch and shaterproof po ang O+8.12 and mas maganda ang quality ng camera. The rest, almost same specs with Blaze. 4.5″ screen ng 8.12 while 4.7″ yung sa Blaze.

    1. I was able to get it to last 26hrs just on standby and minimal texting with WiFi constantly on. If you’re a heavy texter, it might go down to around 13-16hrs.

  28. hindi ko po maalis yung sound ng keypad while creating a text message. kahit inalis ko na siya sa profile, ganun pa din. pati yung pag vibrate. pano po yun alisin?

        1. The A888 has a 1800mAh battery while the Blaze only has a 1500mAh battery, so the A888 should last slightly longer. I’m not sure about the image quality of its camera but the build quality is a notch better than the Blaze.

    1. The CM Cruize has a larger screen that is good for reading ebooks, watching movies and browsing the web and it has a large battery so mas matagal before kailangan sya i-charge. Kaso single core lang ang CPU so not very good for heavy multitasking or games.

      The Blaze has a dual core CPU and better GPU so mas maganda ang performance nya in heavy tasks or gaming, kaso maliit lang ang battery nya. If heavy user ka, baka malowbat before ka makauwi galing trabaho, pero kung casual user lang and gagamitin lang ang phone mostly para sa calling and texting, tatagal naman ang batt life. Mas maliit nga ang screen pero since 4.7 inches sya compared sa 5 inch screen ng Cruize, okay pa din naman, lalo na’t madali lang sya ipasok or ilabas galing sa bulsa.

      Nasa priorities mo yan sa phone. If mahilig ka magbasa and magbrowse and gusto mo ng long batt life, mag-Cruize ka. Pero kung gamer or power user ka, mas maganda si Blaze. Ang advice ko lang kung Blaze ang kukunin mo, bumili ka na din ng power bank.

  29. Walang available na battery ang mga android ng Cherry Mobile specifically yang SKYFIRE, ang TITAN, OMEGA and OMEGA HD, kaya masasabi mong disposable units ang mga yan dahil walang tindang battery iyan maski saang Cherry mobile store, kiosk or service center ka sa Pilipinas maghanap. maganda na sana ang performance pero dahil di mo na magagamit yan pag nasira ang battery, disposable na ang tawag diyan.

  30. bakit po ba hindi compatible ang VIBER sa CM Blaze? panu po ba makapag download at install ng VIBER sa Blaze ko? pls. reply po.

  31. Hello po. I loved your reviews and would like to ask for help. I’m planning to buy a new phone. My budget is about 6k, and CM Blaze is on top of the list (It’s discounted to 5,499). I’m a person who loves to read, take pictures, and surf the net, so would you recommend this phone to me? If not, what phone do you think would be best?

    1. I really loved the Blaze when I still had it, but if you’re going to use it for all that, then battery life might become a problem. Try considering the MyPhone A888 Duo. Right now, it’s been discounted to Php6,390 until April 30. The camera is good and even though the screen is slightly smaller at 4.5 inches, it’s still big enough to read ebooks and surf the net on. The resolution is also much better than the Blaze so even if the screen is shrunk down, the clarity will be much better. The battery also has a slightly higher capacity (1,800mAh vs 1,500mAh on the Blaze) so it should last longer throughout the day.

      If you really can’t go beyond Php6k, then the Cherry Mobile Hyper (Php5k) and Titan (Php6k) are also good deals. The performance and screen size are the same. The Titan just has the advantage of having a slightly larger battery and Jelly Bean instead of ICS.

      1. I really can’t thank you enough. I think the MyPhone is a good bet. Could I maybe ask for more help, though? My father’s a little apprehensive of buying me local brands. Di daw matibay. Anyway I can convince him otherwise? If not, do you have any recommendations of other international brands, still prized at about 6k? I hope I’m not a bother. Again, you’re awesome. Thanks.

        1. Local Android phones are rebranded OEM devices, so it’s not just our local brands that import these phones and slap their brand on them. Internationally recognized companies like Viewsonic will pretty much do the same thing. Also, local brands like Starmobile and OPlus have excellent after sales support. I haven’t heard any direct feedback from MyPhone users yet, but I hear that they’re serviced by Sony service centers. Cherry Mobile and Torque don’t have as good a reputation, so maybe it’s best to steer clear of them if you want warranty coverage that’s worth anything.

      1. baka naman kasi di mo sineset ung white balance…so far nmn wala akong problema sa CM ko…

  32. nu ba mas beter ung o+ 8.52 o ito,.,sinu pong mas matagal malowbat?

    wla po akung masyadung pakialam sa screen,.,.gusto ku po ung smooth messaging at mas magandang gaming.,.,.sinu pu ba mas mganda

  33. i already bought this,..pero may sira eh,.,plaging no service yung mga sim,.,.d sya makarecieved ng mga call at text kaya ipapapalit ko sya sa tindahan,.,.,.kainis,.,ganda na sa na eh.,,mayfactory defect nman

    1. If you’re more concerned with overall performance, go with the Flame. If you want a better screen, camera and overall design, go with the OHD.

  34. Uhm pwede magtanong. Na experience mo na ba yung nagiging mainit yung back cover ng Blaze pag naka on yung WiFi ? Normal lang ba to ? Uncomfortable kasi gamitin pag ganun ee parang anytime mag co-collapse yung phone ki. Thanks.

    1. Yes, naexperience ko dati. If you have a friend who is also an Android owner na mejo mid-range to high end ang phone, try to have them hold your phone and see what they think. Normal lang sa Android ang umiinit during usage, but without seeing that personally, mahirap po magbigay ng definitive opinion.

  35. uhmmm.. yung camera ko po di nagwowork.. kung magpipicture po ako yung image nagiging green… at dina macuptre.. tapos wala yung icon ng camera ko… sa tigin ko nauninstall ko po yung camera ko.. plssss help po.. plssss kahit maginstall ako ng ibang camera like camera 360… di parin pwede eh.. pahelp po plsss

    1. Hi, is your Blaze still within the return period? If it is, pwede pa siguro ipa return yan.

  36. I was looking for reviews of the Blaze regarding call quality. And I was surprised to see your review “Call quality was also decent”. nagtiwala ako ulit (for the last time) sa Cherry Mobile and bought a Cherry Mobile Blaze for my wife. Nasa store palang pinapalitan ko na kagad kasi hindi siya mag charge. Paglabas ng store and whe took pictures, nag hang naman ang camera to the point na hindi na magamit yung phone. Pinareplace ko ulit. And now ang problem is Mahina ang sound during calls. Mahina ang pickup ng microphone and mahina ang output ng ear speakers. Cherry mobile is able to sell SUPER CHEAP phones (na halos ipamigay nalang) kasi they lack Quality Assurance/Checks. So no more cherry mobile for me.

  37. nakabili po aku ng blaze last month, ang prob ko lng po e pag nagcharge po ngsstop po cya kht hindi pa full charge un battery, pero nagalaw un battery bar nya, kaso kht hintayin mu cya ng ilang oras hindi cya mgffull charge unless iunplug mu cya para mgcharge ulit tska plng mgffull charge.. meron po ba settings para d2? tnx..

    1. Baka kailangan i-calibrate ang battery sir. Try joining some Cherry Mobile user groups on Facebook. There are a lot of tutorials about that.

  38. pano po maiinlock yung pattern lock ng cm blaze? ehh di po ma-open ang data connection para sa google account?

  39. Bkit po ung blaze ko sir kpg nfull charge k..biglang 82% tpos wla png 5 minutes 70% wla nmn apps n nakaopen…tpos 3 hours ang chargin nya..tpos konting text nbabawasan ung battery..plzz help hnd nmn daw po shorted ang unit k..thnx

  40. Hnd nmn po sir..tpos kpg ngchacharge ako sir ang init nya…ilang hours po b ang charging time nito sir…at tsaka madali po b tlg maglowbatt…mainit po cya kpg nilalaro at ngchacharge…hnd ndadagdagan ang batt kpg ngchacharge habang nglalaro…thnx po ng madami..

    1. matagal na ba yan sayo? baka defective na and yung tipong lolobo na. ganyan nangyare sa batt ng galaxy note ko dati, although nde ganyan kagrabe na super bilis maubos ang batt.

  41. yung wifi ko po pag kinoconect ko “authentication problem” yung lumalabas ayaw nya magconnect ,ano po ba ang gagawin ko?

    1. punta pa kayo sa wifi settings then long press sa wifi hotspot kung saan ka kumoconnect and pag may lumabas na options, piliin mo yung forget network. after that, select nyo ulit yung wifi hotspot kung saan mo gusto magconnect and reenter yung password. try nyo lang po.

      1. saka pag nag ggames po ako lumalabas sya may nakalagay na low memory 7gb naman po yung sd card ko.

  42. halu! pede mgtanong?? which is better FLARE? BLAZE ? OR OMEGA?? i have BLAZE na…. kaso na sira.. naupuan kasi ng bro ko.. nasira ung LCD…. so kesa ipayaos sa cherrymobile service center which is 3,000 above lng.. i have decided to buy another phone.. gusto ko parin yung blaze kahit medyo abnormal.. pero love ko yun.. medyo satisfied naman ako.. kaso curious lang ako sa iba.. mas gusto ko kasi mas maganda at maayos… lalo na sa cAmera.. mahilig kasi akong magpictures.. VAIN kasi eh…tapos gusto ko hindi masyadong lag yung mga applications especially sa games… ang blaze kasi.. di masyadong lag.. tapos mahilig akong mag install ng maraming app.. sana pag naka install ako ng marami app..di masyadong lag… di naman kasi masyadong ganun yung blaze.. gusto ko sa flare maliit.. gusto ko sa omega.. maganda kuha ng cam.. gusto ko sa blaze kasi alam ko na ung mga features dahil nasubukan ko na…. pa HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!!… sana may CM PHONE na mix ung gusto ko.. maliit na phone kagaya ng FLARE at kasing ganda at kasing laki ng mgapxl ng cam ng omega at yung ibang features kagaya ng blaze..hihiiihihhi.. ^_^

    1. Hintayin nyo po ang labas ng Cherry Mobile Razor. 6.5k lang po, quad core na sya, dragontrail glass pa. kahit upuan pa ulit ng kapatid mo, nde mauulit na mababasag ng ganun-ganun lang, hehe. 8mp cam pa sya. I think perfect sya sayo, hehe.

      1. kailan ang labas ng razor?? if ever hndi po ako makapaghintay ng matagal… kasi kelangan ko na talaga ng android phone… which is better po ba sa tatlo?? FLARE, BLAZE or OMEGA?? kayo po.. mas marami po kayong alam.. ano po ba ang ma esa-suggest niyo??? ba’t mukhang tama.. kayo it seems na maganda ang razor.. gaano kalaki yung razor??
        thank you po ^_^ MAY GOD BLESS YOU ^_^

        1. Not sure kung kailan ang labas ng Razor kasi wala pang specific announcement from CM. Anytime in the coming weeks baka meron na. If kailangan nyo na talaga ng phone, mas pipiliin ko pa ang SKK Radiance. Same size sya sa Blaze, pero mas maganda ang clarity ang screen. May free flip cover pa out of the box. Php5,999. Mas maganda nga lang tignan ang Blaze.

  43. hello po. nakabili po ako ng BLAZE last month, kaso ang autofocus ay hindi gumagana. 8 mp mga kaso blurred nmn ang nakakacaptured. any words on it?

    1. try checking if may nakadikit pa na protective plastic sa lens cap. yung problem na yan sa autofocus isn’t normal. ganyan din ang nabili ko dati nung una. i had it replaced and got one that focused properly. as for the quality of the camera, check out the samples sa camera section ng review. they’re not that good in my opinion.

  44. hello sir jm:

    my vibration dn b ung cm blaze pgdating s notification…kc s call lng nman sya ngvvibrate..

    1. Punta po kayo sa messaging app na ginagamit nyo. Press the menu button within the messaging app and look for Settings. Hanapin nyo po yung Notifications. Make sure naka enable ang Vibrate when notifications are received.

      1. s default messaging lng gmit ko sir..kaso wala rn s settings nya..n vibrate when notification

  45. Hello po. I’m having a problem po. Kasi yung mga new messages hindi ko nakikita. Sinasabi lang na may new texts pero when I opened messages, wala naman yung new texts. Pero may nakalagay sa taas na nos. of new texts. Paano ko pa maaayos ito? Salamat.

  46. Storage is running out pero I still have enough space pa naman. I tried to delete some apps, pero lumalabas parin sa notifs ko yan. What will i do? Pls reply po πŸ™‚

  47. Totoo po bang 8 mpixel ang camera ng blaze.. kasi ang dilim ng camera ko.nabili ko lang kanina..even nasa kwarto ako..parang wlang flash.. kinocompare ko xa sa Flare mas clear yung shot nya.. sa akin parang 2mpixel ang kuha.. ang pangit..

    1. check nyo po if may nakalagay na protective film sa lens nya. in my experience madilim talaga yung blaze. 8mp nga po ang camera pero depende pa din sa quality ng sensor nya.

  48. ang problem ko naman po s CM Blaze na nabili ko 2 weeks ago eh ayaw mapakita ng mg pictures sa gallery at ayaw din magpakita ng songs sa music player po. pag nireboot kon lalabas naman siya pero after mga ilang minutes po at inopen uli gallery biglang empty na po pati music player. nilipat ko na po yung mga pics sa phone storage galing sd card kase akala ko po sd ang may prob pero ganun parin ang problema. help naman po.

  49. please help me, i got this blaze from phils. last May (2013) I had no problem in comes to connecting wifi’s but recently I hook-up wifi in my home my ipad and iphone works well connecting to wifi except the CM Blaze … it is connected to wifi but I can’t do FB, skpye or twitter its always error connection where did I go wrong on this pls. help

    1. Hi Tintin. Your WiFi router might be configured to only broadcast in 802.11a. The Cherry Mobile Blaze supports WiFi b/g/n while recent iPhones and iPads support WiFi a/b/g/n. Try to have someone come over and configure it so it outputs both 802.11 a and b.

  50. Bkit po ba wla kayong available na Cases sa CM Blaze d2 sa Gensan pero bakit meron sa Manila?sana po meron na d2 kasi ilang mos. na po kmi naghihintay kung available na cya d2 sa Gensan.

  51. cherry mobile binili ng anak para incase n masira maraming service center n mapupuntahan…. bumili sya ng blaze 2.0 wala pang one year nagkaroon ng lines ang screen. . . . nung makalagpas n one year biglang lumabas ung ENCRYPTION UNSUCCESFUL sa baba nakasulat reset ur phone. we do it pero wala nmng nangyari… dinala nmin s service center pero hnd nila nagawa… so ano ang silbi ng service center kung sarili nilang product e hnd nila maayos… ang daming complain s service center…. advise p nila malaki dw magagastos kung ipaaayos ko pa maigi p dw bumili n lng ng bago.

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