Cherry Mobile W100 Review: Awesome Budget Android That Only Cuts a Few Corners

Cherry Mobile W100 and Box

Cherry Mobile has been on a roll last week, unleashing a slew of new budget Android phones and tablets while slashing the price off the previous generation. Two phones in particular that caught my eye were the W100 and Candy TV. Both of them featured a 1Ghz CPU, 512Mb of RAM, and a 3.5″capacitive IPS screen for a little more than Php3k.

While the Candy TV is the cheaper of the two at Php3,299, it was the W100 that really got me interested because it also supported 3G mobile browsing. To put things into perspective, the cheapest alternative Android handset that features both a 1Ghz CPU and 3G browsing is possibly the Lenovo A60, which costs Php4,900. That’s a price difference of Php1,400! So last week, I decided to sell my A818 that I’ve been using as my commute phone on Sulit and get the W100. I’ve been loving it so far, but the experience isn’t prefect. That can only be expected considering there have to be some corners cut to keep the price as affordable as it is.

Update: For just an additional Php500, you can get the Cherry Mobile Flare with 1.2GHz CPU, 512Mb RAM and a 4″ IPS screen!

The OS: Gingerbread is Good, ICS Would Have Been Better

The W100 comes with Gingerbread 2.3.5 out of the box, which is acceptable, considering that many other budget Android handsets also come with Gingerbread. However, considering that it comes with a 1Ghz CPU and 512Mb of RAM, it’s a shame they didn’t load it up with ICS 4.0 or even Jelly Bean 4.1. Still, Gingerbread is quite serviceable and addressed the force close issues of Froyo 2.2.

In fact, in some cases such as normal operation, Gingerbread doesn’t lag as much as ICS does. For example, some Go Launcher homescreen transition animations on my Galaxy Note ran quite smoothly on Gingerbread, but ever since I updated it to ICS, there has been a noticeable delay before the animations kicked in after a swipe of my finger. Heck, the W100 even runs many of the Go Launcher homescreen animations better than my Note does.

Design and Build Quality: Like Holding a Toy

Cherry Mobile W100 Build Quality and Design

Okay, so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of build quality, despite the relatively high specs. You get what you pay for, after all. The W100 comes in an all-plastic body and you have a choice of black or white. Regardless of the color you choose, the screen will still be bordered by a black bezel. The bezel above the screen makes room for a front facing camera and the speaker, while the bezel at the bottom accommodates a four-capacitive button layout for the Menu, Home, Back and Search functions. The bezel on either side of the screen isn’t that thick at all, so the screen dominates as much of the front as it can. The entire front face of the phone is bordered by a blue accent strip to give the phone a bit of character. Personally, I would have preferred that they left that design element out, but I guess that would have made the phone even more generic-looking than it already is.

If you take a look at the top of the phone, you’ll find the power/lock button, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the micro USB port. The only button that can be found on the right side of the W100 is the volume rocker. There’s also a bit of space underneath the back cover on the lower right corner that allows you to insert your fingernail so you can pry it off. On the left side, there’s a lanyard eyelet while the bottom accommodates the pinhole for the microphone for taking calls or recording audio. The back of the phone is textured plastic, and you’ll find the 3.2mp fixed focus camera and flash, loudspeakers, and the Cherry Mobile brand toward the bottom. The texture of the back cover is a nice way to give users a bit of extra grip so the phone doesn’t slip out of their hands rather easily, however it did still feel like I was holding a toy.

With exception to that blue accent line, the front of the device is pretty clean-looking. You’ll have an improved grip on the phone, thanks to the textured back. The all-plastic build is unavoidable. Anything else would have driven the price up. One thing I don’t like though is the light leakage around the LED indicator whenever you receive a message, and especially when you’re charging the phone.

The Screen: Better than Average

Cherry Mobile W100 Screen

One of the main reasons the W100 caught my attention was because of the IPS screen. If you’re not already aware, IPS (in-plane switching) displays provide better color accuracy and wider viewing angles compared to the typical TFT solutions that you’ll find on phones like the Galaxy Y and Optimus L3. The W100 sports a 3.5″ capacitive IPS display in HVGA (320 x 480) resolution, which is sharper than the QVGA (240 x 320) displays of most budget phones from the top manufacturers.

I wasn’t disappointed by the screen when I first loaded the phone up and switched to my favorite live wallpaper. The colors were quite accurate when I compared a screenshot of the wallpaper on my PC. However, I also wasn’t that blown away. The HVGA resolution is indeed higher than what you’ll find on the Galaxy Y or Optimus L3, however, it still isn’t that sharp either. Still, reading eBooks using the Aldiko app or any other eBook reading app was okay, and I did enjoy watching a few movies on the adequately sized screen.

The CPU and GPU: Because Speed Matters

The other reason the W100 caught my interest was because it also sported a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU. That’s faster than many of the budget phones that are already out there that can cost anywhere from Php1k-2k or more. It’s also the same chip that’s found in the LG Optimus L7 – a phone with a 4″ screen that costs at least Php8,700 more than the W100 in malls! The Snapdragon chip is coupled with the Adreno 200 GPU for 3D gaming that is quite decent. Just how acceptable is it? I played Shadowgun on it without a hitch.

A single core 1Ghz CPU is nothing to write home about, but it does provide a much smoother experience when running apps and playing games. The Snapdragon chip isn’t the fastest, and you’ll still encounter the occasional lag when transitioning between the app drawer and the homescreens, however it won’t be as noticeable. The Adreno 200 GPU is a big plus since your selection of games will not be as limited by the W100’s ability to play them. Even the Galaxy S3 Dandelion live wallpaper that struggled to run smoothly on my old MyPhone A818 because of the graphical effects ran quite smoothly on the W100. 512Mb of RAM for better lag-free multitasking is also a big plus since most other budget Androids only have up to 384Mb. Nice.

Camera: Dual Cameras for Twice the Fun

The Cherry Mobile W100 is eager to please, and it gives you not just one, but two cameras to satisfy your imaging needs. The front-facing shooter is just a VGA unit, but it will allow you to take advantage of apps like Skype for video calls over WiFi or 3G. The rear-facing camera is a 3.2mp fixed focus shooter. Still shots are quite decent in adequate lighting but fares poorly in shots that have less than favorable lighting. You can try video recording if you want, but don’t expect anything memorable.

Update: I’ve had some inquiries on whether video calls over Skype work. Yes they do. Tested on a video call to my Galaxy Note.

Update: Here are some camera samples as requested by Eric 🙂

Connectivity: 3G and GPS! Whooooop!

Cherry Mobile W100 Astig

The ability to browse at 3G speeds is a very much in demand feature in phones and tablets. It does however come at a premium most of the time. Not on the W100 though, and I had fun browsing through the Facebook app and reading sports news on my commute – something I rarely did on my Galaxy Note because it drained the battery too quickly.

While I already knew about the W100 having 3G connectivity, what I didn’t know was that it also had GPS connectivity. After all, Cherry Mobile’s Facebook page said nothing about it, and even when I bought it, I found nothing on the box to indicate that it had GPS. Yet when I went into the notification area, the GPS toggle option was there, and I found it again in the settings area. Just for trips, I fired up Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro while I was on a jeep and used its GPS tracking feature to measure how fast it was going. Pretty accurate I must say. If you’re looking for a budget GPS navigation alternative, this could be it for you!

Aside from 3G and GPS, there’s also 2G connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 b/g. Wired connectivity includes the micro USB port so you can connect the phone to your PC and use it as a mass storage device, or perhaps USB debugging if you’re that kind of user.

Update: Some users have reported being unable to get 3G or even 2G data to work. This is because it has to be enabled by going to Settings > Dual SIM Settings > Configure dual SIM > Mobile Network Settings > Access Point Names. Once you’re in Access Point Names, you’ll find separate 3G profiles, which will depend on your network. In my case, I’m using a Globe Prepaid SIM, so the profile options that appeared were Globe Internet, MyGlobe Internet, and MyGlobe MMS. I selected MyGlobe Internet, and in mere seconds, my 3G was working. Hope this helps 🙂

Internal Storage and Apps: Bloatware.. Ughh..

Okay, so the apps that come installed with the W100 are actually quite usable and decent. You get a suite of Google apps, which include Maps, Navigation, Latitude, Places, Google Play, Voice Search and YouTube. Then there are other useful messaging and social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Viber.

That isn’t a lot, but here’s my problem with this. The box says that the phone should come with 512Mb of ROM. However only 175Mb of that is user-accessible, meaning everything else is reserved for the OS. Then out of that 175Mb of user-accessible ROM, only about 80Mb is left because all of those pre-installed are using up the ROM – pre-installed apps that you CAN”T UNINSTALL.

Apps are the lifeblood of any smartphone, and the more apps that you can install, the more functionality you can get out of it. Most apps are just a few megabytes in size, while games can range anywhere from 5Mb to 20Mb and beyond. For example, Angry Birds is a 20.44Mb download while Bad Piggies is a 34.15Mb download.

Luckily, most apps allow you to move a good chunk of them to your MicroSD card, and you can use an app like App2SD to streamline the process. Most Galaxy Y users should be pretty familiar with this already, and since you can expand the storage up to 32Gb via MicroSD, there should still be a good amount of flexibility in installing apps. It’s still a little annoying though.

Battery Life: Keeps on Going – Unless You’re on 3G

I must say that the w100’s battery life is impressive. That’s the advantage when the components aren’t top-of-the-shelf. The W100 comes with a battery that’s rated at 1400mAh. To put things into perspective, the Galaxy S2 came with a 1650mAh battery and was still able to last a day. Comparatively speaking, the W100 should be able to last you about 2 to 3 days on normal usage that includes the occasional text, call, and WiFi browsing.

Of course, all that goes out the window once you start surfing on 3G. 3G can really suck a battery dry in no time, and the W100 is no exception. I registered to Globe’s Surfplus Time promo for 30 straight minutes and I was able to reduce the battery by almost 7% within those 30 minutes. That should be normal, and in fact, the W100 will give you above average battery life, even with 3G on. Just remember to turn 3G off when you’re not using it and you should be fine.

Accessories in the Box: More Plasticky Bits

The Cherry Mobile W100 comes with all the necessary essentials you would need to enjoy the phone. There’s the USB cable so you can connect the phone to your PC for file transfers or USB debugging. It also connects to the included AC adapter for charging the phone. The phone can charge from the USB port of your PC, but it will still charge faster if you use the AC adapter and plug it into a power outlet. Finally, there’s the headset with built in mic that you can use to listen to audio, make calls, or even to play or pause the music player app. They’re all very cheap and plasticky, but they get the job done.

Conclusion: Pretty Awesome for the Price

For Php3,500, I couldn’t tell you of another phone that combines a 1Ghz CPU, 512Mb of RAM, and an IPS screen at such a price. You would have to spend at least Php1,400 to get those kinds of specs, and even then, you’d still be getting a cheap, low resolution screen. The camera is even better than the one on my old MyPhone A818, so it’s great for a quick shot with the barkada, but don’t decide to replace your primary camera with the one on the W100. To be honest, if the Cherry Mobile retailed for just Php1k more, I wouldn’t have been as excited, purely because of the cheap plastic build. However at Php3,500, I find the W100 to be quite the steal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to get their first Android smartphone, or perhaps some who was looking for more out of their handy backup phone. Sure, it cuts some corners, particularly in the build quality department, but it offers some decent multitasking and gaming on a budget, something that no other handset has been able to match at that price.


  • 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
  • 512Mb ROM (175Mb user accessible)
  • 512Mb RAM (407Mb user accessible)
  • 3.5″ capacitive IPS touchscreen (5 point touch detection) at HVGA (320 x 480) resolution
  • 3G / UMTS 2100, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • 3.2Mp fixed focus rear facing camera, VGA front facing camera
  • Expandable storage via MicroSD up to 32Gb
  • 1,400 mAh Lithium Ion battery, rated up to 6 hours talk time, 200 hours standby time
  • Official Play Store: Yes
  • Price: Php 3,499

Update: Spec list updated to show GPS. Many thanks to Abe Angeles for pointing it out 🙂

Update: Skype video calls work. Camera review section updated regarding this.

Update: Some users have reported difficulty in activating 3G. Please refer to the Connectivity section above for instructions on how to get 3G to work.

503 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile W100 Review: Awesome Budget Android That Only Cuts a Few Corners

    1. Yup, it has GPS. My bad. I was copying the specs off the box. Even the box doesn’t have GPS listed, but I was able to use Endomondo Sports Pro Tracker and measure how fast I was going while riding a jeepney 😛

        1. I would think so. Wala na saken yung W100, nasa kaibigan ko na, pero working fine pa din naman sa kanya. Madali nga lang magasgas ang case kaya bumili ka din ng pouch and avoid getting it in white.

  1. hi sir, ask q lng po f supported din ng w100 ang flash player or HTML5? and nka adreno200 gpu po b tlga ang w100? tnx for d info…i wanna buy diz phone kc

  2. Confirmed Adreno 200 po. Nakapaglaro ako ng Shadowplay. Smooth naman, but not as good as my Note. Nakalagay po sa box na may Adobe Flash Player support, pero hindi ko pa sinubukan magplay ngmagplay ng flash content. And hindi ko pa confirmed ang HTML 5. Update ko ang post and comments pag nakabalik ako sa bahay. Note ang gamit ko ngayon. Thanks 🙂

    1. Sir, May Question po ako , Naka pag install na po ako ng ibang apps sa w100 pero , nung mag iinstall ulit ako lumabas po na cannot install in default location sir ?
      Anu po ba dapat gawin ?

    1. I’ve heard that the touchscreen becomes less responsive while charging through the USB port but not the AC adapter. I haven’t had the same issue, but my Galaxy Note has that problem. While it’s a bit annoying, it is actually a common problem among touchscreen smartphones.

      1. I also have a problem with regards to charging (less responsive even with AC adapter). I thought I’m the only one who experienced that. Di pala ako nag-iisa. Pero, masasabi ko talagang maganda features nya! 🙂

        1. Internal storage is about 175mb. Kaso, malaki din ang kinakaen ng mga pre-installed apps, lalo na pag inupdate ang mga to. Ang natitira nlg for installation of new apps is about 50-80mb, depende kung inupdate ang mga pre-installed apps like viber, fb or twitter. Pwede mong ilipat ang ibang apps sa SD storage gamit ang stock app manager ng W100. Mas madali pag gumamit ka ng app katulad ng App2SD para maglipat ng ibang apps sa SD storage.

  3. im planning to sell my a818 rin kasi para sa w100.. 😀 kaya i need more details about this phone thank you. 🙂

  4. is the screen is responding that good?????some of the cherry mobile touch po kasi….you need to touch it hard for the phone to respond directly eh ito po ba ndi
    ????????if ever i will buy a unit like this…..

    1. The W100 uses a capacitive screen that only requires a soft touch like the iPhone. It’s likely the phone’s you tried before had resistive screens, which require a firm touch.

  5. sna may makapag root na ng w100 pra mas astig na tlga…mas mdaming apps ang mai-install natin…tulad ng myphone a858 na rooted na.

    1. Oo nga, gumawa pa sana ako ng video review, kaso hindi ko mahanap yung tripod, haha. Yes 3d games like Shadowgun are playable, pero yung ibang games kc may resolution requirement, so don’t expect all games on the Play store to be compatible.

  6. palagay ko sa unang saksak lng un ng charger kc ganun ng yari sa unit d ma unlock while charging… pero nung nilagyan ko n ng go launcher ok na sya…. d na sya nag loloko… ok na ok po sya,,,

  7. ask ko po sana kung pwede po bang makapagvideo calling na hindi gamit ang skype, ym or viber?? gusto ko po sanang malaman kung pwede ang w100 sa regular video calls..tnx..

    1. Walang option for regular video calls sa dialer, unlike yung Galaxy Note ko na meron. Never ko naman ginamit ang feature na yun, so feel free to tell me if hindi nasagot ng maayos ang tanong mo. Thanks 🙂

  8. Meron din ako nito… paano ba malalaman kung full charge na? kc sabi sa manual mag bblue ung led lights… ei d naman eh… nag ggreen lang hindi ko tuloy alam kung full charge na o hindi

    1. Punta ka sa Settings > Battery. May makikita ka dun na Battery Level and yung percentage ng charge ng battery. Minsan kahit 100% charge ang battery, hindi pa din nag-iiba ang kulay ng LED status indicator kasi hindi pa talaga totally na fully charged, kahit sa MyPhone A818 ko dati. In that case, hayaan mo lng na nagchacharge for another 15-30 minutes and see if mag-iba kulay ng LED.

    2. Kakacharge ko lang sa W100 up to 100% tapos hinayaan ko lang for 30 minutes. Hindi talaga nagbago ang kulay ng LED indicator. Try mo gumamit ng lockscreen replacement like Go Locker. May battery level indicator ang karamihan while charging.

  9. No offense bro, pero can u fix the site? i mean, its really hard to read kasi masyadong light yung color nung font, mahirap basahin sa white background, i had to click ctrl+a para lang mabasa yung review.. anyway, very nice review! im gonna get this one this weekend thank you!

    1. Hi, no offense taken. The theme originally comes with a black background, but I preferred a white one. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the text color. Either that or I just haven’t figured it out yet. Let me dive into the settings right now…

    2. And also., post some more pics, wala kang pics ng likod ng phone.. sana pg may ganitong review sana 360 view ng phone napipicturan.. suggestion lng po 🙂 ganda kasi ng phone sayang nmn kung hndi makita yung kabuuan nya 🙂

      1. I was trying to take more pics but the battery died on me and unfortunately, the charger is at my girlfriend’s place. Go figure. I’ll update this post with some pics and possibly a video review as soon as I get a hold of that charger. Many thanks for the valuable feedback!

    3. Hi, I took your advice seriously and changed the background color. I would have preferred to just darken the font itself, kaso header text lang ang pwedeng baguhin ang kulay. Bummer.

  10. Thank you sa magandang review na ginawa mo. Very informative. Detailed na detailed, pangmasa. Video review nalang po sana. Salamat! Bookmarked. 🙂

  11. Hi sir, thanks for the good review. I already bought w100 last weekend.

    Na experience mo ba ung hindi ka matanggap ng real time notification sa fb twitter at instagram? Tpos may biglang lumabas na fb noti saying: your phone does not support push notification. Ilang days nging ganun ung akin, then kanina ni reboot ko, naging ok nmn.

    Another thing, anung led aoo ang gamit m0? Light flow isnt working kc. Sayng lang ung maraming kulay ng led hehee. Salamat

    1. Wala pa naman akong na-experience na delayed notifications. Wala din akong ginagamit na LED app. Sayang space eh.. haha. Downside talaga ang limited space for installing apps. Please let us know if may mga persistent issues sa W100 mo. Thank you 🙂

    2. Helo po ulit. Meron po ulit ako ittanong.

      Tungkol po sa 3g pa din. Hardware issue po ba ung 3g? Or madadala naman ba sa software para mapagana? Parang ayoko po kc ipapalit ung unit, dami ko na kc nailagay hehe


    3. Hi nagreboot din ako pero ang nangyari is yung cherrymobile logo is nagaappear and tumutunog lang again and again. Hanggang dun nalang siya tinry ko tanggalin yung battery then nung iopen ko ganun pa rin so nakapatay siya now. 🙁

  12. One more pala sir. Ung middle icon sa notification bar, ung arrow up and down, yun po ba ang 3g?

    Im turning it on kc, pero walaa naman lumalabas na 3g signal sa signal ko. Normal ba yun? Narinig ko kc n ung ibang unit hnd gumagana ang 3g, gusto ko lng ma conform kung kelangnbko ibalik to hehe

    1. Yes, 3G toggle control yun. May gagawin ka pa para me-enable yung 3G sa W100. Punta ka sa Settings > Dual SIM Settings > Configure dual SIM > Mobile Network Settings > Access Point Names (haba noh?). Dun sa Access Point Names, may choices na 3G profile na pwede mong piliin. In my case, Globe prepaid ako, so ang lumabas na profiles is: Globe Internet, MyGlobe Internet, and MyGlobe MMS. Pinili ko yung MyGlobe Internet (Globe Internet if postpaid ka sa Globe). After that, gumana na yung 3G ko 🙂

      1. I already turned it on. Globe din kc ako.

        Pag nagawa ko n yun, tpos i activate ko ung 3g toggle control, db dapat lalabas n ung 3g signal? Tama ba?

      2. Yup. Enable muna yung appropriate 3G profile sa Access Point Names. Once na tama ang naka-select na profile, switch on yung 3G toggle sa notification area. If may signal naman sa lugar mo, dapat lalabas na ang 3G / H / E / G symbol sa may signal indicator.

      3. Wala pong lumalabas 🙁
        May signal naman dito sa haus ung bro ko.

        One thing i noticed, nung inopen ko ung myglobe, wala naka set ung mga parts dun. Ganun po ba tlga yun? Sensya nanpo dami tnong

        1. Yup, ganun talaga. Sa katabi ng profile options sa Access Point Names, may makikita ka na mga bilog na may dot sa loob. Pindutin mo yung bilog na yun pag sineselect mo ang MyGlobe Internet para mag-green yung dot sa loob ng bilog. Yan kasi ang indicator na naka-select talaga ang 3G profile na yun. If hindi gumana ang Myglobe Internet, try mo yung Globe Internet. Kung ayaw pa din, restart the device and try both again. Make sure naka-green ang 3G toggle sa notification area. If ayaw pa din, dalhin mo yung W100 sa lugar na alam mo malakas ang 3G signal and try again. Mabuti na po ang sigurado before mo ibalik sa Cherry Mobile yan if ever. Sana makatulong sayo to, hehe..

    2. Un nga po ginawa ko, i hit the dot when i selected, pero wala pa din. Kaka restrt lang din ng phone ko.

      Me signal dito sa min kc ung sa bro ko meron. Pero ttry ko sin bukas sa ibang place. Salamat po.

  13. hi, thanks for the nice and comprehensive review.

    two questions, may compass ba to? and the gps, how fast mag lock and how sensitive? kaya ba sa luob ng bus or jeep?

    1. The GPS locked my location in less than a minute kahit mejo umaandar yung jeep nung tinesting ko. It was able to hold its lock for 30 minutes until nakaabot ako sa destination. Haven’t tested any compass functions yet.

  14. This is the most helpful review I’ve ever read. ngayon naintindihan ko na lahat and nafigure ko na alin ang problema ng phone ko which is the battery(1 day lang talaga kahit nkastanby lang) and headset(I cant use it for calls parang sira yung mic). thank you po talaga. kaya lang po nang e.check ko po yung specs gamit ang app na android system info wala po akong nakita na snapdragon po siya, ganyan po ba talaga yan? wala kasi akong maintindihan dito. hehe

    1. Hi, thanks for the great feedback! Nakalagay naman po sa box na Snapdragon yung CPU nya. Try using the Quadrant Standard Edition app na pwede idownload from Google Play. Yun yung ginamit ko pangverify sa CPU (Snapdragon ARMv7) and GPU (Adreno 200). Snapdragon CPUs are made by a company called Qualcomm na trusted CPU maker for mobile devices.

      Concerning po sa battery nyo life nyo, try nyo i-off ang WiFi and 3G pag hindi ka nagsusurf ng net. Malakas kasi makapag-drain sa battery ang dalawang features na yun, kahit naka standby lang. Yung ibang apps kasi, magrerefresh or magsysync ng info from the internet, which drains the battery.

      1. Nkaoff na po yun lahat pero 1 day lang talaga ung battery life nya so that means everyday po ako ng.chacharge. So should I change the battery? on warranty pa naman po ito. Maraming salamat po.

  15. ok ba yung camera nito like the other brand na 3.o megapixel? i mean no lag sa videos and ok yung pag take ng pictures? im planning to buy this phone for my son this coming christmass pls paki sagot tnx…

    1. Okay naman po ang color reproduction ng camera in normal lighting conditions. Hindi sya maganda pag magalaw ang subject. In low light conditions, pumapanget ang mga shots and hindi ganun ka-helpful ang built in flash. Magpost po ako ng pics sa taas. Hanapin nyo lang po in a few minutes. Thanks 🙂

  16. hindi pala gnun ka useful yung flash in dark area. how about the durability? software and hardware?matibay ba tong phone na to? ngayon lang kasi ako bbili ng CM.

    1. It has an all plastic build that feels like a toy. All-plastic din yung Samsung Star ko dati, pero this feels much lighter. Wala akong complaints sa internals ng phone. It’s a Qualcomm made system on a chip. Other phone makers that make use of Qualcomm chips include HTC, Sony, and Samsung on some of their phones. No complaints din sa software. Slightly modified stock Gingerbread 2.3. Binago lang nila ang wallpapers and changed little with the actual stock software. Yung plastic casing lang talaga ang suspect if durability is a concern. If you want a phone that feels solid, try the Cherry Mobile W900. Ang advice ko lng po is hold the W100 in your hands and play around with it before making a decision.

  17. Hi sir, may question ulit ako.

    1. Ok lang ba kung i charge ko sya ng magdamag?

    2. Kelangan po ba nka register ako sa globe internet promo para lumabaas ung 3g signal? Hnd pdin kc ako mkasagap ng 3g, pero hnd ako nka registet sa globe internet. Nka sset din namman apn.

    Salamt po

      1. Ahh ok, thanks.

        My 3g still isnt working. Nkaka frustrate na. 🙁 does it matter kung sa sim 1 or sim2 nakalagay?

        Ang sim1 kasi nkalagay ung akin

      2. You might want to get in touch with Cherry Mobile’s support team. Saken kc, gumana after choosing a 3G profile (MyGlobe Internet) and then checking the Data Enabled option sa Settings > Wireless & Network Settings > Mobile Network Settings. If it doesn’t work after that, i-take advantage nyo na po ang 7 days warranty replacement option for factory defects, or kahit yung 1 year warranty for repairs. Their Facebook page is here: Really hoping this helps..

  18. Helo po ulit. Meron po ulit ako ittanong.

    Tungkol po sa 3g pa din. Hardware issue po ba ung 3g? Or madadala naman ba sa software para mapagana? Parang ayoko po kc ipapalit ung unit, dami ko na kc nailagay hehe


    1. Sa tingin ko po mas likely na may mali sa settings pag ganyan po ang problema. Madali lang naman po mag install ulit ng apps since konti lang ang kayang iinstall na apps jan in the first place.

  19. Ok ba yung w900? for gaming?how about the durability? I really no idea kase about this brand,mahilig kasi gamitin ng 7yrs old n anak ko yung samsung s ko pang gaming so naisip ko bumili ng cheap adroid phone.. btw salamat sa mga info really appreciate it..

  20. Ay 7 years old pa lang pala yung anak nyo. Ideal starter phone yung W100 pero konti lang ang pwedeng iinstall na apps at any one time. Kaya nya po ang ibang 3D games like Temple Run and Shadowgun, and it’s not the kind of phone na iiyak ka pag winala ng anak mo kasi sobrang mura nga. Find a case and screen protector for it nalang as soon as you buy it since yung plastic body ng phone is kind of light.
    On the other hand if durability talaga ang concern nyo in case na ibato yung phone, I’d recommend the LG Optimus L3. Slightly similar specs, mas mabagal ng konti (800mhz CPU vs 1Ghz CPU sa W100), pero better design build and quality. Pwede din sya sa ibang 3D games. Kaso Php5.5k naman yun compared sa Php3.5k sa W100.
    Yung Cherry Mobile W900 naman, 4 inch screen sya and it has a 1.2Ghz CPU and better overall specs for Php5,999. Almost as good as the build quality of the Optimus L3 and you get a larger screen. Not sure if it will fit a 7 year old’s hands though.
    If maalaga yung anak nyo sa gamit, go for the W100. If not, get a phone like the Optimus L3 na mas durable ang body. If you think the W900 will fit your child’s hands, it features the best specs and good durability between all 3 phones.
    You can read about the Optimus L3 sa link na to:
    You can also read about the W900 here:
    Take note na permanent at Php5,999 na yung W900. Whew! Sorry for the long post.

  21. nice review sir!really helpful..

    ask q lng po if nagana po ang flash support nya,sk quadband po ba sya?does it support landscape mode din po ba when texting and surfing the net?thanks po…

    1. Yes po, quad band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. Yes may auto-rotate depende sa orientation ng paghawak mo sa phone. Nakalagay po sa box ng phone na supported ang flash, kso i think kailangan iinstall pa ang Adobe Flash Player. Ang problema nga lang po, wala na po ang Adobe Flash Player sa official Google Play market. Technically, supported ang Flash, pero kailangan po idownload from elsewhere yung Flash Player

    1. Wala po. Pero pwedeng magdownload ng screen cap app sa Google Play. Gingerbread allows apps to take advantage of that functionality without rooting, unlike Froyo 2.2 and earlier.

  22. kaya nya ba mag wifi tethering? balak ko kunin as backup cel, prepaid sim sa isang slot then broadband sim dun sa 3g capable na slot. para di bitbit pa ng wifi. nabasa ko sa ibang forum wala daw wifi tethering capability. tama ba?

    1. Working po ang WiFi tethering. Tested using both my PC and my Galaxy Note. Didn’t try downloading anything kasi walang load, hehe.. Pero nakapagsetup ako ng secure hotspot and nadetect ang hotspot and nakapagconnect naman ako.

      1. tenks… hmm… konti na lang at bibili nako hehehe hahaha
        kinakabahan pa din ako sa quality issue eh. among the 3 so-called chinoy (china made or china tech pinoy) cellphone brands eh CM lang ang pumalpak sa quality sa kin. torque and myphone walang problem. CM once lang ako bumili sira agad cam

        1. Hindi ako kinakabahan sa quality ng components ng phone. Yung mejo suspect lang is yung plastic body. Super light kasi at parang laruan ang hawak ko. If build quality ang concern mo, try the W900. Php5,999 nalang sya.

    1. I checked the Google Play store online for compatibility. Compatible naman daw yung NFS Shift and Hot Pursuit. Hindi compatible ang GTA III, NOVA 2 and 3, and Gangstar. Hindi ko matest ang NFS kasi may bayad, hehe.

      Other 3D games na compatible daw according sa Google Play through my PC is Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, Agent Dash, Temple Run, and Temple Run: Brave. Tested ko na po ang Agent Dash and Shadowgun. Smooth naman ang gameplay. Just don’t the graphics to be as smooth as Galaxy S2 or Note. Parang PS1 lang po.

  23. Hi!

    Ano sa tingin mo ang pinakamahigpit na kalaban ng W100? Minsan lang kasi ako magpalit ng cellphone kaya gusto ko kapag bumili ako ng bago, yung hindi ko pagsisisihan. The entire week, I’ve thought of having a Nokia Asha 306, but due to the thousands of bad reviews, napilitan akong maghanap ng iba. Samsung phones are nice, but I only have P5,000.00 and I would want to make the most out of it.

    Could you please help me? Anong mga phones under P5,000.00 ang pinakamagaganda bukod sa W100? I find this phone interesting, pero baka bumili ako nito, tapos may mas maganda pala. Salamat!

    1. Sa Nokia kasi, subok na matibay ang phones nila, kaso lately, pumapalpak pa rin sila pagdating sa specs. (I mean, hindi pa rin sila makasabay sa ibang brands ng phones. may mga mas mura kasi pero mas maganda)

      Sa Samsung naman, subok na rin. Kaso yung magaganda nila, P5,000.00+ ang presyo. Wala naman akong magagawa kasi P5,000 lang ang pera ko. May Corby II naman, kaso alam kong may mas mura pero mas maganda.

      Hindi naman ako fan ng MyPhone at Cherry Mobile (kasi may nahawakan na akong touchscreen kaso resistive ata yun kaya hindi gumana-gana yung screen.) pero nagbakasakali pa rin ako. Voila! Nadaanan ko itong W100. Balak ko sanang bumili nito, kaso baka may mas maganda pa. Ano sa tingin mo?

      May mas maganda pa ba dito na under P5,000? O ikakasa ko na ‘to? Salamat! 😀

      1. Ikasa mo na! Mahirap maghanap ng magandang phone sa budget mo and maganda na rin to at Android na. Mas maayos di hamak ang interface ng mga apps ng social networks dito kesa sa S40. Pwede ding mag-multitask, magbasa ng e-book, mag-download ng mas maraming games, etc. I’m planning to buy this one for my brother para kung mawala man niya, hindi ganun kasakit sa puso. Kung maingatan niya at tumagal, at least hindi naman siya nahuhuli. Solb pa ang specs nito for the next two years, sulit pa.

        Kung ayaw mo naman at gusto mo ng mga established brands, pangit din ang service ng service center sa Nokia. Mas maayos ang sa Samsung. Sa Nokia, buwan ang inabot ng phone ko para maayos samantalang sa Samsung wala pang isang linggo.

  24. Siguro po yung iba na pwede ko pa irecommend aside from the W100 is yung Lenovo A60+ and yung MyPhone A858. Both of them retail for Php4,999. Sa dalawang yun, mas angat ang A858 sa specs kasi 1Ghz CPU, 4″ screen and 512mb RAM. Ang A60+ kasi, although 1Ghz CPU din sya, hanggang 3.5″ screen lang sya and 256mb ang RAM. Importante po kasi ang RAM pag nagbubukas ng mga apps ng sabay-sabay or pag madame kayong information-rich widgets sa homescreen mo (like Facebook and Twitter feeds). Take note, A60+ supports 3G, A858 does not.

    Kung subok na brand ang hanap nyo, I’d go for the A60+ kasi proven brand na yan. Hindi ko pa nahahawakan ang A858, pero ang phone ko dati is yung A818 and maganda talaga ang build quality nya, so I would think na similar build quality lang ang A858.

    And advice ko po sir, test nyo muna ang W100 sa stall ng Cherry Mobile with the intention niyo to buy. I’ll admit, the plastic body feels like a toy, pero quality naman yung components niya. If you can get over the all-plastic build, go for it. If not, consider the other options. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

      I’ve read some reviews and comparisons ng W100 at A858, at mas maganda pa rin daw ito kesa sa A858. I was really after the brand, pero dahil mas magaganda naman ang specs ng W100, I’d rather go for it na lang. After all, masasagot na naman nito lahat ng kailangan ko sa isang phone.

      Nice review by the way, I love how detailed the things were, from the OS, to the design, etc. I hope there would be a video review so we could see what other things the W100 has to offer.

      Thanks a lot!

  25. Gud am i check the cherry mobile kiosk here in las pinas city but out of stock daw and w100 san ba meron malapit n kiosk dto ng CM..near in las pinas city lang sana tnx..

  26. Hello po! Gud PM! I bought this fone after reading this comprehensive review of yours! Salamat na marami…pero meron lang akong tanong kng puede? Meron bang ibang paraan mag unlock ng screen without using the POWER ON/OFF button? Inaala ko kc baka eto yng unang bibigay sa kakapindot! Many thanks and MORE power….

  27. hi, tanong lang ako ulit. i just got the unit (hehehe), thanks to your review. napagana ko yung data /internet access via SIIM selected Myglobe Internet APN, pero yung connection nya is EGSM lang as indicated by the “E” logo dun sa katabi ng SIM1 logo sa status bar. Kala ko WCDMA /3g capable, pero di naman lumalabas yung 3G or H (for HSDPA) logo just like sa Samsung Galaxy Y and other androids. di ko naman ma i switch to WCDMA network only dahil wala yung option na yun. Meron bang hidden command ito or menu option to make it connect via WCDMA only mode.
    ok na sana lahat except for this one issue. 3G acces for me is important kasi.
    salamat sa feedback.

      1. yep sa SIM1. lumabas din yung “3G” pero alachamba. parang lumalabas nito,naka auto select sya, either EGSM or 3G ang connection nya. not good for my purpose. ang bagal ng throughput pag EGSM lang ang connection. anyway…. tyaga pa din ako connection via portable wifi. sayans… sana magkaron ng firmware update na pwede selectable yung connection at mabawasan din yung mga bloatware.

      2. nag benchmark ako vs. Galaxy Y. Naka switch sya sa WCDMA only, using app, set to to the same server, at gamit the same globe prepaid sim, DL 1600 kbps, UL mga 170 Kbps vs. W100 na naka EGSM mode (dahil di nga mai switch), DL ~200kbps UL 70 Kbps. SInubok ko ulit nung makasagap na ng 3G signal yung W100, umabot din naman ng DL 1200Kbps UL 70 kbps.

        and to volunteer to the fellow W100 users, meron nado download na app na network/radio selector called “Radio Switcher”, so pwede ko na i switch to WCDMA only yung network para maximum speed lagi provided my 3G signal. ayos na din, medyo satisfied nako sa W100. Unli Sun broadband sa SIM1 then Globe sa SIM2 for calls/text.

        now, next is to find a battery w/ more juice na compatible sa W100.

  28. Hi po. Very nice review 🙂 Asko ko lang po dual stand by po ito. Marereceive ko po ng sabay ang txt sa sim1 at sim2?

    1. As of now, wala pang mga case na fitted sa W100. If you need to message me, just go the MobileTechPinoy’s Facebook page and PM me there if you need help sa 3G settings.

    2. sa concept store ng cherry mobile meron sila yung tawag ko eh “back body armor” :). di kasi sya yung jelly case talaga na malambot and flexible. ito yung parang matigas na plastic na may dimples. talagang gawa for the w100 ng cherry mobile, may naka tatak na “cherry mobile” sa likod at may mapagpipiliang colors white, blue, red and yellow yata, pati yata purple and fink 😀 so hanap ka lang ng concept stores nila and maybe sa mga stalls nila sa SM malls.

  29. kuya padagdag pu xa reviews ung mga games po pang gft q xana xa kptd q e hehe kung ok lng po. wla po b compatible na jellycase?

    1. Wala pa po eh.. Bago pa kasi. Siguro in one or two months time. Yung MyPhone A818 ko, ganyan din dati, mahirap hanapan ng case. Ngayon meron na kahit mga jelly case lng.

      1. Sir glen. Taga lucena ka lang po ba? Meron pa kayang stock ng w100 sa sm bnilhan mo nung case? At hm po yung hardcase nun? Thanks!

  30. panu po b mg net w/o wifi for free. xenxa n po bgo lng ako xa android. palist po ng mga apps and games na compatible sa phone pde po b? important apps po para gumanda ung phone performance.

    1. holo launcher or go launcher – maganda ang holo launcher kasi maliit lng ang app pero mabilis and customizable ang behavior nya. ang go launcher naman, madameng themes and mas madameng customizable options, kso malaki sya. limited and space ng W100 for apps.

      zedge – source for recommended games, alerts, ringtones, wallpapers and live wallpapers

      3d flip clock & world weather – magandang clock widget para sa homescreen.

      handscent or go sms (messaging app) – mdameng messaging features and pwedeng palitan ang mga themes. go sms ang compatible sa dual sim. ang handscent, 1 sim lng ang supported.

      for games, check out agent dash, angry birds, temple run, bad piggies, hangaroo 2, fruit ninja free, devil ninja 2, paper toss

  31. pero my apps po kaya na pde iplug xa tv,? xalamat po xa mga replies 🙂 xana d depektib mapili q. 🙂

  32. pero my apps po kaya na pde iplug xa tv,? xalamat po xa mga replies 🙂 xana d depektib mapili q. 🙂 suggest po kau na tablet 5k po

      1. ok lang po pasensya na po sa mga tanong…meon sa youtube na review kapanget ng review e 😀 my tinitinda sa mp and cm na tablet worth 4599 ok ba yon?? intsik sulat ata o kea o japan ahhahha….

  33. suggest po kau tablet 5k. panu po b mgtransfer ng apps glng pc.? lhat po b ng apps pde transper xa sd using apps to sd.

  34. anu po mgandang tablet 5k. lhat po b ng apps pde itransfer xa mc using aps2sd. and last tanung panu po mglipat ng apps na glng xa pc.

    1. Karamihan po pwede, hindi lahat.

      Yung ibang apps, ma-affect din yung behavior pag linipat sa SD using App2SD.

      Pwede ka maglipat ng apps from PC to W100 via USB cable lang. Kailangan meron po kayong installer ng Android apps (APK files).

  35. Ask ko lang po..kasi diba dual sim siya..ang hirap mo magsend wala nka lagay na sim1 o sim2 magsend.d siya magamit ng sabay magtxt pag dlwa sim niya..kilangan pa sitting siya para magamit naman yung isang sim.

    1. kung titingin po kayo sa dual sim settings, may makikita kayong preferred sim settings kung saan pwede nyo ispecify kung aling sim ang tasked for messages, calls and data. idownload nyo po ang Go SMS app from Google Play. sms messaging app din sya na compatible with dual SIM phones.

  36. hello again mobiletechpinoy! Meron akong na notice sa W100 ko parang d masyado maganda yng call quality niya. Medyo “scratchy” pag may kausap ka. In other words hindi clear….Are you experiencing the same kind of problem? Pero pagnakasaksak yng headset malinaw….meron bang app para ma resove to? or normal lng talaga to…thanks and Jess bless…..

    1. Sa Facebook page nila, mukang andun pa naman. Sa official website nila, talagang wala pang info about yung latest batch ng Android phones and tablets nila. I’m sure meron pa din yan.

    1. If walang Cherry Mobile kiosk na malapet sa inyo, try niyo po mag inquire ng availability sa FB page nila. I’m sure available pa yan, 2 weeks pa lang since narelease yan.

    1. In terms of specs and performance, pinakamaganda po ang Magnum 2X, 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra Dual Core CPU, 512Mb RAM and 8Gb ROM. Mas maliit ng konti ang screen nito vs W900 (3.8″ vs 4″) pero optimized kasi ang Nvidia Tegra for games. Yun nga lang, mahal din sya. php8,999 according sa FB page ng CM.

      Kung value for money ang hanap mo, maganda din ang W900. 1.2Ghz single core Snapdragon CPU, 512Mb RAM and 1Gb ROM. Slightly bigger screen, okay for 3D gaming, although not as good as the Magnum 2X. Php5,999 nalang sya. Good value.

        1. Amazingly, same processor and GPU lang sila, overclocked lang ang CPU ng W900 at 1.2Ghz while the W100 is only at 1Ghz. Slightly faster lang ang W900 because of the CPU, pero you’ll also want the W900 because it has a larger space for games and other applications, as well as a better screen. Spacious screen = More space to accommodate touchscreen controls for games.

  37. may cyberzone sa sm calamba.try ko tingnan kung available.tnx for the help.I’ve already pm CM page..still waiting for their reply. 🙂

  38. I finally rooted my CM w100! after several weeks of searching some methods, I found “poot-debug and ministro II” yay! i can now use link2sd and some other apps that needs root access 😀
    -ps. I cant install tun.ko it says Its not compatible 🙁 hope they can fix it, but anyways Im so Glad with my w100 🙂 and I think its better than my SGY 🙂

      1. as I said. “poot-debug” and Ministro II ang ginamit ko. I made a group in FB, you can find the procedures on how to root this device 😀 grouo name “Cherry Mobile W100”

      1. ay tanong ko lang po. bakit sinasabi nila na may charging issue? ano po ba best? hindi po ba nkakatakot na bumili nito.

        1. Not aware of any charging issue except hindi nag-iiba from green to blue yung notification LED pag full charge na. Light green to dark green lang, hehe. Can you please share kung ano yun?

      2. sabi po kasi pag chinacharge daw hindi daw po magamit ung fone. tas nagloloko daw po ung screen. gnun po. so mas ok daw nkapatay ung fone kapag chncharge.

        1. Hindi po naman ako nakakaexperience ng issue na ganun. Although kung sa USB ng PC ka magchacharge imbis na sa power outlet mismo, may lalabas na “USB Connected” na screen. Yun yung option para gamitin yung W100 as USB storage. Pag gnun yung lumabas and gusto mo gamitin yung phone habang nakakabit sa PC, pindutin lang yung “home” button, which is yung 2nd capacitive button from the left.

          1. ano po ang difference ng 3g phones sa hindi? pwede po ba mag video call kahit hindi 3g? pwede po ba ang candy tv sa video call?

          2. Ang 3G, mas mabilis ang mobile internet speed. So ang W100, mas mabilis magload ang mga website on mobile browsing. Pero kung sa WiFi ka makikipagconnect using either W100 or Candy TV, same lang.

            Pwede naman siguro magvideo call ang Candy TV, pero over WiFi lang since kailangan mabilis ang connection for video calls.

          3. ok na po pala! kala ko kasi antagal p mgkakaron ng w100 kya binalak ko mag candy tv pero buti may nabilhan kami! 🙂
            THANKS PO! 🙂 madami p po ko siguro katanungan kpg nagamit ko n ung fone 🙂

          4. Congratz on your new phone! Come back to this thread any time if you have questions 🙂

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. 1st W900, 2nd W100, 3rd Galaxy Mini. 600Mhz CPU lang ang sa Galaxy Mini, coupled with a 240 x 320 screen. Very low resolution. Ang W900 and W100, same CPU coupled with 512Mb RAM. The main difference is that the W900’s CPU is clocked faster at 1.2 GHz vs 1GHz sa W100 and it has a larger screen (4 inch vs 3.5 inch). W900 also has more internal storage space for apps and files (1Gb expandable to 32Gb via MicroSD)

        1. Yup may mga compatible na mid-high end 3D games. Try Agent Dash, Temple Run, Temple Run: Brave and Dead Trigger 🙂

    1. List style lang po talaga. pwede naman mag download ng either Handscent, GoSMS, or similar messaging apps. I prefer Handscent kung single SIM lang gamit ko kasi mas maliit yung mismong app compared sa GoSMS.

  39. I hope you can post a video soon just for us to see the actual UI and it’s feel when holding it.

    I’m trying to find a store where I can buy this phone, but everywhere I went they’re saying it’s out of stock. Already went to Robinson’s Ermita and SM Megamall Cyberzones.. Even to 3rd party retail stores. If you know a store or place that still has it, please tell me. Thanks!

  40. Nakabili n po ako at gamit ko n po !:) problema ko lang po gusto ko sna magdl ng mga apps. kaso di nmn po kakasya sa internal memory. eh di nmn po lahat ng apps nalilipat s memcard db? pano po b un? thanks po!

    1. If may microSD card ka na po,gamitin mo yung App2SD app from the Play Store. Kaya niya ilipat ang part ng app sa SD para ma-free up ang internal storage and makainstall ka pa ng konti pang apps and games kahit papanu

      1. bakit po ung network ko eh mayat mya namamatay? kakainis minsan putol usapan kasi nwawalan ng connection s wifi at mobile network

          1. Pag nakasleep ang screen, automatic namamatay ang wifi to conserve power. ganun din yung MyPhone A818 ko dati. Hindi ko din mahanap sa settings para madisable ang WiFi sleep, pero yung W100, delayed ng ilang minutes ang WiFi sleep. Yung A818, agad-agad namamatay ang WiFi pag nagsleep yung screen.

    2. May isa p pla kong concern tungkol s speakrs ng fone. Mahina po b tlga xa s music? Youtube? Pro sa ringtone anlakas.

          1. Punta lang po kayo sa WLAN settings tapos po pindutin nio lang po ung 1st button sa baba. tas Advanced>WLAN sleep policy.. tas un po 🙂

    1. Check the back cover and the rest of the body for cracks and scratches first. If anything will break first, it will be the back cover. Make sure the touchscreen functions by swiping through the homescreens, tapos check mo din yung 4 capacitive buttons below the screen. Test the lock/power button on top and the volume rocker sa gilid. Ipa-charge mo sa kanila to confirm na nagchacharge.

        1. Yun lang naman maisip ko. Dapat walang defects sa body like scratches and cracks. Black yung piliin mo, wag white. Dumihin yung white and mas halata ang defects in case magkagasgas ang body in the future. Test the touchscreen, capacitive and hardware buttons, and test the sound. Kung pwede, lagyan mo din ng SIM and tawagan mo. Camera with and without flash din, kaso hindi ggana ang camera pag walang microSD.

  41. sir tanung ko lang kabibili ko lng w100 na unit 1 week plang bakit 12hours lng ang battery kahit nka full charge na?sabe ng outlet nyo sa sm calamba dahil nka open daw ang android.

    1. mdali lang talaga yata ma-drain battery nito, yung 2 nabili ko for my parents umaabot naman 24 hours standby lang yun, naka-off na wifi nun, using juice defender and android assistant din…..sabi sa taas 200 hours!!! not true!

  42. Sir ask ko lng po bakit po biglang di na maread yung sd card ko? Nakalagay po sa notif. SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem? pa help namn po please.

  43. san po kaya makaka bili ng screen protector ng w100 at jelly case? no idea pa po kasi 1st android ko po kasi to… thnx sa reply…

  44. Sir, can you try playing streaming videos on the web like the one in *link removed by admin using its native browser (or any android web browser)? Thank you!

    1. I gave it a shot, but it didn’t work. Technically, the W100 can play Flash, but Adobe no longer makes it available on the Play Store. If you can find an APK that you can sideload, then it’ll probably work. No promises though.

  45. after 2 weeks or so of use… the back camera seem to be not working as I cant access it thru the default camera application… ano kaya nangyari? di na maselect between front and back camera… hay…

    1. cherry mobile’s reputation still precedes itself. went to the service center sa SM north… sira nga ang main camera. and that’s less than a month of very light use ng main camera. and…wala silang parts, sa main office pa. so have to bring my unit to the main repair center…hay… sayang. this could have really been a good steal if not for the hit-miss quality of cm. mabuti pa yung myphone a618 na abused na abused eh hanggang ngayon buhay pa at walang defect.

    1. I haven’t experienced any problems. Ang alam ko lang, pag sa USB port ng PC sinaksak, lumalabas yung connect to USB screen and hindi ma-access ang phone functions. Just press the Home button to get out of it.

        1. Malakas talaga ang magconsume ng battery ang Android, so expect 1-2 days on normal usage if you just use it for calls, texts, and occassional browsing on WiFi or 3G. When you first get the phone, syempre you’ll be playing around with it a lot by installing games, apps, and surfing the net, so don’t be surprised if it only lasts 12 hours, lalo na kung laro ka ng laro ng games. After you’ve had it for a while, you’ll settle into a normal usage pattern, so the battery life should get better.

  46. Kung sino po gustong sumali sa Group ng “Cherry Mobile W100” sa FB mag request lang po kayo 😀 wala pa kasing group sa FB so I made one. tulong tulong po tayo para mapaganda pa ang phone natin 😀

  47. Sir, wala po bang problema ang pag text sa phone nato? lalo na pag gamit ang QWERTY na keypad sa pagtetext… at sa mga gilid ba ng phone, di ba mahirap ang pag touch o responsive din ba? di ba ito nangangailangan pa ng screen Callibration? paki rate naman po ng touch sensitivity nya.
    Thank you po sir! 🙂

    1. Hi, touch sensitivity is good, regardless of where I press. I’m using the Jelly Bean keyboard that I sideloaded on the phone. I tested all sides, okay naman. Actually, better pa nga sya sa A818 ko dati kasi pag naka landscape mode ako sa A818, mahirap pindutin ang spacebar sa pinaka-edge, pero yung W100 hindi.

      It’s a 3.5 inch screen and I have large fingers, kaya advice ko is to download a keyboard replacement like Go Keyboard na pwede i-adjust yung size ng keys. Okay magcompose ng messages using QWERTY in landscape. In portrait mode, mejo challenging for me, but I would expect that’s true of all touchscreen phones na under 4″ ang screen.

  48. Good Day! po sir, Bakit po ganun yung w100 ko? Pag nakaopen po siya di po nababawasan ung battery kahit magsoundtrip ako ng matagal pag pinatay mo tapos bnuksan saka siya nababawasan? May problema po ba yung battery or yung phone na mismo? PA HELP NAMAN PO,

      1. Tinitingnan ko lng po siya sa settings dun po sa battery, di pa po ako nagamit ng battery widget and task killer, bago pa lng po kc ako sa android phone eh. Pa help naman po please. THANKS

    1. I would say yes, kasi galing din ako sa A818. Mas maganda ang build quality ng A818, but that’s it. Everything else is much better on the W100. Faster CPU and GPU, so apps and games run much faster. There’s also more RAM, so everything will run smoother even if you run several apps or games at a time. I suggest getting it in black, kasi mukang laruan yung white version ng W100.

      1. how about sa battery life po? gano ang itatagal ng full charge battery nito kung non stop browsing sa internet using only yung G, kahit hindi na yung 3G? also compared to a818?

  49. how about sa battery life po? gano ang itatagal ng full charge battery nito kung non stop browsing sa internet using only yung G, kahit hindi na yung 3G? also compared to a818?

    1. punta po kayo sa settings > dual SIM settings, and tignan nyo yung area ng Preferred SIM Settings. May makikita po kayong Voice, Data and Message options kung saan pwede nyo idesignate kung aling SIM ang gagamitin. For example if nakaregister ka sa unli calls and texts sa SIM 1 tpos sa SIM 2 ka naman nakaregister sa unlimited surfing, dapat ang Voice and Message naka-set sa SIM 1, tpos ang Data naka-set sa SIM 2. ang problema nga lang, pag expired na ang promo or ubos na ang regular load mo, hindi mag autoswitch sa kabilang SIM para makapagsend ng text or call. so if wala nang load ang SIM 1 and sya ang nakadesignate na SIM for message, laging mag-error yan kahit may load pa ang SIM 2. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Gamit ko po sim2 kasi un lang may load pero nalabas pdn ung error. Kainis lng minsan hndi npasok agad ang message. Kung di ko p ttgnan s go sms hndi p ddating mga txt.

        1. Make sure na magcocompose ka ng new message after switching to your preferred SIM na may load. Kasi pag nagreply kayo sa existing thread, ang mangyayare, yung dating SIM pa din ang gagamitin kahit naswitch nyo na ang preferred SIM nyo for Messages. Hope this helps.

  50. Sir suggest namn po oh yung battery po kasi di po siya nababawasan pag naka on ung phone, then pag pinatay mo siya tapos binuksan dun siya nababawasan. Then nakalagay po dun sa manual na pag kulay blue na full battery na po siya ung akin po kahit 5hrs nang nakacharge d parin siya ng bblue. PAHELP PO.

    1. They’re equal in many aspects except for RAM. A60+ only has 256mb of RAM while the W100 comes with 512mb of RAM. It won’t necessarily affect speed, but it allows for apps and system processes to run more smoothly side by side. The Lenovo A60+ should have a better build quality though. Honestly, the W100 feels like a toy.

  51. wala po ba talagang problema to no lags hindi nag pi freeze malinaw camera may balak po kasi akong bumili ng cherry mobile eh.

    1. hindi ganun kalinaw ang camera pag less than optimal lighting. check the sample shots. ang sabi ng ibang w100 users, defective daw yung ibang stock charger kc nde gumagana ang touchscreen pag nakacharge. just check the charger upon buying tpos kung yan din ang maexperience mo, ipapalit mo sa bago and test again. actually, if maka-afford ka magdagdag ng P500, may Cherry Mobile Flare ka na. Kakalabas lang. Check this link.

    1. kailangan i-set ang gagamitin mong APN sa settings. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Dual SIM Settings > Access Point Names tapos piliin nyo ang APN na appropriate for mobile surfing sa Sun. May options naman dun na pagpipilian.

      After that, balik kayo sa Mobile Network settings tpos make sure naka-check ang Data Enabled na option. Gagana na po ang mobile internet nyan, pero make sure to turn off Data Enabled pag hindi ginagamit ang mobile internet para hindi ma-drain ang battery nyo.

      Also, make sure na ang SIM na gagamitin nyo for surfing ay nasa SIM1/WCDMA slot para makapagsurf kayo on 3G speeds. Pag sa SIM2 slot kasi, hanggang 2G speeds lang. Hope this helps.

    1. Magdownload po kayo ng screenshot app sa Play store. Sa ICS pa kc may built in screenshot function. Enabled na ang screenshots sa Gingerbread, pero kailangan ng separate app. Mejo buggy nga lang ang mga free screenshot apps, and nasa Php200+ ang mga paid version na nakita ko.

  52. some APN’s for the mobile internet setup:

    Smart: Internet
    Sun: minternet

    APN’s work for Globe and Sun as i’ve personally tried it :) not sure with smart….

    1. Mid-November pa daw eh. Abang-abang lang, baka maubusan, haha. Buti pa yung Titan, may limited release na, kaso yung ibang resellers, tinataasan ang presyo kasi mataas pa ang demand.

  53. naiinis ako sa blog nato naglaway ako sa W100 mura eh, sana ilabas na ang Flare :|| ma impulse buy pa ako nito hahahaha
    TWO THUMBS UP sa Review 🙂 Keep It Up Po 😀

      1. yup, ilang araw na ako sunod sunod nadaan dun at kahapon nagpasulat na ako sa SM North na kontakin pag meron na. After about a month of usage nito ano na po? Kamusta na ang w100? 🙂

        1. Okay pa naman. Ang ayoko lang sa knya, dual SIM standby nga, pero pag magsesend ka na ng msg or tatawag, kailangan may naka designate na talaga na SIM. So if gusto mo gamitin ang non-designated SIM for texts, kailangan puntahan ang settings para gawing siyang designated SIM for texts. Makes sense ba? Hehe. Buti nalang 1 SIM lang tlga ginagamit ko dun. 😛

  54. kamusta po ung battery life ng cmw100? nagpaplano po kc akong bumili kaso madami po akong nadidinig n bad comments tungkol sa battery…

    1. pros: 1ghz CPU, 512Mb RAM, 3.5″ IPS screen. These are very good specs for the price.

      cons: limited space for installing apps. 512MB ang ROM, kaso dahil sa mga preinstalled apps na hindi pwedeng burahin, around 120MB nalang ang natitira for more apps. May charging issue din siya with the stock charger. If you use the stock charger, nagiging buggy ang responsiveness ng screen. It’s the stock Cherry Mobile charger’s fault, hindi ng phone mismo. Ang ginamit ko nalang is yung charger ng Galaxy Note ko para hindi ma-encounter ang problem na yun.

      Ang advice ko is hintayin ang labas ng Cherry Mobile Flare in the 2nd or 3rd week of November. Check out the specs here. 4k lang ang phone compared sa 3.5k na W100.

  55. hi i was using n cm w100.. problem ko ng lo low memory on phonw khit nka 16gb n ko na sd…:( na set ko na din yung settings nya to micro ds mag save… kaso pag mag dadownload ako low memory pa din… please help

    1. Hi,

      Ang problem kasi ng W100, low ROM. Sa ROM nag-iinstall lahat ng core ng mga apps, so kahit may microSD ka na 16Gb, sa ROM pa din mag-iinstall ang core app, and then the rest is either nasa onboard phone storage, or sa microSD katulad sa setup mo.

      Ang best option mo is to root your phone para magamit mo ang Link2SD, which would then allow your phone to install core apps on a partition in your microSD. Here’s a link you can follow. Root at your own risk as there is a possibility of bricking your phone! Hope this helps.

    1. Aside from the off-center gyroscope (which is fixable naman) and some compatibility problems with some headsets na may built-in mic, hindi ako aware sa ibang issues ng Flare. I’d still take the Flare over the W100. The Flare has a bigger and sharper screen, more ROM for installing apps and and larger overall internal storage. Also, better build quality. The W100 feels like a toy.

  56. panu po mag download ng music video from a computer? kasi nagtry akong i-download ang isang misic video na na nasa desktop computer ko via VLC, pero ayaw sa cp ko madownload, ang nkalagay eh doesnt support daw? anu bang media player ang pwede dito sa w100? pls advise

    1. Punta po kayo sa Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names

      May lalabas po na list of options na pipiliin nyo nalang po. Prepaid Globe user ako kaya ang lumalabas na options is Globe Internet, MyGlobe Internet, and MyGlobe MMS. Since prepaid ako, dapat MyGlobe Internet ang pipiliin, pero kung post paid, dapat Globe Internet ang naka-enable. Hindi po ako sure kung ano ang mga options sa Smart or other networks. Hope this helps po.

  57. sir, user po ako ng w100. ang concern ko is about google maps. while riding a taxi and using ipad 2 3g, gumagalaw pala ang blue dot in real time kahit na walang load (wifi off; 3g on; prepaid; not subscribe to unli surf). paano ko mapapagana ang w100 like the ipad? or exclusive lang talaga sa apple ang feature na to?

    1. when using google maps, load a map you’re interested in using offline. once the map is done loading, press menu and go to Labs>Pre-cache map area. That will allow you to store the map for offline use. If you turn on your GPS, it will update your location even while offline.

  58. ung problem nang w100 ko biglang nag shutdown ung android.nung na off ko sya on ko ulit lumalabas nalang cherry mobile logo.un at un nalang paulit ulit.anu po kaya magagawa ko?

      1. You can use an app called app2sd. It allows you to transfer part of the app sa SD, kaso some apps have problems when they’re run from SD, especially those that have widgets that you use on your homescreen. Pag restart kasi ng phone, hindi magdidisplay ng tama yung widget kaya kailangan i-apply ulit ang widget. You can check it out here.

        Another option allows you to install all of your apps directly to SD, kaso kailangan naka-root ang phone mo. I only recommend this if you know how to root your phone. Once your phone is rooted, you can use the link2SD app to create a partition on your SD for apps. You need a class 6 or class 10 card para mabilis mag-run ang apps from the SD card. Take note that rooting your phone has other benefits, but it also has the potential to brick your phone, so I don’t recommend it to casual users.

  59. Nako bglang nagkaproblema w100 ko. Sa isang araw nagaautomatic restart siya ng mga 4x a day cguro. Ano kya problema nito?

  60. Wifi hotspot din po ba ito? Salamat po…and sure po ba na Wifi b/g lang po? baka po wifi b/g/n..
    clarify lang po..

  61. i got my w100.. ok nman sya, satisfied nmn ako.. kaso first day of use bumigay agad yung charger nya, pero ok nmn yung phone. one time ng white screen sya.. pero bumalik naman sa dati, cguro mga 3 times na.. then sa headset nmn nya na ksama sa box, grabe panalo sa hina ng tunog.. yung pag white screen nya ba is indicating na my prob. sa phone ko? or dahil lang sa apps na nainstall ko? need feedback 🙂

    1. If sa messaging nyo lang gusto i-customize ang themes, try downloading Handscent SMS. It’s a replacement for the stock Messaging app on your phone. Not only can you change themes, you can also download additional font packs. Check it out here

      You can also do a search for GoSMS, which is another Messaging app replacement. Kaso mejo malaki ang kakainin nito sa ROM for apps mo so try Handscent first.

      If you want to change the entire look of your phone, try MiHome Launcher. It allows you to change the theme of your phone’s user interface. Check it out here

      You can also try Go Launcher, but again, Go apps tend to be bloated at baka maubos ang internal storage ng phone mo for apps.

  62. hi can i have a question regarding my w100.. bakit kya hindi ako maka connect sa wifi namin? lage lng sya connecting and disconnect out of range almost katabi ko n ung wifi modem at tama nmn ung pass ng wifi na nilalagay ko please help me..tnx

  63. Pwede ba yan mag print screen at kung pwede sana mag post po kayo ng Video review ng phone .. it will helps a lot po. Thanks po.

    1. Supported na po ata ang printscreen sa Gingerbread, kaso hindi built in sa OS ang function. Kailangan ata idownload from Play Store. Wala na po saken ang W100 na ginamit ko sa review kaya nde na rin po ako makakagawa ng video review. Sorry po 🙁

  64. Sir, saan po mas maganda? ang CM w100 or yung myPhone a818 Slim?

    Pwede nyo po ba iside by side review, prang specs fight?

    Salamat po.

  65. hi! my boyfriend and I bought CM W7. No complaints about the simple specs. But we never knew that it has only one day battery life as per the sales person.. it can’t be used for youtube and ebook can only read txt files and that’s our only concern.. Now we’re in a middle of deciding to upgrade to W100. I just wanna know, since its android, I suppose it can be used in youtube right? Also, how about ebook? Does it read pdf files? If not, what format do i have to use for this feature?

    1. Yes, you can use it for both YouTube and reading eBooks in various formats. The great thing about Android is that there’s the right app for any job. There’s a Youtube app you can download from the Play Store (Android app market) if it isn’t installed already. For pdf files, you can use the official Adobe reader. For epub formats, there’s Aldiko.

      1. Thank you 🙂 The w100 will be my son’s first phone. he’s turning 8 on the 29th. Hats off to you for this awesome review.

  66. may tanung lang ako i have w100 pag nkacharge xai ng nka on umiinit ung phone pag nka off nman at nag chacharge hindi nman umiinit txaka bigla nlang xai nmamatay while im using it normal lang ba un please responce asap…

    1. yes po. games force the CPU and GPU to operate at a higher frequency to handle the task kasi syempre, mas system intensive ang mga yun. If you’re a regular gamer, expect around 3-6 hours battery life kung dere-derecho.

  67. Hai, yung UI po b nang w100 pareho po b nang iphone? At yung pag nagtatype po b kayo nag lalag po b like sa flare? Thankz.

    1. May pagkakaiba naman po ng konti ang UI ng Android compared sa iPhone. Mas maganda ang naging typing experience ko sa W100 compared sa Flare pag portrait ang hawak ko, pero pag landscape, okay ang Flare para saken kasi wider ang keyboard.

  68. Hi! I just bought a W100 yesterday and i’m having great fun with it. but, I’m encountering some issues with the proximity sensor. the screen does not go black when I pick up calls and put the phone beside my face. Do I have to be concerned or is this normal?
    Thanks for the reply!

    1. same chipset on both so same performance for the most part, pero mas malaki ang internal storage and space for app installation sa w900. Mas maganda din ang build quality ng w900. Kaso take note, Gingerbread 2.3 pa ang version ng Android nila.

    1. gumagana po ang skype sa W100. tested between my Galaxy Note and the W100. Not sure sa W900 since nde ko pa nahawakan ang unit na yun, pero there’s little reason for it not to work.

  69. kua ask q lng kbbli q lng poh ng w300 den bkit dpoh aq mkpgpsa thru blootooth and den nkpgdownload aq ng 1 game tas puno n agd ung p[hone capacity pnu b ilipat as a memory card storage

    1. Check nyo po yung visibility settings ng bluetooth. Ang ibang phones kc, kahit naka-on ang bluetooth, nde nadedetect ng ibang phone kc nde naka enable ang visibility. Ang ibang phones din, visible when you first turn bluetooth on, pero for ilang seconds lang. security feature din yun para nde ma-hack ang bluetooth connection and macompromise ang phone mo.

      As for limited app installation space sa W300, ang alam ko maliit lang ang storage for apps nyan. Pwede kang gumamit ng App2SD para ilipat ang data ng app sa SD card, kaso ang mismong app, sa phone pa din.

  70. Sir, I’ve rooted my w100. YES! Kaso po di koalam anong gagawin next. Gusto ko tangalim mga unwanted apps kaso di ko alam kung pano, first android phone ko kc to eh. Help nmn pls. Pati sa CAUTIONS na dapat aware ako. Thanks po!

    1. kailangan nyo po i-enable ang data sa settings ng mobile networks. wag nyo din po kalimutan i-off to pag nde na kayo nakasubscribe sa data plan like supersurf (globe)

      1. Sir gudeve.. ask ko lang kung talaga po ba IPS ung LCD ng W100? Kasi ung FLare, IPS daw pero hindi naman nung icheck ko ung sa Friend ko. tnx

        1. not sure po. wala na saken ang w100 kaya nde ko ulit ma-scrutinize. as for the Flare IPS issue, it’s not the same quality as other confirmed IPS screens that I’ve seen, but I don’t expect much from 4k to be honest.

  71. w100 o Rave?
    hi Sir.. ang dami ko na po binasang comments about this two Android phones pero hindi pa din ako makapag decide sa dalawa.. :O :/

    1. If you want to maximize performance, W100 po, kaso compromised ang build quality. It feels like a toy in the hand sa sobrang gaan ng materials and very prone to scratching pa. Kung importante din sayo ang build quality and hindi ka naman masyado makalikot sa phone, mas bagay po siguro sa inyo ang Rave. Just my opinion lang po.

  72. pwede po bang isuli yong nabili kong cherry mobile tornado..???
    gusto ko po kasing mapalitan ng w100…

  73. can i ask, bakit pag nagchacharge ayaw gumana ng screen? hindi na responsive ang screen kakabili ko lng last saturday. normal lng ba yun?

    1. Hi, mejo may pagka incompatible kasi ang stock charger ng Cherry Mobile. Try using chargers from other phones. Ang gamit ko dati nung nasaken pa ang W100 is yung charger ng Galaxy Note ko. Hindi nagkakaroon ng responsiveness issue kung ibang charger ang gagamitin.

  74. hi Good morning

    tanong ko lang po..if halimbawa ma install na ung viber

    pag mag call po ba sa kaparehong phone na na install na rin ang viber, pd bng isa lng ang my internet connection (wifi)?
    o kelangan pareho nasa wifi zone o whatsoever…
    thanks po

    1. pagpasok nyo po sa app drawer, try pressing the menu button and tignan nyo po kung may option dun para palitan ang direction ng scrolling. wala na po kasi saken ang w100 ko dati pero ganun din po ang ginawa ko na sideways ang scrolling ng app drawer.

  75. sir panu po ung sa W100 ko di po ako makapag file transfer eh.. d ko alam kung sira or may na off lang po akong settings eh.. thanks..

  76. panu po ba i-mute yung sound ng switch on at off…kapag po binubuhay at pinapatay,,my sound po..panu po ba maalis yun???

    1. Yes po, kailangan po either may load or nakaregister sa surfing promo like powersurf or supersurf (Globe). Once nakaregister ka, just enable 3G data and start browsing 🙂 Take note, if hindi ka nakasubscribe sa surfing promo, it’s usually php5 per 15minutes.

  77. hi po confirm ko lang po kung supported ba ng w7 ang youtube streaming? tsaka maganda po ba ang viewing quality? pki sagot po pls

    1. pwede po magsurf gamit ang load or pag nakaregister sa surfing promo or plan. skype video calls should work whether wifi or 3g ang connection mo. sa wifi ko pa lang natry ang skype video calls, pero there’s no reason na nde gagana yan sa 3g

    1. If YouTube, yes. If sa ibang sites, may kailangan pang iinstall na Adobe Flash Player. Hindi na sya available from the official Google Play Store kaya kailangan maghanap ng alternative download source para dun.

    1. kailangan po mag install ng Adobe Flash Player. Hindi na available ang app na yan sa official Google Play Store, so kailangan maghanap ng ibang source para idownload yan.

  78. ung CM flare po,,,mkaka panood dn po ba ng high definition videos from all sites ?//,,,,kahit load lng ?//,,,,,,,anong mas maganda po ba …CM W100 OR CM FLARE ????/

    1. Better po ang Flare, pero try nyo din ang CM Burst since almost same specs sila. btw, pde pala magdownload ng Chrome browser to play vids on any site. whether flare, burst or w100 ang gamit mo.

  79. ung CM flare po,,,mkaka panood dn po ba ng high definition videos from all sites ?//,,,,kahit load lng ?//,,,kahit wla ng idadownload na adobe flash player ?,,,anong mas maganda po ba …CM W100 OR CM FLARE ????/

  80. anong sites para ma download ng chrome browser ….
    ?//…u mean kahit load lng gmitin …pwede ng manood ng videos from any sites ?/

  81. ang 3g po ba ay kailangan pnmg bayaran o nasa phone na yan ….i aactivate nalang po ba yun ??????/o..kailangan pa ng wifi or any plans ?

  82. i recommend not to buy this cherry mobile w100. my worst cellphone ever. palaging nag force close. d ako makapag net ng matagal.

  83. hello
    ask ko lang po ung tngkol sa 3g icon
    ung akin kc ung isang arrow lang ung gumagana
    at ndi ako makapag browse

    1. Please check your APN settings. Go to Settings > More > Mobile > Select Subscription > Access Point Names. Choose the profile that fits you. For example, if Globe Prepaid ang number mo, choose the MyGlobe Internet Prepaid profile.

  84. good day ask ko lang po saan ko o makikita ang messa center ng w100 ko.. di ko po kasi makita.

  85. Sir may w100 po ba sa Victory Mall Cherry mobile Branch !? Nagtanung kasi ako kahapon ala na raw Stock . Meron na po ba ngaun !?

  86. hindi kuna ma charge ng maayos ung phone ko tsambahan nalang kung ma chrage ko atleast 50% tapos ang bilis malow bat battery lang kaya ang problem nito please help huhuhuhh,,,,

  87. yung camera ko sa likod di ko magamit nawala yung settings na lumabas dapat para piliin kung back or front camera gagamitin anung gagawin ko para bumalik yun? help huhuhuh

  88. Good Day po bibili na po kasi ako ng w100 mamaya, ask ko lang po kung it really play youtube videos, kasi yung w7 q its a crap pagdating sa ganyan ee, thank you po sa respond, saka yung GPS (Global Positioning System) working po ba talaga ?

    1. Yes it can play YouTube videos through the YouTube app. You can also play them directly in the Chrome browser if you download it. Yes, working po ang GPS nya. Tested it on a jeep, trip-trip lang dati.

  89. sir,,,pwede po bang manood dto ng HD videos from all sites kahit wlang wifi…I MEAN ,,,KAHIT LOAD LANG ?///////,,,,,,makakapag surf dn po ba ako at mkakapag skype videocalling sa cM flare kahit,,,walang wifi ,,,,,?//

  90. sir,,,pwede po bang manood dto ng HD videos from all sites kahit wlang wifi…I MEAN ,,,KAHIT LOAD LANG ?///////,,,,,,makakapag surf dn po ba ako at mkakapag skype videocalling sa cM w100 kahit,,,walang wifi ,,,,,?//

    1. yes, pwede. pero siguraduhin mo din na mabilis ang connection nyo sa 3G. otherwise, baka maging panget ang quality ng video call. kung manunuod ka ng videos from various sites, use chrome browser from play store. again, dapat mabilis ang connection nyo.

      1. ung CM W100 po ,,,pwede dn po ba manood ng HD videos from all sites dun ?///////…at mkapag skype video calling …..kahit wlang wifi ,,,,kahit po load lng ?????????????

        1. tested na po ang skype sa w100. no reason na hindi gagana yan basta mabilis ang 3g connection nyo. ewan ko lang sa hd vids. nde ko po masasabi kasi nde ko natest yung chrome browser nung nasaken pa ang W100.

          1. Download nyo lang po ang Chrome browser from Google Play store. May Play Store na naka install sa W100. Just make sure naka-connect kayo sa WiFi or 3g

  91. pano po ba ..,..iactivate ang 3G ????????????……kailangan po ba un ng wifi conection,,o pwede pong kahit load na lng ??

    1. Make sure naka subscribe kayo sa prepaid data plan like supersurf sa globe or unlisurf sa smart. Once naka subscribe kayo, enable nyo ang mobile data sa phone. Nasa settings po yun, usually under Mobile Networks. Hindi ko na po kayo matutulungan hanapin ang mobile networks settings kasi wala na po saken ang W100 at iba na ang gamit ko ngayon.

        1. subscribe muna sa supersurf or unlisurf promos, or kahit anong prepaid surfing plan, then i-on ang mobile data sa settings para makapagsurf. pwede din kahit reg load lang, kaso php5 every 15mins

  92. sir,,pg mg skypwe video calling po ba sa phone…kailangan talaga na sa phone dn ang gm8 ng video calling partner mo…o pwede kahit sa pc xia or sa laptop,,,,at ako sa mobile phone lng ???

    1. yung mga superion line of tablets lang nila ang nalalagyan ng sim para makapagsurf ng net without wifi. pde idownload ang facebook app from Google Play (android app market) or kahit sa stock mobile browser lang na naka pre-installed na sa tablet.

  93. sir, meron ako w100 nabili ko about 6 months ago, wala naman akon akong naging problem until yesterday bigla n lng nag error yung WLAN, hindi makapagconnect ang wifi, ano po kaya ang problema?

  94. Patulong… naman… ung w100 ko.. na didisconnect sa wifi… paulit ulit sya nag scan.. ng hot spot anung puedeng gawin..??

  95. meron parin po bang w100 ngaun?
    nd ko po kz maxadong nakikita sa mga tindahan ng mga phones.
    magkano po kya price nito ngayon?
    pasagot naman po Mr. Author.

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