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Just Mobile Headstand Review: Pamper Your Headphones in Style

Just Mobile HeadStand

Headphones are some of the most popular accessories out there, but if you’re going to spend a few thousand pesos on a serious piece of personal audio gear, don’t just let it lay around the desk when you’re not using it. A good pair of headphones deserves to be shown off, and when it comes to showing off headphones, it doesn’t get any better than the Just Mobile Headstand. Just Mobile had made a name for itself with a nice range of accessories made for Apple products, and it was nice of them to send me a review sample that I could try out myself.

What’s in the Box

DSC_0135 copy

The Just Mobile Headstand comes in a box that’s a little smaller than I expected it to be. This is because it comes disassembled, resulting in a smaller package profile. Inside, you’ll find the following:

Box Contents

  • Headphone hook
  • Dual-layered aluminum base with built-in cable management system
  • 2x aluminum rods
  • 2x short flat head screw with Type A point
  • 2x long Phillips head screw with Type B point

Ease of Assembly

Although it requires some assembly, putting the Just Mobile Headstand together is a piece of cake. Ideally, you should have both a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver since the HeadStand makes use of two different types of screws. However, you should be able to make do with just a smaller flat head screwdriver.

Assembling the Base

To begin, simply connect both aluminum rods that make up the neck of the HeadStand to the base using the long Phillips head screws.

Base and Neck

You’ll end up with something that looks like the image above.

Assembling the Hook

Proceed to attach the headphone hook the the neck of the assembly.

Headstand Fully Assembled

Voila! Instant headphone stand!

Build Quality and Design

DSC_0120 copy

If you’re going to make a living by making stylish accessories for anything Apple, they had better look good at the very least. In this regard, the minimalist design of the Just Mobile Headphone Stand certainly doesn’t disappoint. You don’t have to be particularly geeky to appreciate the precision-engineered aluminum used to make this stand and the brushed finish is an especially nice touch.

DSC_0130 copy

It isn’t perfect though. The slotted screws ontop can be difficult to get facing the same way. I’m not particularly OC, but this drove me crazy. Thankfully, you only need to tweak the top and bottom screws a bit to get them facing the same way.


DSC_0123 copy

As gorgeous as it is, this desktop accessory does one thing and one thing only. Of course, that’s not to say it doesn’t do it well. The hook is wide enough that it should be able to accommodate all but the largest headphone bands.

Unretracted Headphones

The neck (comprised of the 2 aluminum rods) is just tall enough that even larger headphones can hang from the Headstand, even if they haven’t been fully retracted.

Cable Management System

Aside from the elegant minimalist design, the built-in cable management system in the base is something I can really appreciate. It helps de-clutter your by keeping your headphone cables out of the way of your work space.

Unfortunately, the cable management system isn’t wide enough to accommodate coiled cables or those with large in-line mics/remotes.

So Should You Buy the Just Mobile HeadStand?

HeadStand in Use

When you combine premium materials and precision engineering, don’t expect the end product to be cheap. At $49.95, the Just Mobile HeadStand is certainly pricey, but there are few more stylish ways of serving as a place to hang your headphones and keep the cable out of the way. The brushed aluminum finish is versatile enough that it can blend in with contemporary decor, or contrast against something that’s homier. Do I need one? Probably not. Do I want one? Absolutely.
The sample unit for this review was provided free of charge by Just Mobile. Feel free to check out their website here.

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