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Just Mobile TopGum Review: Power Banks Don’t Get Fancier Than This

Just Mobile TopGum with Box

I’m not exactly eager when it comes to reviewing power banks, but after spending some time with the Just Mobile TopGum, I found myself pleasantly surprised. After all, it’s rare to find anyone innovating on the aesthetics and functionality of a power bank. So what exactly does the TopGum do differently? Find out in my full review.

What’s in the Box?

Box Contents

The TopGum comes in Just Mobile’s typical packaging with a front flap that flips open so you can preview the device inside. Opening the box, you’ll find the following:

  • TopGum power bank
  • Charging dock
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • User manual

Design and Features

Just Mobile TopGum

The TopGum has a 6,000mAh capacity and comes in three color variants. Mine came in gold/white, but you can also get it in black, and silver/white. In case you didn’t notice, the color palette was chosen to match closely with iOS devices. On its own, the TopGum looks like any old power bank. However, it comes with a couple of design features that you might want to take notice of.

Built-in Lightning Cable

First is a built-in lightning cable that you can flip out and tuck back in depending on whether you’re using it or not. It’s a neat design feature that allows you to forgo having to bring an extra cable around with you all the time and the 2.4A output is more than twice as fast as can be found on most power banks, so even iPads and other tablets can be juiced up in no time. Obviously though, you can only take advantage of this with iOS devices.

Dock with Pins

Second is a magnetic dock that allows you to recharge the TopGum without having to fumble for a USB cable. The execution of docking the power bank isn’t perfect. You may find yourself sliding the power pack back and forth a few times before the dock locks itself in.

TopGum in Dock

Still, it only takes seconds to dock and is much more effortless than fishing for a cable, and the dock makes it even easier since you can attach it to the top of your desk thanks to a couple of adhesive strips at the bottom.

Just Mobile TopGum

Of course, you might not necessarily need the built-in lightning cable, such as if your device makes use of a micro USB port for charging. This is true of Android smartphones and a number of mobile accessories. In this case, a full-sized USB port is provided, although you’ll have to make do with a more standard 1A output.

Charging without Dock

Also, if you want to recharge the TopGum but aren’t anywhere near its dock, the micro USB port will let you charge it the way you would most any other power bank. Other typical power bank features are a 4 LED power indicator that can be activated at the click of a button.

So Should You Buy the Just Mobile TopGum?

TopGum with iPhone

Power banks are easily one of the most popular mobile accessories, but they can sometimes be a hassle because of the extra cables you have to carry, not to mention having to charge them overnight, each and every night. The Just Mobile TopGum eliminates most of those hassles while still doing everything a power bank should. However, at $$79.95, it’s not for everyone. You pay a premium for these extra features and budget-minded folks might be more inclined to go for a higher capacity power bank instead. Still, it’s hard to ignore the convenience the TopGum provides. If only they made all power banks like this.

Just Mobile TopGum Specs

  • 6,000mAh capacity
  • 2.4A output via built-in lightning cable
  • 1A output via USB port
  • 4 LED power indicator
  • Magnetic charging dock

Note: The sample unit for this review was provided free of charge by Just Mobile. Feel free to check out their website here.

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