Mi In-Ear Headset Review: The Best Deal on a Pair of In-Ear Headsets. Period.

The Mi-branded power banks may have attracted more attention at the last Redmi 1S sale over at Lazada, but honestly it was the Mi In-Ear Headset that had me interested. Thankfully, it didn’t sell quite as fast as the Redmi 1S or the Mi-branded power banks, so I was able to order one before stocks ran out on me. Here it is, freshly delivered and still covered in bubble wrap!

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Freshly Delivered

Although I don’t often review a lot of audio gear, I’ve benefited from being able to own or try some really good in-ear headsets. I’ve owned a pair of more expensive Sennheisers and urBeats in the past, as well as a couple of affordable yet great-sounding A4Techs and Soundmagic headsets.

The Packaging


Typically speaking, you get what you pay for. But I wasn’t expecting just how much you get for the Mi In-Ear Headset’s Php695 price tag, plus shipping.

Opened Box

The retail packaging alone is quite creative.


And the case it comes in is understated yet gorgeous!

Case without Cover

The cable is kept away from view, yet you have quick access to inspect the connector, remote, and drivers.

Cable Management System

Let’s take another look at that nifty cable management system. Pretty neat!

Case and Organizer

Hidden underneath is a set of replacement buds. But what’s that metal thing propped up in the middle?


Surprise, surprise! It’s actually a clip!

Clip Attached

Here’s what it looks like when it’s attached. You might not believe it, but it’s a really tight fit so you’re unlikely to lose it.

Sound Quality

The overall quality of the sound is quite balanced across the high tones and mids. Vocals shine through, even when listening to RnB where vocals tend to be drowned out by the bass.

Connector, Remote and Buds

However, the material of the buds was quite thin, resulting in comparatively weak bass. You can tweak the equalizer a bit to get better bass without any distortion though. A better mod is to replace the buds with something a little thicker. In the picture above and below, that’s actually the buds from my old Sennheisers. The material is thicker, hence it tends to hold the bass better.

Side Indicator

The Mi In-Ear Headset is impeccably designed, although I do have one gripe. The indicator for the left and right buds is so small and unreadable that it would be hard to tell in a few seconds which one is which. Thankfully, there’s a small bump as seen in the pic above. This makes it easier to just feel which one is left and right. If a commenter hadn’t pointed it out, I would have missed it. And it’s actually in the instructions printed on the box! It doesn’t matter much if you’re listening to music, but if you’re playing games such as first person shooters, you might get confused when the sound comes from the wrong direction if you’re wearing them wrong..

So Should You Buy the Mi In-Ear Headset?

Mi In-Ear Headset Organizer

In my opinion, it should be the Mi In-Ear Headset that sold out quicker instead of the power banks. Sure, the 10,400mAh and 5,200mAh power banks were great values, but good sound is so hard to find at under Php1k. Yet here’s a headset that delivers awesomely clean sound for just Php695!

My only gripes are the thin material of the buds and the near-invisible indicators for the left and right buds. The first is easily remedied, while the second actually has a workaround that works better than a visual indicator.

Get the Mi In-Ear Headset on Lazada! Click Here!

At Php695, I’m floored that these deliver near perfect sound with minimal issues. You get award-winning design and sound quality that you would usually only hear from headsets that cost 3 to 4 times as much as the Mi In-Ear Headset does. You’re definitely going to want to include these babies in your checkout cart on the September 12 Redmi 1s sale!

Note: Thanks to Cyril Garay for pointing out the physical indicator in the comments 🙂

17 thoughts on “Mi In-Ear Headset Review: The Best Deal on a Pair of In-Ear Headsets. Period.

    1. Konting adjust sa equalizers, pwede. Malakas naman drivers nito. Ang nakatalo lang is yung material ng buds. Masyado manipis kaya hindi ganun kalakas ang bass unless timplahin sa equalizer. Or if may mahanap ka na replacement buds na mejo makapal ang material, mas maganda.

  1. Is it durable in a way that one of the ear buds won’t become deffective? One of the common problems with earphone users.

    1. Hi Carlito, it’s very durable and uses kevlar fiber. Pero mahirap pa din sabihin unless you’ve used it for several months.

  2. regarding the indicator for the left and right buds madali lang ma identify ang right kasi sya lang yung parang may ring na nka bukol as seen on the picture hope it helps 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s large and comparable to the Coloud Pop. The plugs themselves are interchangeable though. The only real issue I guess is if you have smaller ears and the earpieces look like they’re sticking out of your head 😛

        1. Hard to find anything like that at less than Php1k. If you’re really just looking for good sound, try anything that Soundmagic has for less than Php1k. I haven’t seen one yet with flat cables, but the headsets my friend let me try sounded awesome. I forgot the model names though, sorry 🙁

    1. Hi Super Andrew! Hindi maiiwasan ang microphonics since in-ear headset to. Pero manageable using the included clip.

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