Cherry Mobile 1010 Smartphone Sale: Bang for Buck Value for Little More than Php1k!

In case you didn’t already know, Cherry Mobile is celebrating its 10th year this 2019. They’ve already had a couple of Php10 phone sales and now their next one gives you the opportunity to buy an Android smartphone for as low as Php1,010! Let’s take a look at what they’ve got to offer.

Obviously, the start of the show is the Cherry Mobile Flare DTV 2, a mobile DTV-capable smartphone that’ll keep you tuned into your favorite TV shows on Metro Manila’s 3-hour commutes! Then you’ve got the Desire R6 Lite and Flare J3S thjat both get a Php500 discount from their original SRP. Finally, there’s the Flare S7 Prime, a 5.5 inch HD+ smartphone that runs on Android Go.

The lineup on sale are entry level smartphones for sure, although they do stretch your peso as far as it can be stretched as far as bang-for-buck features. The sale runs from April 10 to 19 if you’re interested in picking up a super-affordable phone!

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