Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X to Go on Sale at for Php3,283! Update: It Was Posted in Error

Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X Sale Php3,289

So did you miss out on that weird 3 day sale on the Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X at Trinoma just recently? Well, you’ll be glad you did as Cherry Mobile is going through some extraordinary lengths just to get rid of their old stocks now that Flare Day is almost here. Did you think that the Magnum 2X was still too expensive at the cheapest sale price of Php4,949? It appears that will be dropping the price of Cherry Mobile’s former flagship from Php5,489 down to Php3,283. This isn’t live yet, but a couple of commenters on GadgetPilipinas tipped them with this link. It’s a premature leak for sure, as there was no way I could get to that particular pricing through the website unless I clicked on that direct link.

If this sale goes live, it makes perfect sense, since there’s no way you can justify selling the Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X higher than the Flare. Sure, you can argue that the Magnum 2X is made from better quality components, such as Gorilla Glass and an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip. However, people will still prefer the updated OS (ICS vs Gingerbread) and specifications of the Cherry Mobile Flare.

Update: reached out to GadgetPilipinas and told them it was posted in error. The current sale price of the Magnum 2X is still Php5,489.

Source: GadgetPilipinas

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