If you thought the country’s leading local smartphone brand would miss out on one of the biggest sales of the year, you thought wrong. And these aren’t token items either. You’ll no doubt want to check out some of the smartphones, accessories, and even some coveted Deerma and Cherry Home products as well!


  • Aqua S9 Infinity – The Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Infinity is from their latest generation of smartphones and packs a quad camera setup to go along with a Helio P60 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage! It’s getting a massive discount from Php7,999 down to just Php5,999 for Lazada’s birthday sale! Not bad for a phone that was released just a couple of months ago!
  • Flare A1 Roam – We may not be able to travel yet, but as soon as the restrictions lift, you’ll definitely want a phone like the Cherry Mobile Flare A1 Roam that does double duty as a roaming hotspot for all your other devices! It’ll get a sweet sale price of just Php1,999 from its original SRP of Php2,999!
  • Flare S7 Power – If you wanted a budget smartphone that gives you max battery life, the Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Power does just that with its 5,000mAh battery. It also supports triple SIMs for max connectivity as well! It’ll be priced at just Php2,499 from its Php2,999 SRP!

Mobile Accessories

  • Cherry Nitro Port Adapter – This little charger is really compact but gives you two fast charging ports with an LED indicator that lets you know if it’s utilizing the faster charging technology or not. Not only that, but it also gives you over-vervoltage, short circuit, temperature, and overcharge protection for just Php140 from Php180!
  • Cherry Pulse Headphones – These already inexpensive headphones are getting a price cut during Lazada’s birthday sale, with a sale price of just Php224 from its original Php280 SRP. Enjoy them whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or gaming!
  • Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless – If you’re looking for a headset you can use during your workouts, the Cherry Sport Wireless is a great option, with 3 hours of listening time and up to 120 hours of standby time! Get it for just Php224 from its Php280 SRP!
  • Cherry Gaming Type-C/Micro USB Cable – Normal charging cables get in the way when you’re gaming. Not Cherry’s gaming focused cables with the right-angled connectors that allow you to point them away from your hand while playing! They’re available in both Type-C and micro USB versions and can be yours for just Php144 instead of its Php180 SRP!
  • Cherry Type-C Cable Flat Braided – If you want a tangle-free cable that also charges faster than your typical Type-C cable, this is it! Not only does it feature a flat braided cable design to prevent tangling, but it also supports up to 3A charging whereas your typical Type-C cable for smartphones only goes up to 2.1A.  Get it for just Php144 instead of Php180!

  • Love Marie Collection Fitness Watch with 5k mAh Love Marie Collection Powerbank and FREE strap – Smartwatches make for great fitness accessories and they don’t get much more fashionable than when they’re inspired by Heart Evangelista’s original paintings! Not only that, but you can also get the Love Marie Collection Fitness Watch with a fashionable 5,000mAh power bank as well from the same stylish collection for just Php2,499 from its Php3,699 SRP!

  • Cherry Ion with 2-in1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank Bundle – There isn’t a better accessory bundle you can get for these weird times than a Cherry Ion bundled with a 2-ni-1 disinfecting lamp and power bank. The Cherry Ion is a personal ionizer that’s capable of emitting 200 million/cm3 negative ions (healthy anions) while the disinfecting lamp can kill 99.9% of germs with UVC! And it’s a pretty sweet deal at just Php3,699 from Php4,899!

Cherry x Secret Fresh Apparel

  • Secret Fresh Hoodie/T-Shirt -Get the comfy Cherry x Secret Fresh Hoodie for as low as P1,099 from P1,299 and  Cherry x Secret Fresh T-Shirt for just P499, originally priced at P699.

Cherry Pet

  • Smart Pet Fountain – Getting something like the Cherry Smart Pet Fountain isn’t about pampering your pets. It’s about making sure they’re well-hydrated at all times, especially in our tropical climate. It has a 3-stage filtration system and UVC to kill germs in the water for just Php4,999 instead of Php6,450!

Cherry x Deerma

  • Water Spray Mop – upgrade your housekeeping equipment with this inexpensive solution! The Cherry x Deerma Water Spray Mop comes with a built-in 350ml water reservoir and a 360 degree rotatable head to clean the toughest corners! Get it for just Php790 from its Php890 SRP!
  • 2-in-1 Handheld Sweeper with Waterspray Mop – Of course, you can take it a step up from the Water Spray Mop and get the Cherry x Deerma 2-in-1 Handheld Sweeper with Waterspray Mop instead! For just Php1,099 instead of Php1,390, get this convenient cleaning solution that comes with a rotatable head, and built in dust bin and water reservoir!
  • TJ210 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner – The Cherry x Deerma TJ210 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner features an adjustable tube and built-in wheels for easy cleaning anywhere inside the house. It also has pretty strong 18,000pa suction for just Php4,990 from its Php6,490 SRP!
  • CM800 UV Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner – If you’re looking for a great way to sanitize notoriously difficult to clean mattresses, the Cherry x Deerma CM800 UV Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner has a strong 13,000pa rated suction and built-in UVC that kills 99.9% of germs for just Php2,490 from Php2,999!
  • Multi-Function Steam Cleaner – Another great and practical cleaning tool is the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Steam Cleaner that not only mops, but disinfects surfaces using steam! Just Php3,490 from Php5,290!
  • VC40 All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner – If you want a cordless vacuum that packs a punch, look no further than the Cherry x Deerma VC40 All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner with its 15,000pa rated suction! It comes with four different attachments – double roller, banister, electrostatic, and flat suction. Get it for just Php6,999 from its original SRP of Php10,490!
  • Lint Remover – Hate it when those annoying strands of lint make your clothes look less than stellar after a wash? The Cherry x Deerma Lint Remover solves that for just Php790 instead of Php1,490!
  • Multi-Function Steam Iron – Few things are more satisfying than a flawlessly-pressed garment and the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Steam Iron will do just that for you. It has a high pressure steaming function that should make quick work of your clothes for just Php2,299 instead of Php3,290!
  • Portable Humidifier – Level up the ambiance of your home with the Cherry x Deerma Portable Humidifier with built-in 2.5ml water tank! Just Php1,099 from Php1,490!

Any of these capture your fancy? Let me know in the comments below!

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