Get the Nexus 7 in the Philippines Through YugaDeals

Screenshot of the Nexus 7 YugaDeals offer

Fresh after that flash sale by Widget City Hub on a small batch of Nexus 7 units, YugaDeals has come out with its own sale. Unlike the Widget City sale that sold on-hand units of the 8Gb version for just Php 13,500, YugaDeals is selling it for only Php 12,499. However take note that the units are not on-hand as this is a group buying arrangement where the orders will actually be coming from the US. That means there will be a specified time period (as of writing, it is at 13 days and counting) for interested people to reserve their unit. Once that period has expired, YugaDeals will then place a bulk order with their supplier in the US, which will then ship in 10 days.

This might sound like a good deal to some people, especially with gray market prices reaching Php 17k for the 16Gb version and Php 13.5k for the 8Gb version, but you will have to be patient since you might have to wait about 3 to 4 weeks before your Nexus 7 is delivered to your doorstep. Another thing you might want to think about is the fact that the Nexus 7 is already slated to launch in the Philippines in late August. So by the time the units will have gotten to you, the Nexus 7 might already be officially available locally.

Or not. The high demand might push launch dates back internationally, so you never know. And the Php 12,499 selling price is actually pretty close to how much it would sell for if ASUS actually decided to launch the 8Gb version here as well, instead of just the 16Gb version. If you’re interested in snagging an affordable quad core tablet that is virtually guaranteed to receive the latest updates almost as soon as they become available then head over to the YugaDeals site here.

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