Monday, October 26, 2020

Infinix PB-10BR 10400mAh Found on Lazada!

Infinix PB-10BR

The average Juan isn’t lacking for choices when it comes to 10,000mAh+ power banks. Of course, supply from reputable brands can sometimes be an issue, so it’s nice that the Infinix PB-10BR 10,400mAh power bank has joined the mix. And it’s reasonably priced too at just Php750! Check out these photos!

The Infinix PB-10BR comes in a design that may be familiar to many of you out there. It’s similar to other popular options from Xiaomi, ASUS and the like, and even sports the same brushed aluminum finish. It does manage to come with 2 USB ports, one being a 1A port that’s ideal for smartphones while there’s a 2.1A port for tablets or if you just want to charge your phone faster. It also comes with a 4-LED power level indicator as well as convenient LED flashlight.

Thinking of picking it up? Check out the product page here!

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