MyPhone Agua Iceberg Official Press Image

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Officially Announced | Update: More Official Pics!

Looks like it’s official folks. While it’s yet to be formally launched, the MyPhone Agua Iceberg was announced via the local phone brand’s Facebook fan page. In addition to revealing the name, MyPhone also revealed the key specs via their cover photo. You’re getting a 5.7 inch HD IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection, a 1.2GHz quad core processor, Android 4.2.1, a 12mp autofocus camera and a whopping 16Gb of internal storage. Sweet.

Update 2:28pm @ 7/19/2013: We just received some new official press images from MyPhone. Check them out toward the end of this post 🙂

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Unique Features

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Official Press Image

In addition, the Agua Iceberg has a few features that are unique among local brands. First, there is Clever Motion, which is similar to the Air Shuffle feature from OPlus. However, it seems to have more practical applications such as being able to wave to capture images, answer calls just by holding the MyPhone Agua Iceberg right next to your ear and so forth.

Another neat new feature is the built-in TARA (Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application) anti-theft software that can remotely disable your phone and secure your data in case it gets lost or stolen. TARA is proudly made by Pinoys and is an exclusive to MyPhone. Sure, there are already applications like it on Google Play, but TARA has the advantage of being preinstalled and part of the official MyPhone Agua Iceberg firmware, meaning you don’t have to root your phone to take full advantage of the anti-theft features.

Finally, there is Wireless TV-out, which is something I’m really excited about because I’ve only ever seen something like it on the LG Optimus G. It’s like your typical TV-out feature that we’ve seen on a few of MyPhone’s Android phones like the A919 Duo, except that it works by streaming wirelessly to your television. It will require an accessory though, which will be sold separately, but it’s neat to know the capability is there if you want it.

MyPhone is Taking a New Approach to Marketing Their Phones

In case you haven’t noticed yet, MyPhone is taking a new approach to their naming scheme with the Agua Iceberg. Some casual fans can easily mistake one for the other with the old naming scheme, e.g. the A919 and the A919i Duo. It wasn’t as bad as the OPlus number-based naming scheme, which is even more confusing, but this new naming scheme instantly makes their phones more marketable.

MyPhone Android Flagship Metallic Finish

Another thing that MyPhone is doing differently with the Agua Iceberg is the iconic Philippine map that is typically found on the back of their phones. You guys may have noticed from the previous leaks of the Agua Iceberg that it didn’t have the Philippine map on its back, and it’s now been confirmed that MyPhone will be keeping it that way on all their future Android phones. There are a lot of MyPhone owners who love the Philippine map on the back of their phones. However, it’s been known that some consumers would be loathe to buy a MyPhone Android phone despite their competitive specs simply because the map is too conspicuous. Feature phones (read: non-Android phones) from MyPhone will continue to sport the map on the back though.

Pricing and Availability

The MyPhone Agua Iceberg will be officially launched on the 26th of July at the Eastwood City Central Plaza where you can presumably get the phone for Php499.50 a month on a 24 month 0% interest payment scheme through Citibank, Metrobank, BPI and RCBC. Cash payments will also be accepted, and while MyPhone didn’t announce the official Agua Iceberg SRP, Php499.50 x 24 is Php11,988 so my guesstimate would be Php11,950. I’ve been invited to cover the event so if you find someone lurking in the shadows and taking pics while everyone else stands in line, that would probably be me.

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Specs

Update 2:28pm @ 7/19/2013: I just got more photos of MyPhone Agua Iceberg, this time in the form of official press images. These new images don’t reveal anything new in terms of specs, at least if you’ve already read this article before, but it does give us a better look at the phone from all angles, even if they’re just renders of the MyPhone Agua Iceberg. Check them out below.

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Official Press Image Key Features
Key Features
MyPhone Agua Iceberg Official Press Image Product Specifications
Product Specifications

MyPhone Agua Iceberg Specs

  • 5.7 inch HD (720 x 1280, 258ppi) IPS display with Gorilla Glass 2
  • 1.2GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 processor
  • PowerVR SGX544
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 16Gb internal storage
  • 12mp autofocus rear-facing camera with LED flash, support for 1080p video recording
  • 5mp front-facing camera
  • HSPA+
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • FM Radio
  • 2,600mAh battery
  • Clever Motion
  • TARA anti-theft software
  • Price: Php499.50 x 24 months via credit card, Php11,950 SRP guesstimate

Via: NoypiGeeks, MyPhone



20 responses to “MyPhone Agua Iceberg Officially Announced | Update: More Official Pics!”

  1. Edriangelo Doctolero Paule Avatar
    Edriangelo Doctolero Paule

    Bibili ka ba? :))

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Hindi kaya ng budget pre, haha

  2. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    i sense Cherry Mobile has an icebreaker in the works…

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      I see what you did there 😉

  3. Allanz Abesamis Juntilla Jr. Avatar
    Allanz Abesamis Juntilla Jr.

    sure ba ang price? 11K?

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Php11,988 po. Nakita po ng friend ko sa flyer.

  4. Ren Thao Avatar
    Ren Thao

    dba pwedeng 1ok nlang?? or 10500 pwede pa

  5. Leii Avatar

    Ocake. No external micro sd slot. -.- stick to MP a919i m/

  6. Mateo M. Yuhico Avatar
    Mateo M. Yuhico

    I am planning to buy the Agua Iceberg. Is it possible if I use my American Express credit card? A response will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Hi, I’m told it has to be a Citibank, Metrobank, BPI or RCBC-issued card.

  7. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    one can get 2 cherries for that price.

  8. Sonny Monaraci Avatar
    Sonny Monaraci

    no sd card slot???????

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      confirmed no sd card slot sir.

      1. Sunshine Reyes Avatar
        Sunshine Reyes


  9. Khan Ainadi Avatar
    Khan Ainadi

    if this is a rebranded BLU life view , definitely may SD card slot po.. sa loob tabi ng sim slot.

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      It was confirmed from a MyPhone rep that the Agua Iceberg will not have a micro SD slot.

  10. Nathaniel Aquino Avatar
    Nathaniel Aquino

    sayang maganda na sana kaso walang SD card haha! ICEBERG huh ? the one who sunk TITANIC … tapang ng name xDD

  11. Guerrero Trazo Nucos Avatar
    Guerrero Trazo Nucos

    ang gilid ng iceberg aluminum din po ba?

  12. Michelle John Domaum Kunisada Avatar
    Michelle John Domaum Kunisada

    how about the updating of android version ?.. i want to update my iceberg from jellybean to kitkat…

  13. Richard Betty Dagohoy Avatar
    Richard Betty Dagohoy

    hello.po san p merun available screen ng iceberg..

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