Oppo N1: Lets You Choose Between ColorOS or CyanogenMod for $599

You may have missed it, but I previously featured the upcoming Oppo N1 particularly because of its rotating 13mp camera that can rotate to face front or back depending on what kind of photos you want to take. Since its official announcement, there have been some interesting developments, specifically the team up between Oppo and CyanogenMod for CyanogenMod limited edition Oppo N1 variants. Obviously, these variants will run CyanogenMod right out of the box.


However, what’s even more interesting is that even a regular Oppo N1 can still be converted from the default ColorOS so it too can run CyanogenMod. And that’s without any tinkering or rooting the phone. The conversion is made possible through preloaded stock recovery software.

Glamor Shot

The Oppo N1 is set to be released on December 10 through the OppoStyle.com website, as well as Amazon and other retailers. Key specs include a massive 5.9 inch Full HD display, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 SoC, 1GB RAM, and a choice between 16GB and 32GB storage variants. Looking to pick up an Oppo N1 for yourself? Price starts at $599.

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