With March 3 fast approaching, you know that there’s going to be some good deals on Lazada and Shopee. Cherry has never been one to miss the party, but how do you now if what you’re getting is a good deal? Well, they sent over their sale price list and I decided to do the work for you.

Cherry’s Best 3.3 Deals

Maybe I’ve reached peak adulting, but when I checked out this list, two items quickly caught my attention: a cordless vacuum and a large capacity air fryer!

Cherry x Deerma VC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • As someone who hates cleaning and loves convenience, this was easily the best deal of the list. This lightweight cordless vacuum can clean anywhere and can be used to keep your floors smooth and spotless. It also comes with an assortment of brush heads so you can clean inside and around all the nooks and crannies of your home!
  • (Php2,999 from Php5,390)

Cherry Digital Air Fryer

  • This one is close to my heart as Cherry actually sent one of these to me one time and has replaced my old generic air fryer. The Cherry Digital Air Fryer has a large 4.5L capacity and I’ve been able to fit a whole chicken in it, albeit with a bit of carving. Thanks to a number of presets, you can basically choose your setting with much less thought: Fries, Thaw, Shrimp, Bake, Chicken, Meat, and Fish. It can also reduce your food’s fat by as much as 80%
  • (Php2,999 from Php3,990)

Best Smartphone Deals

In terms of practicality, nothing beats a good sale on a smartphone. There are a couple from the Cherry Mobile roster that are getting a price drop this 3.3.

Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Prime

  • The Flare S8 Prime is one of the most fashionable phones Cherry Mobile has released. It boasts a sleek and elegant design, capped off with a pop-up selfie camera. It also has a dual rear camera setup (16MP + 5MP)
  • (Php4,499 from Php8,699)

Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro

  • Another phone that’s getting a price drop is the Flare S8 Pro. An improvement from the base Flare S8, the Flare S8 Pro features a larger 6.5″ HD+ screen with a teardrop selfie camera. It also packs a large 4,000mAh battery to get you further through the day. Finally as a bonus, it also comes with a FREE Helo LX Fitness band and DITO SIM!
  • (Php3,999 from Php5,999)

Other Cool Deals

  • Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier – (Php1,999 from Php2,999)
  • Cherry Home Smart Disinfecting UVC Desk Lamp –  (Php1,999 from Php2,999)
  • Cherry ES90 Echo Sound Bar – (Php833 from P980)
  • Cherry PL100 Powerlink Ace Powerbank – (Php330 from Php380)

Looking to satisfy your inner tito/tita with an impulse purchase? Check these deals out on Lazada or Shopee!



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