Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tronsmart MUPP1 Micro USB to USB 3-Pack: A Great Investment for Gadget Lovers

Tronsmart Micro USB 3-Pack MUPP1

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a good chance you own more than just one gadget. It can sometimes be frustrating to buy a smartphone or tablet that costs upwards of Php20k and get a dinky charging cable that’s easily damaged over time. Now, there’s such a thing as over-investing in cables as there’s only so much benefit to those durable yet over-priced cables from popular brands.

3 Micro USB Cables in a Pack

Enter the Tronsmart MUPP1 Micro USB to USB 3-Pack. You get a box of 3 micro USB to USB cables that are 3 ft long with gold-plated connectors and bare copper conductors, not to mention thick foil and braid shielding. Simply put, it’s a durable set of cables that will probably last longer than the gadgets themselves.

Tronsmart MUPP1 Micro USB 3 Pack

The Tronsmart MUPP1 micro USB 3-pack is one of the best investments you can make for your gadgets. They’re pretty affordable too as they retail for just Php349. Interested? Get them from any Cherry Mobile concept store or kiosk nationwide, or just have them delivered to your doorstep through Lazada at no extra cost by clicking here.

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