Monday, October 26, 2020

Xperia Sale at Widget City Hub!

Are you a fan of the Xperia range of Android smartphones? I know I am. And Widget City Hub has been having an Xperia sale going on so you can satisfy your smartphone craving. You can get the Xperia Mini Pro with a slide out keyboard for just Php7,000. You can also get the elegant Xperia Ray in gold, black or white for just Php9,000. Are you the business type? The Xperia Pro might be the phone for you with a larger screen and slide out keyboard for composing lengthy emails. Want the proven camera on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S flagship? It can be yours for a cool Php12,850!

Take note that these phones are all ICS-ready, some of which can immediately be updated by either an OTA update or by hooking up to a PC and using the PC software that’s comes with the phone.

Widget City Hub is one of the most popular local gray market sellers in the Philippines. Much of the time you can get gadgets for as much as 30% off the mall price. Just click here to head on over to their Facebook page.

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Back when I started MobileTechPinoy in 2012, phablets weren't a thing yet. I enjoyed the stares I got from iPhone owners whenever I whipped out my Samsung Galaxy Note at the time. I'm much more budget-conscious these days though and am perfectly fine with using phones from any of our locally brands.

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