Cherry Mobile B100 and B200: Super Affordable Smartphones for Just Php1,499!

Cherry Mobile B100 and B200

There was a time when entry level smartphones would cost several thousand pesos. These days though, you can get one for just a little over Php1k. That’s exactly the price point the Cherry Mobile B100 and B200 are hitting.

Both smartphones share the exact same specs. You’re getting a 3.5″ HVGA display, 1GHz single core processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB of storage for just Php1,499. Granted, the specs are as entry level as it gets. Still, you’re getting access to a widerange of apps on Google Play to expand your B100 or B200’s functionality.

Keep in mind though that neither phone provides 3G data, so you’ll have to make do with just 2G connectivity. The 1,200mAh battery is also on the low side. However we’re talking about a phone with just a 3.5 inch screen and a single core processor that won’t be as much of a power hog compared to larger smartphones with more powerful specs.

Seeing as both have the same specs, the only decision you’ll have to make between the two is which design you like more. Is it the cute and rounded Cherry Mobile B100 or the straight and no-nonsense B200?

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