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UPDATE: Check out the complete Cherry Mobile Blaze Review here 🙂

Well, that was unexpected . Shortly after Cherry Mobile announced the existence of the Flame and release of the Skyfire into the market, they launched another budget Android smartphone earlier today with some notably decent specs. Dubbed the Cherry Mobile Blaze, this new smartphone sports a 4.7 inch FWVGA screen, 1GHz dual core CPU, dual SIM functionality and Android 4.0 ICS out of the box. However, what most people will want to buy it for is its 8mp camera. The Titan, Flare, Flame and Skyfire all have similar specs, performance-wise, but if you’re a casual photography enthusiast or just want to take pictures with better detail in them that you can share with friends on Facebook, then the Blaze is the phone for you.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Specs

This being a fresh announcement, there are still some missing details, such as the full Cherry Mobile Blaze spec sheet. However we can at least break down what we already know from Cherry Mobile’s press release image. An FWVGA screen has a resolution of 854 x 480, so at 4.7 inches, that would give the Blaze’s screen a pixel density of 208ppi. That’s better than the Titan (187ppi) and Skyfire (198ppi), but a little worse than the Flare (233ppi) and Flame (245ppi), however we don’t know if it’s an IPS display or not. There’s no indication that the 8mp camera has autofocus functionality, but at this price point, it should be safe to assume that it’s supported. It also has a 1GHz dual core CPU, although we don’t know which specific chipset it is.

One thing that can be assumed is it’s from the same ODM (official device manufacturer) as the Flare and the Flame because of the similar icon set from the promo graphic, although I haven’t found out which one. Other specs that I’m interested in but haven’t been revealed yet are the battery capacity and amount of RAM. Up until now, Cherry Mobile’s Android lineup have launched with 512mb of RAM at most, but hopefully they’ll bump that up. The battery capacity is another concern because the larger screen will likely drain juice faster, and an appropriately larger battery should be paired with it.

Cherry Mobile Blaze Pricing and Availability

For those of you who are wondering about the price, the official SRP is Php6,499. That puts it in the same price range with the larger Titan. As for availability, there hasn’t been anything specific yet, but it’s safe to say that the Blaze should be released this December along with the Flame.

Source: Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

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    well i bought a flame since lagi out of stock ang flare. now comes out blaze. well since its only rebrands they are selling a huge selection to the market at almost the same prices. and sure will have crappy after market support.

      you bought a Flame? really, is it out already??? how much?

        Sir, di naman talaga laggy ang flame. Pag na try mo with stock launcher, medyo laggy dahil mabagal ang scrolling. But When you install other/any launcher from google play store, you will experience the buttery smoothness of the CM Flame

    a rebranded made in china replica know as Ming Ren A2…=>

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