Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 VS Flare: What’s Changed Between The Two?

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Featured

In case you missed it, Cherry Mobile had been teasing a new device on their Facebook page, calling it the #GameChanger. Now it’s finally here and it has been revealed as the much-awaited Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0. This time, it comes with a quad core processor but still retains the Php3,999 that made its predecessor an instant hit among budget-minded smartphone buyers last year. So what’s the difference between the two?

Design and Construction

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If there’s anything that’s immediately noticeable about the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0, it’s the sleek design and build quality. It’s noticeably slimmer than the first Flare despite having the same size screen and the glossy finish is attractive too. The original Flare had a matte finish that didn’t attract a lot of fingerprints though, but I’ll still give it to the Flare 2.0 because of solid construction and overall sleek look. These days, the original Flare is unmistakeable as an entry level phone at first glance while the Flare 2.0 can at least pass itself as a midrange phone.

The Screen

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 App Drawer

Both the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 and its predecessor feature 4″ WVGA IPS displays. However, there was some controversy as to whether the original Flare really sported an IPS display because the viewing angles weren’t as good as expected. Whether that was the case or not, the Flare 2.0 can’t be said to have those problems. The colors were crisp and the viewing angles as wide as you could expect, with little whitewashing when viewed from an angle of 45 degrees off-center.

The Chip

The original Flare was powered by a 1.2GHz dual core Snapdragon MSM8225 processor. What powers the Flare 2.0 is the Snapdragon MSM8225Q, which basically just a quad core version of the dual core MSM8225. More cores will allow better performance during multi-threaded operations, but otherwise, it’s the same Cortex-A5 cores at work on either phone.

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 About Phone

The Flare 2.0 performed quite well as far as I could tell. I didn’t have the benefit of a benchmark application that I could run when I had my hands on time with it, but it was very fast and responsive. Project Butter might have something to do with that, but overall, it performed as a budget quad core phone should.

RAM and Storage

Like its predecessor, the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 features a 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM configuration. The limited RAM wasn’t that much of an issue on the original Flare since dual core phones with 512MB RAM were the norm at the time, but since the Flare 2.0 runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, RAM will be on shorter supply. If you’re a heavy multitasker or widget user, you might find the Flare 2.0 stuttering a bit every now and then. Just try not to task the phone too much by running a lot of applications at a time or filling multiple screens with your favorite widgets.


Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Camera

Both the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 and its predecessor come with 5mp autofocus rear-facing cameras and VGA front cameras. The Flare 2.0 does benefit from the updated stock camera app of Jelly Bean but I wasn’t able to tell just how good the shots were. The original Flare had a surprisingly respectable camera that performed quite well, even in low light. Here’s hoping that the Flare 2.0’s camera will be just as good.


Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Back

If the first Flare opened our eyes as to just how much Php3,999 could get you, you could say that the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 is a reawakening. Yes, there are other quad core phones in the market that use the same Qualcomm 8225Q SoC, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM configuration, and they’re even priced within striking distance of the Flare 2.0. However, the Flare 2.0 wins out because of the extra attention to the build quality and design whereas other budget quad core contenders come off as looking truly entry-level.

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Specs

  • 4″ WVGA IPS display (480 x 800 resolution, 233ppi)
  • 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm MSM8225Q processor
  • Adreno 203 GPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage
  • 3G/HSPA
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • FM Radio
  • 3.5mm headset port
  • 1,550mAh battery
  • Micro USB port
  • Dual SIM functionality with dual standby support
  • Price: Php3,999

54 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 VS Flare: What’s Changed Between The Two?

  1. sana naman wag mag tipid sa ram? gawin nyo naman po 1gb ram, mas pansin po kasi natin ang performance pag ram ang mataas.

          1. pno p b mahhanap pag nwala dva pho may gps yun nawala kc yung flare q eh pahel nman poh thanks

  2. Sir! ask ko lang po if pareho lang ba sila ng battery ni flare v1 at itong bago? I mean halimbawa ung battery ng flare v1 pede ba dito sa flare 2.0 na ito sir?

      1. thanks for updating 🙂 the batt life, as usual, is very disappointing 🙁 guess i won’t let go of my flare (the first one) just yet.

  3. 1550 po ba yung battery nyan ? parang nakita ko po kasi yung likod yan na walang cover…. mas matagal po ba yun sa flare o mas mabilis malobat dahil quad core sya?

    1. Same Cortex-A5 cores ang ginagamit ng Flare 2.0 as the original Flare. Batt life should be about the same unless you really push the four cores. Pero konti lang naman ang apps na optimized for multiple cores. Kaso the batt life of the original Flare wasn’t that good to begin with.

  4. Hahaha, quadcore is useless kung maliit ung ram… pwede sana kau magtaas presyo kahit 5k pa kung 1gb sana ung ram… im so disappointed.

      1. Hahaha 🙂 ai sorry ah PERO kka bili ko lang MABILIS sya hahaha
        THE BEST tagal nya ma Lowbat mahigit 6hrs na ko nag wwifi d pa sya nag eempty 😀

  5. abang na lng kayo burst 2.0 haha. walang kwenta flare 2.0 512ram pra sa quadcore. kaya nga nag quadcore pra multitasking e. -_-

  6. Why is everyone always insist the RAM issue.
    Kaya nga Budget Quad Core e..
    meron bang 1gb RAM na ganyan ka mura?
    Pwede naman hindi bilihin, reklamo ng reklamo,di naman bibili

    1. yes there is a phone that only cost $80-100 that has 1Gb of ram -_- if you convert it to peso it would be less than 3999,

    2. We are just trying to tell Cherry mobile kung ano talaga ang hinahanap ng consumer. Mura nga, sirain naman at mababa ang specs. E di para mo na ding sinabing magsayang na lang kayo ng 3k at huwag magreklamo. 3k is still 3k. Hindi madaling kitain yan para sa iba.

      1. So what qualifies as mataas ang specs at Php3,999? Also, the build quality of the Flare 2.0 is solid. I have a review unit that says so. And if 1GB is a concern, there’s the Flare 2X.

        1. Well, sad to say I’m one of those who were enticed to buy a CM Flare based on the feedbacks I read online. Unfortunately, the phone I bought didn’t work well as I expected so I had to give it back to the CM store where I bought it.

          First, the staff told me that both sims are 3G capable only to find out when I got home that only SIM1 is 3G-capable while SIM2 is GSM (it’s visible when you insert the SIMS). I specifically asked her about this and she said yes to both.

          Second, I noticed the following days that the 3G signal kept on interchanging between SIM1 and SIM2, but unfortunately I can’t surf using 3G on either sim.

          Third, the battery didn’t even last a day given the fact that it was just on standby mode and no apps were on since I wasn’t able to download any application yet.

          Fourth, Wi-fi connectivity was slower compared to my other smartphone,

          Fifth, on the third day, it started to reset by itself.

          So based on what I experienced from buying the phone, you really can’t blame me for looking down at the quality of the CM Flare. Good thing they didn’t insist on me going to their head office to get some technical reports before I could get my money back or I’ll really be furious.

  7. Yes sakto pinag iipunan ko yung flare.. 200 nalang kulang buti di pa ko na kakabili san po ba pwedeng makabili ng flare 2.0

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