The Flare HD series has been a bit stagnant since it first made its debut late in 2013. Sure, it’s been refreshed a few times, but none really seemed like serious attempts. Now, we’re getting another one, and though there haven’t been a lot of details revealed yet, the newly announced Cherry Mobile Flare HD 5.0 looks like another smartphone destines for the entry-level segment.

The Flare HD 5.0 will feature a 6.08 inch HD+ screen with a teardrop notch to help maximize the screen-to-body ratio while still retaining a front camera. SoC hasn’t been revealed, but seeing as this will be an Android Go Edition phone, expect 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Battery-wise, you’re getting a decent 3,000mAh, all priced at just Php3,299.

If you were hoping for something in the midrange, this is far from it. However, Cherry Mobile has been crushing it at the entry-level and there’s little reason for them to deviate from that at the moment. Thankfully, those looking for something a bit more powerful have something else to look forward to.


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