Cherry Mobile Flare S3: The Flare 3 Could be Getting an Upgrade!

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 Camera
Cherry Mobile Flare 3

The Cherry Mobile Flare 3 is undoubtedly a success, with all locations that offered it during a limited run selling out. However, it hasn’t been long since the Flare 3 was released and now there’s a new phone to look forward to from Cherry Mobile. Trusted tipster Cherry Angel has revealed that he will be receiving stocks of a new phone called the Cherry Mobile Flare S3, which will feature an upgraded camera and USB OTG support while still retaining the Php4k price tag! Wow!

At the moment, there aren’t too many details. Cherry Angel admits to only knowing that the Flare S3 and Flare 3 will share virtually identical specs. The only difference is that the Flare S3 will sport a 13mp shooter versus the Flare 3’s 8mp shooter. Also, the Flare S3 is said to have USB OTG support, which will make it convenient to just attach a flash drive and most other USB accessories like keyboards and mice.

According to Cherry Angel, there will be incoming stocks this week for the Flare S3 and he will post unboxing pics similar to the ones he took for the Cherry Mobile Pulse. He will also be accepting reservations as soon as stocks come in, so it might pay to follow him on Facebook if you guys are interested.

7 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Flare S3: The Flare 3 Could be Getting an Upgrade!

  1. Flare s3 is now officially released! Just wow! Parang pleather yung back case nya. Apparently it’s not an OTG capable daw but that’s not an issue for it’s 4k price. Napaka walang hiya mo naman pag nag demand kpa. If gusto mo OTG, edi bumili ka nalang ng ibang phone, dba? Problema mo? Anyhow, I can’t wait to see the unboxing and revieeews for this phone. Cheers CM!

  2. goodeve … pahelp flare s3 lite ang phone ko inupgrade ko to lollipop ini-stop ko ung pgupgrade dhil tgal mgloading nung tnanggal ko ung battery then binalik ko din pag on ko hndi na sya ngoopen then ayaw rin gumana ng HARD RESET… pls help thanx

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