Cherry Mobile Flare S3 In the Flesh Unboxing Pics!

Cherry Mobile Flare S3

The Cherry Mobile Flare S3 is finally upon us, and that’s without an official announcement from their official Facebook page. Up until now, most of you only have a vague idea of what the specs are, so why not supplement that with some unboxing pics? Well, that’s just what a trusted dealer did and now you check out these pics of the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 in the flesh!

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Screen

Here’s the screen, with the protective film advertising key specs still intact.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Left Side

On the left, you’ll find a slim volume rocker.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Right Side

On the right is an even tinier power/lock button.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Top

On the top, there’s the 3.5mm headset jack.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Bottom

At the bottom is the micro USB port.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Back

It might not be that obvious in this pic, but the back actually mimics the pleather finish of the Galaxy Note 3.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 and Box

Here’s the phone with its retail box.

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Box and Accessories

Finally, here’s the Flare S3 with its box and accessories.

All images courtesy of Cherry Angel.





6 responses to “Cherry Mobile Flare S3 In the Flesh Unboxing Pics!”

  1. aljon rey Avatar
    aljon rey

    bakit walang sample ng camera shoots nya?

  2. eis reyes Avatar
    eis reyes

    san ba ung memory card slot?

  3. Real Ember Avatar
    Real Ember

    What to do when there’s an error adding contact photo??..

  4. Jobelle Aquino Avatar
    Jobelle Aquino

    Camera shot naman po.

  5. marlon Avatar

    saan mkakabili ng screen nito nbasag kase ahh?

  6. Cease To Exist Avatar
    Cease To Exist

    Nagana po ba yung led indicator nito? Hindi kasi gumagana yung akin.

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