Cherry Mobile Fuze Live Pics and Antutu Score! | Update: Nenamark Score Too!

Cherry Mobile has been teasing a new phone lately on their Facebook page that had, among other things, a massive 4,000mAh battery. That phone was later revealed to be the Cherry Mobile Fuze, which you can check the full specs out here. Now, it seems that our tipster has gotten a hold of the actual unit and provided us with some juicy live pics!

Cherry Mobile Fuze Box

The box reveals what the tipster already revealed in his earlier leak. You’re getting a 5″ FWVGA screen and 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6582M processor. The box also reveals that the Cherry Mobile Fuze uses Dragontrail glass, which makes the screen scratch-resistant.

Cherry Mobile Fuze Box Contents

Here we see the actual box contents. You get the phone itself, a USB transfer cable, headset, and charger. The headset appears to be the in-ear type, which is better for sound isolation, although in my experience, they still lack bass.

Cherry Mobile Fuze with Back Cover Removed

Here’s a pic of the Fuze with the back cover removed and the 4,000mAh battery revealed. It looks like it uses standard SIMs for both slots. The SIMs are inserted one on top of the other, which makes it a little difficult to remove the second SIM without using something like a pair of long nose pliers.

Cherry Mobile Fuze Antutu

And finally, we have the Antutu score. 16,697 is pretty impressive considering you’re only paying Php5,499 for the phone. My old Optimus G scored somewhere in that vicinity, although I expect real life performance won’t be as good. Keep in mind that Antutu is a synthetic benchmark after all.

[Update 2:35am, Feb 15,2014]

A tipster from a previous post also sent in a screenshot from a Nenamark 2 benchmark result for the Cherry Mobile Fuze. Nenamark 2 tests a device’s capability of rendering various effects in a single scene. The result is compounded into a single FPS score. The fastest phones top out at 60FPS because the benchmark caps it at that point, which is why the Fuze’s Nenamark score is pretty impressive.

Cherry Mobile Fuze Nenamark

Well, there you have it. As a bonus, I’m throwing in another live pic that a reader sent in (Thanks Paulino). Want to grab the Cherry Mobile Fuze for yourself? Check out Cherry Angel’s stall at the ground floor of 168 in Divisoria 🙂 You can also check out the full specs here in my previous post.

Cherry Mobile Fuze

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