Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cherry Mobile Pulse in the Flesh! Live Photos!

Cherry Mobile is often criticized for announcing a phone months in advance before actually releasing it to market. So when they announced the Cherry Mobile Pulse, I thought to myself, meh, it’ll be October before it gets here. Well, I’m certainly pleased that I could be wrong now that famed dealer/tipster Cherry Angel has gotten their hands on a retail unit. What’s the first thing they did with it? Why, post some live pics of an actual unit of course! Check them out!

With Box

Here’s a glamor shot of the Cherry Mobile Pulse with its box. You always have to have a glamor shot.


Here’s the Pulse’s front. It still has the protective film with all of the phone’s main features.

Left Side

Here’s the phone from the left side, where you’ll find the volume rocker.

Right Side

On the right is the power/lock button.


On top is the 3.5mm headset jack and micro USB port.


At the bottom is… nothing…


On the back, you’ll find the 13mp shooter with the LED flash right below it. The Pulse branding is smack dab in the middle while the Cherry Mobile branding and loudspeaker can be found toward the bottom.

Box and Accessories

Completing this photo round up is the Cherry Mobile Pulse with its complete set of standard accessories.

Liked these photos? Cherry Angel regularly posts photos of the units they sell as soon as they get them so it pays to follow them on Facebook. It’s a personal account though, not a Facebook page so you will have to add them up as a friend!

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