Cherry Mobile Razor Laughs at Any Attempt to Scratch It | Update: Price Revealed at Php6,499!

Cherry Mobile has just about mastered the art of hype by now. In an email to MobileTechPinoy, and I’m sure a lot of bloggers and other media channels, the folks over at the local phone brand’s offices decided to showcase their newest phone, the Cherry Mobile Razor, by taking a coin, fork, sharpened pair of scissors and a box cutter and trying to scratch the living hell out of its screen. So what happened to the Razor? Well, take a look below.

If it were a normal screen taking that kind of punishment, you could expect a lot of nicks and scratches, possibly some shattering here and there, but the Cherry Mobile Razor just brushed it all off. Why? Because the screen is protected by Dragontrail Glass, which is similar to Gorilla Glass in that it is both scratch- and shatterproof.

Key Specs

Of course, the Razor is more than just a scratch- and shatterproof display as the specs are quite respectable too. It sports a 4.5 inch qHD IPS panel, and underneath the skin of the 7.7mm thin chassis, you’re getting a 1.2 quad core processor and PowerVR SGX 544 GPU. Imaging is also quite nice, 8mp autofocus shooter at the back and a 2mp fixed focus shooter in front. The rest of the key specs are rounded out by a gig of RAM, 4Gb of storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, HSPA+ and 1,750mAh non-removable battery.

My Impressions

Cherry Mobile didn’t confirm the specific SoC that will be powering the Razor, but seeing is the GPU is a PowerVR SGX544, it’s most likely the MediaTek MT6589. That would put it on par with other locally branded flagships in terms of performance, and since the Razor’s screen has fewer pixels to process (qHD vs HD), it might even be a tad faster too. There’s a bit of disappointment about the non-removable battery, but seeing as Cherry Mobile rarely has replacement batteries available for sale, I’m not even sure if it would make a difference even if the battery was removable.

Cherry Mobile Razor Junetastic Teaser

Price Guesstimate

Dragontrail Glass shouldn’t come as anything new to anyone who’s been following the local smartphone scene as there are already a few other locally branded smartphones that use the same protective glass. However, what’s interesting about the Razor is that Cherry Mobile is dubbing it The Most Affordable Dragontrail Glass Smartphone.

So just how much could the Cherry Mobile Razor retail for? Well at the moment, the Omega HD is the cheapest in the market if I’m not mistaken, retailing for an SRP of Php 7,999. My educated guess is that the Cherry Mobile Razor will probably sell for Php6,999, but if Cherry Mobile manages to get the price down to Php5,999 then you might be able to expect near-Flare levels of demand.

I doubt it though, since the specs are too respectable to price it anywhere below Php6,999. But who knows? They were able to get the price of the Cherry Mobile Flare, a dual core phone with a decent screen, down to Php4k so I guess anything’s possible.

We’ll be finding out soon enough anyway. Cherry Mobile plans to announce the price and availability of the Razor on their official Facebook page two days from now on June 29. In the meantime, we can make a game of guessing the price of the Cherry Mobile Razor with other eager fans by using the #CMRazor hashtag on either Facebook or Twitter. So just how low do you think Cherry Mobile is willing to go ;)?

Update [6/29/2013]: Cherry Mobile has announced on their Facebook page will retail for Php6,499!

Cherry Mobile Razor Specs

  • 4.5 inch qHD IPS display (540 x 960, 245ppi)
  • 1.2GHz quad core processor (possibly the MediaTek MT6589)
  • PowerVR SGX544 GPU
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 4Gb internal storage
  • 8mp autofocus primary camera, 2mp fixed focus secondary camera
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G HSPA+
  • Pricing and Availability: TBA on June 29

9 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Razor Laughs at Any Attempt to Scratch It | Update: Price Revealed at Php6,499!

  1. Price it @ 3999 and i’ll get one! Cheap, yes, but this will net Cherry Mobile a trifecta of achievement that will never be surpassed….c’mon CM, go! go! go!

      1. Actually i’m not really that much into warranties as far as “affordable” cellphones are concerned. I just accept the risk and take extra care on handling my Blaze 1.0 – never stuffing it on my pants pocket, putting it slowly down on the table, never mixing it with other hard objects – keys, coins….while in the bag, etc. However I do require a warranty for other electronics & appliances – tv, ref, pc, etc.

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