Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Power Bank Function

Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Can Function as a Power Bank for Your Other Phones!

Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Power Bank Function

What upcoming Android smartphone has a 5 inch HD screen, 1.2GHz quad core processor, and can function as a power bank? Why, it’s the Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0! You may have missed it, but earlier today, Cherry Mobile posted an image of their upcoming Titan 2.0 being used as a power bank to charge another phone. Lolwut!

Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Leaked Flyer

Some of you may recall a Cherry Mobile promotional flyer that listed all of the local brand’s current and upcoming offerings this Christmas. The Titan 2.0 was one of the upcoming Android smartphones that was revealed on that prematurely released flyer. It’s expected to be one of Cherry Mobile’s more popular phones of Q4 this year considering it has inherited the name of the original and much-loved Titan that was released late last year.

In addition to the power bank functionality, the Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 will already be rocking some decent specs. The screen will be a 5 inch HD OGS display and it will sport dual BSI cameras (12mp rear, 5mp front). The downside is that there will only be 4GB worth of internal storage. Oh well. At least they’re including a 4GB micro SD card with it.

The Titan 2.0 looks like an Xperia-esque mid-ranger with the same performance as the Omega HD 2.0. It will even have the same launch SRP of Php8,999 as the Omega HD 2.0 had. Think this is a worthy pick up this Christmas? Let me know if you plan to get it when it launches 🙂





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