Cherry Mobile Titan TV: Mother of Budget Phablets

Update: Check out the full Cherry Mobile Titan TV Review here!

Update: Cherry Mobile Titan TV Box Leaked! Check it out >>here<<!

This year looks to be the year of the phablet, with many flagship phones from major manufacturers coming in with 5 inch screens or larger, but just how big is stretching it? Apparently, Cherry Mobile plans to answer that question by introducing us to a phone of epic proportions. Ladies and gentlemen, if you thought the 5 inch Titan was the absolute limit for you, you should meet the epic Cherry Mobile Titan TV.

Cherry Mobile Titan TV

Thanks to Edriangelo Doctolero Paule, a member of a Flare user group that I follow on Facebook, I recently learned of a new wave of phones that Chery Mobile plans to release to the market pretty soon. There’s the 4 inch Burst and the 4.5 inch Thunder, but the one that really intrigue’s me is the gigantic 6 inch Cherry Mobile Titan TV. Yes, it has a screen that will quickly lend itself to pleasurable content consumption for things like reading eBooks, playing games and watching movies, but will a 6 inch phone still be easy to use as a phone?

Anyway, the specs of the Cherry Mobile Titan TV look to be decent enough, although they still follow the the cookie cutter trend of sporting a 1GHz dual core CPU, 4Gb ROM and ICS 4.0 out of the box. The WVGA resolution is a bit of a downer as pixellation will be obvious if you look closely enough, but at 6 inches, this is a phone you’ll be holding it much further from your face than you would a typical phone so it won’t be that bad. It does have an 8mp primary camera that a lot of amateur shutterbugs will appreciate, but I’ll reserve judgement on just how good it is until I’ve seen some sample shots. The front-facing camera isn’t bad as well, being a 2mp unit. Love taking self shots and regularly changing your profile pic? Then the Cherry Mobile Titan TV could be for you.

At 6 inches, I imagine the Cherry Mobile Titan TV will best be used as a portable entertainment device, with phone functions being secondary. And if you find that your media collection is boring you, it will even allow you to watch live TV on the go. I usually look at the TV function on a lot of China phones as merely a novelty feature since the screens have typically been too small to enjoy, but on the Titan TV, that perception might change. It would also be amusing to see someone whip their Titan TV out and pull out the antenna while riding a jeepney or LRT to watch their favorite teleserye.

There’s no news yet as to when the Cherry Mobile Titan TV will hit the market. Edriangelo took the shots from a yet to be released flyer so it should be out pretty soon along with the Burst and Thunder. However, it will be priced at an affordable Php6,999, so if you’re looking for the biggest mother of a phone you can find, then the Titan TV is worth waiting for. Thanks Edriangelo! πŸ™‚

Update: The OEM device for the Titan TV is likely the Karbonn A30. Check out the specs on GSMArena. The screen of the A30 measures 5.9 inches, not 6 inches, so I’ve adjusted the PPI figures below to reflect this. The Karbonn A30 doesn’t have a built-in T so I’ve updated the specs again to reflect this.

Cherry Mobile Titan TV Specs as We Know Them

  • 6 inch WVGA (480 x 800 resolution, 155PPI) capacitive display
  • Android 4.0 ICS
  • 1GHz dual core CPU
  • 4Gb ROM, expandable up to 32Gb via MicroSD
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 8mp rear-facing camera with flash, 2mp front-facing camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • 3G mobile data
  • 2,500mAh battery
  • Mobile TV
  • SRP: Php6,999


44 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Titan TV: Mother of Budget Phablets

  1. Woh-hoh! JMB, your three consecutive posts of the new CM lineup just woke me up from what I thought would be another ho-hum blog reading day (i read Yuga, TBaboy, Techpinoy, Noypi & 12 other Php tech blogs everyday). Great to hear CM is into it yet again. Not that I’m looking to buy a smartphone anytime soon. But I get a kick out of knowing whats up with CM. Thanks for the news JMB!!! You’re the best, along with Yuga, Noypi.

  2. surprise! it has 1GB RAM and 2500 mah battery…official specs released by FB page of cherry sm northedsa. πŸ™‚

      1. Sir JM, ahm meron ka na po ba TITAN TV? looking forward to your review.. ahm ask ko rin po if ayos na call sa viber nya since sa ibang reviews po eh robotic daw po ang voice sa titan.. thanks.. (^_^)

          1. Same performance lang po sila. If priority ang camera, go for the Titan TV. It’s surprisingly good. May weird battery overheating bug nga lang ang Titan TV. May lumalabas na alert pag mainit na daw ang battery. Laging nangyayare to pag naglalaro ng games. Tpos pag lumabas na ang warning na yan, hindi na magchacharge ang battery, although nadedetect pa din sya pag kinabit sa USB port ng PC.

          2. Sir JMB, meron po bang documents viewer and/or editor???
            If wala, paano sya pwedeng install-lan???
            please… please… reply… thanks…

          3. yes, pwedeng mag install ng document viewer/editor. Most viewers are free, but if you want to edit, ang mahal. But you can try Kingsoft Office on Google Play. It’s free and it’s supposed to be able to edit documents, not just view them. Hindi ko pa natry kasi meron na akong ginagamit na ganun. Just make sure you’re connected to WiFi on your phone then search for it in the Google Play app.

          4. Hello po. I’m just wondering regarding sa sinabi mong battery overheating bug.. Is this anything serious or naaayos naman po? Pero after a while magcha-charge din ba sya ulet? Aside po dito, ano pa po nagiging prob ng Titan TV? Am planning to buy kasi once my pocket permits it.. Hehe.. Thanks so much!

          5. I’m currently working on a series of battery tests. This is the longest part of my review process because I actually run the battery down until the unit powers down. You guys will know once the review comes out πŸ™‚

  3. Whooaa! me bago n nmn c CM, haha manghihinayang ung mga bumili ng Cruize at Omega ne2 haha

    as ko lang JMB kung san n sya available?
    ung Burst, Thunder at Titan TV?

  4. hmmm,, how about the storage?? do u hav the option to save it on ur sd card when downloading and installing it when ur using mobile internet or it needs to be rooted just like their previous models?

  5. Nice phone, got it yesterday!! problem is the mac address is always changing everytime when i turn off the wireless conn, any twicks for this so that it can only have one mac address.. ??? thanks JM

    1. no idea man, sorry. ideally, MAC addresses are supposed to be static, but a lot of manufacturers have the software randomly generate it rather than buy a range of MAC addresses and then assign it to each phone they churn out. cheaper for them that way.

  6. thanks JM, hope i can find some twicks on this, office wifi security settings is mac add dependent, tsk3x.. nice phone! love it so far!!! c”,)

  7. Good day JM. Got this titan TV last Thursday. All ok but when I tried using WiFi and Bluetooth ayaw mag on. Any idea? Thanks.

  8. hay nko bakit hanggang 92% lang ang max charging nito,saan ba nakakabili ng extra battery ng titan tv?
    ok nmn performance nya, except lng tlga sa battery, ang bilis nag drain, di ko alam kung saan may problema eh, 4 days pa lng titanv ko

  9. thank you so much.. your reviews are very helpful specially when we are deciding w/c phone to buy that will be beneficial for everyday use and when it comes for being money wise as well… keep it up.

  10. 1. ang bilis uminit ng phone na ito and mabilis mag drain ng battery.
    2. un mac address laging nagbabago kaya magkakaproblem kayo pag ang security ng wifi ay may mac address filtering
    3. di maganda ang reception ng tv ang labo ng mga channels

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