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There’s nothing like a good budol sale to make some much-needed upgrades to the home. With as many great home products Cherry offers, the local brand certainly isn’t going to be left out.

Cherry Home 9.9 Promos

  • Cherry Air Purifier AP-100 – Protect your household by making air purity a priority. The Cherry Air Purifier AP-100 boasts a 99.98% purification rate, 420m3/hr CADR, and 4-stage filtration system for just Php7,199 down from Php11,990!
  • Cherry Digital Air Fryer – If you’re looking for a high capacity air fryer than you would usually find on the market, the Cherry Digital Air Fryer has a 4.5L capacity, seven cooking presets, and a healthy frying option for just Php3,399 down from Php3,990!
  • Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer – It’s the rainy season again and if you want to keep your feet from slushy feeling shoes, this multi-function shoe dryer not only dries your shoes out for you, but also keeps them sterile thanks to anti-bacterial functions. Get it for just Php1,495 instead of Php2,990 this 9.9 sale!
  • Cherry Home Smart Disinfecting Desk Lamp – It only makes sense to make sure your workplace is kept clean and disinfected and the Cherry Home Smart Disinfecting Desk Lamp helps you do just that thanks to its 36 Watt UVC lamp. Controllable either manually or via smartphone, you can get it for just Php1,999 down from Php2,999!
  • Cherry x Deerma VC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – If there’s anything that annoys me about traditional vacuums, it’s the cord. Enjoy freedom while keeping every corner of your home clean with the VC20 cordless vacuum cleaner with a huge price drop from Php5,390 down to just Php2,999!
  • Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet – Sterilizing your grocery purchases with a tiny UVC wand can take forever. Just dump them in Cherry’s UV Sterilizer Cabinet with its 10L capacity and 360° full disinfection! And it’s now just Php3,499 down from Php3,800!
  • Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer – Normal hair and hand dryers are passé, get one with ionization functionality as well, such as the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer that’s able to emit up to 1 million healthy anions. Get it for just Php1,999 down from Php3,990!
  • Cherry Antibacterial UV Humidifier – This isn’t your ordinary humidifier. Aside from its 4L capacity, it also features UVC sterilization for healthier breathing air for just Php1,999 down from Php2,490!
  • Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier – If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection, you can get yourself the Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier for just Php3,399 from its original Php4,000 SRP. It’s capable of emiting up to 170 million negative ions and boasts a 99.98% PM 2.5 purification rate.
  • Cherry 2-in-1 Disinfecting and Deodorizing Device – Looking to eliminate odor from your closets or refrigerator? The Cherry 2-in-1 Disinfecting and Deodorizing Device can do just that with both UV light disinfection and ozone sterilization for just Php1,999 from Php2,800!

Cherry Mobile 9.9 Promos

Big sales like these are a great time to stock up on stocking stuffers. And most of your younger siblings, nieces, and nephews will likely appreciate a smartphone or accessory from Cherry Mobile!

  • Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Prime – There are fewer more unique-looking smartphones that you can get on a budget than the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Prime. Not only does it sport designs from one of Heart Evangelista’s unique paintings, but it also boasts a 6.53″ Full HD+ Trueview screen as well as a pop-up selfie camera! Get it for just Php3,999 from Php6,999!
  • Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro – Another great deal is the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro, not only because you’re getting it for just Php3,999 down from Php5,999, but also because you’ll be getting it with a Helo LX Fitness Band!
  • Cherry Mobile Omega X – The Cherry Mobile Omega X is an inexpensive stocking stuffer for just Php2,999 from Php3,999 with its 6.2″ HD+ TrueView teardrop display!

  • Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max – The Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max is easily my favorite deal here as I had previously got this as my own personal phone. Not only is it a capable phone thanks to its Helio G90T chipset, but it’s also gotten me to Legendary on Call of Duty Mobile, both for Battle Royale and ranked multiplayer! I’d easily get this again for just Php6,999 instead of its Php9,999 SRP!
  • Love Marie Collection Cherry Ion – Not only do you add an extra layer of personal protection with the Love Marie Collection Cherry Ion, but you also do so in style for just Php2,500 from Php4,000!
  • Cherry Ion Lite – You can also get the Lite version in Rose Fold for just Php999 from2,300, and it’s already capable of generating 50 million negative anions at the same time!
  • Cherry Ion in Tokidoki Limited Edition designs – The Cherry Ion is also available in limited edition Tokidoki designs for just Php2,500 down from Php4,000 and they come with a free lanyard!
  • Cherry Ion Regular and Limited Editions – If the Tokidoki edition is too loud for you, you can still go with the Cherry Ion Limited Edition, which only goes for Php2,299 from their original Php3,500 and Php3,700 SRPs. And they’ll still emit up to 200 million negative ions.
  • Love Marie Collection Powerbank 5,000mAh and 10,000 mAh – Get a stylish and high capacity power bank for just Php399 for the 5,000mAh version and Php699 for the 10,000mAh version. That’s down from Php700 and Php1,100, respectively!
  • Love Marie Collection Fitness Watch – Another intriguing accessory from the Love Marie line is the fitness watch. It features a pedometer, heart-rate tracker, activity tracker, sleep monitor, and Bluetooth 4.0 and is down to just Php999 from Php2,999!
  • Flare Watch – If you’re looking for a chunkier fitness watch, the Flare Watch might be a better pickup for you. Not only does it feature a heart-rate tracker and pedometer, but it’s also IP68 certified! Get it for just Php1,249 instead of Php2,499!
  • Cherry Pulse Headphones S2 – One of the first purchases anyone makes when getting a new smartphone is a better headset. The Cherry Pulse Headphones S2 is an inexpensive option with Hi-Fi audio, wide dynamic range, and enhanced bass, and it’s down to just Php249 instead of Php280!
  • Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless S5 – On the other hand, if you’re the sporty type and prefer a bit of freedom, the Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless S5 could be a better option with a similar Php249 price tag down from Php280!
  • Cherry Nitro Port NP10 + Cherry Micro-USB Cable Flat Braided FC10 or Cherry Type-C Cable Flat Braided FC20 – If you’re looking for a charger, might as well get the Cherry Nitro Port NP10 and choose between the flat braided micro USB or Type-C versions, both bundles being just Php299 from Php340 or Php360!
  • Cherry x Secret Fresh Hoodie – Finally, you can get a sweet and stylish hoodie for just Php1,099 instead of Php1,299!

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