LG Outs L3 Dual to Compete with Galaxy Y Duos

One particular feature that seems to keep creeping into the budget Android segment is dual SIM capability, as can be observed in popular models like the Galaxy Y Duos and the Alcatel 990 and 985. Although LG already has the Optimus Hub, it has yet to release a budget Android offering that can compete with the rock-bottom pricing of its competitors’ current offerings. That is, until the L3 Dual E405 came along.

The dual SIM Optimus L3 has an unusual 4-capacitive button layout

Some of you might already be familiar with the original Optimus L3 that I featured in an earlier article and was priced to compete with the current king of budget Androids, the Galaxy Y. The L3 Dual is likewise poised to challenge the Galaxy Y Duos and other budget Android offerings with dual SIM capabilities. The L3 Dual doesn’t offer anything new in terms of specs compared to the original L3. It sports the same 800Mhz CPU, 384Mb of RAM, 1 Gb of internal storage, and a 3Mp snapper while running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It also has the same 1500mAh battery that is enough to keep it running for 2 to 3 days with occasional use. However, it does scrap the hardware home button and 2 capacitive button layout at the bottom of the phone and replaces it with four capacitive buttons. It’s not the same capacitive 4-button layout that some of you may be accustomed to on most Androids though. The first three buttons are your typical menu, home and back, while the fourth toggles the active SIM.

I find it curious that LG couldn’t make the dual SIM feature a dual standby one as well, especially since the Galaxy Y Duos does this without a hitch. However, if you’re looking for a budget dual SIM Android with better styling, the L3 Dual inherits the L-series fashion sense and should be an attractive option to teens who want more than just affordable functionality for their money. The Optimus L3 Dual is currently on pre-order in India for 8,299INR, or about $149. No word yet when or if this will reach Philippine shores, but considering the popularity of dual SIM phones in the country, you can expect LG to release it here soon.

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