MyPhone SuperD D1 Lets You Experience 3D Without the Dorky Glasses!

It wasn’t too long ago that MyPhone unleashed a slew of smartphones for the Philippine market, all of which came with Full Seg Digital TV built-in. Their most recent offering though, the SuperD D1, isn’t actually their own but could be their most compelling smartphone yet. Rather than DTV, it comes with a glasses-free 3D solution called Naked Eye 3D.

Unlike past attempts at 3D on a smartphone, you don’t have to be looking at the screen dead-on. The SuperD D1 is smart enough to adjust the onscreen 3D effect by using eye-tracking with its dual front cameras. It’s even capable of turning off the 3D effect on its own if it doesn’t detect anyone actually looking at the phone’s screen.

The challenge with the SuperD D1 and other 3D-capable smartphones that have preceded it though is content. There just isn’t a lot of 3D content out there, at least not nearly as much as 2D content. There’s also the problem of making sure the SuperD D1 is able to work with the different 3D formats out there.

Thankfully, the SuperD D1 is quite the capable smartphone even without Naked Eye 3D. It comes with a large 5.5 inch Full HD display with Gorilla Glass 3 and is driven by a 1.5GHz MT6750T octa-core processor. There’s 3GB of RAM to go along with 32GB of storage as well. The 3,000mAh battery leaves a bit of wanting, but it’s not too bad.

The SuperD D1 is set to go one sale for Php11,999 beginning January 30 through online store Lazada. However, it’s going to get an introductory price of just Php9,999 until the end of February. The product pages are already up though so you can check out the Champagne Gold and Moonlight Silver variants here along with the full specs!


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