MyPhone Vortex Gets Teased Again: Name is Officially Confirmed!

MyPhone seems to be getting better at the whole hyping your products thing. There has been a quick succession of teaser images of the MyPhone Vortex from the local brand, not to mention a leaked image of an actual unit a week before that. The latest image is probably what a lot of you have been waiting for as it reveals what it looks like from the front and gives us a glimpse of what the UI will look like when the phone finally does come out. What’s more is that MyPhone has finally confirmed the device’s name. Check out the image below.

MyPhone Vortex Official Teaser Multi Video Small

The new teaser image reveals a new Multi-video Display feature, something we’ve seen on international mainstream phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG Optimus G. The UI looks like your typical vanilla Android launcher, except that the icons seem to have been lifted off of TouchWiz or Optimus UI. However, what’s most interesting is that MyPhone has officially confirmed that the new device will indeed go by the name Vortex and is likely to be the next phone in the Agua series after the MyPhone Iceberg.

MyPhone Vortex Official Teaser 13mp BSI Camera

Of course, that’s not the only thing MyPhone has been teasing about the Vortex. Yesterday, they posted the above image featuring the MyPhone Vortex and its 13mp BSI camera with Sony-made sensor. As you all probably know already, BSI stands for backside illumination and is a type of sensor that allows more light into the sensor, resulting in better low light images and better camera performance overall. Then there’s the 5mp front camera for taking selfies that you can post to all of your favorite social media accounts. Finally, there’s this feature they’re touting called 16 continuous shots. It’s not a very elegant solution for taking action shots or attempting to capture that perfect Kodak moment since you end up with 16 different images that you have to sort through, but hey,  it works.

MyPhone Canvas 4 Comparison
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No news yet on when the MyPhone Vortex will officially launch. MyPhone might not even hype it with a launch event the way they did with the Iceberg. Still, it’s shaping up to be a phone to look forward to, especially if it is indeed the same OEM device as the Micromax Canvas 4. Want to learn more about the Micromax Canvas 4 and its specs? Check it out here 🙂

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